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May 30th, 2021

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Cape Town Open 2021

The 2021 Cape Town Open was held on May 30 and was played “over the board”.

First place was closely by Andrew and Sam, with their head to head game going to Andrew by less than komi. James got revenge against Fred for his loss during Candidates day one, but lost to Christiaan in the final round, allowing Michael to sneak ahead on “sum of scores”. This puts Christiaan and James at one all so far in tournament games this year.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

1Andrew Davies, 3d3514
2Sam Scott, 3d2514
3Christiaan Maasdorp, 3k2413
4Michael Rapson, 5k1514
5James Gelant, 3k1413
6Fred Strauss, 7k0413

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May 23rd, 2020

Cape Town Open 2020

The 2020 Cape Town Open was held on May 23. This year it was played on OGS rather than “over the board”. This allowed a number of Gauteng based players to participate and made for a competitive tournament.

The top spot was taken by Chris Welsh, in a bit of a repeat of the 1Q internet tournament. Congratulations also to Pico on his promotion to 17k after his round one win.

Final standings:
1: Chris Welsh, 3d, MMS 33
2: Andrew Davies, 4d, MMS 32 SOS 94
3: Andre Connell, 2d, MMS 32 SOS 92
4: Lloyd Rubidge, 1d, MMS 31 SOS 92 SOSOS 276
5: Paul Edwards, 1d, MMS 31 SOS 92 SOSOS 267
6: Christiaan Maasdorp, 4k, MMS 27 SOS 88
7: Michael Rapson, 5k, MMS 27 SOS 79
8: Fred Strauss, 8k, MMS 23
9: Pico Geyer, 18k, MMS 14

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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October 21st, 2019

Cape Town Open 2019

The 2019 Cape Town Open was held on May 18. We had a small field, but strong competition for the top places. The final standings were:

1) Andrew Davies, 3 wins, SOS 5
2) Sam Scott, 2 wins, SOS 5
3) Lloyd Rubidge, 1 win + bye, SOS 4
4) Chris Welsh, bye, SOS 5
5) Michael Rapson, bye, SOS 4

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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November 11th, 2013

2013 Cape Town Blitz Date Announced

Players in the Western Cape are hereby notified that we will be holding our annual blitz tournament on Tuesday the 26th of November 2013, at our usual venue of the Touch of Madness. Please make sure you get there before 8pm if you wish to play. There are no entry fees, and the only requirement to play is that you have a stable rank on the SAGA system.

Detailed rules are available, but the basic idea is that the games use absolute time of 12 minutes per side. The games will be played with full handicap, including 10 points of komi per handicap stones if the rank difference exceeds 9 stones.

Can participants please bring sets and, more importantly, clocks!

Recent winners include Andrew Davies (2009 and 2010), Chris Welsh (2011) and Sam Scott (2012). We have to go back to 2008 to find a non-dan winner, that was Ashley Ross, 15k at the time.

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November 24th, 2009

Fish Hoek Open 2009

The Fish Hoek Open was held this Sunday at the house of Sanae Sawada, in honour of Susumu Sawada, 5dan, visiting from Japan. The tournament was a huge success with 15 players packing the playing area to the brim. It was especially nice to see some new players joining the fun. Thanks are due to Sanae for hosting us and providing a fantastic lunch of sushi and sandwiches.

When the dust had settled after three rounds, the following prizes were awarded:

Below the bar, Alex du Plessis (3/3), Rory Shea (3/3) and Michael Ben-Yosef (2/2 and one bye) won all of their games.

Above the bar (set at 1 kyu), the top finishers were: Sam Scott (3rd with 2 wins), Susumu Sawada (2nd with 2 wins, edging Sam out on tiebreak by a single SOS point, but having also beaten him in their individual game), and Konrad Scheffler (1st with 3 wins, after winning the third round decider against Sawada-san by 2.5 points).

Detailed results are available here (note: these results are missing the 3rd round game between Duard Steenkamp and Rory Shea, which Rory won at 3 stones handicap).

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November 11th, 2009

Andrew Davies is the 2009 Cape Town Blitz Champion

The Cape Town club held its annual blitz tournament at the Touch of Madness restaurant on the 10th of November 2009. The tournament attracted a relatively large field this year, as we were graced with the presence of a number of Stellenbosch players who braved the distinctly unseasonal elements to make the long drive to Observatory.

Given the nature of the tournament (12 minutes absolute time), the tournament was, as usual, a rather frantic affair compared to the more sedate nature of typical club evenings, and there were a number of unusual strategies to be found, such as “keep things complicated and rely on a win on time” or “keep things complicated and win the fight” (OK, that latter is perhaps not so unusual).

There were also a number of slightly contentious victories, with one player being accused of a “sleeve tesuji” (moving stones accidentally or otherwise with their clothing), and one game where both clocks had fallen with neither player realizing it (in that case the victory was awarded to the player who noticed it first). Fortunately, given the friendly nature of the tournament, everything was accepted in good humour.

In the end, after the scheduled five rounds, there were two players on four wins, and it was decided to hold a playoff round to determine an absolute winner. In the end, Andrew Davies prevailed over Steve Kroon (twice in a row, in fact) to secure the title. Chris Welsh came third, also on four wins, and there were four players in joint fourth on 3.5 (the half points coming from byes). Konrad Scheffler won the “Most Sporting Player” award, after electing not to press for a victory on time despite his opponent only having 3 seconds left on his clock – the nature of the time rules means that it is quite easy to ensure a victory if your opponent only has a few seconds left on the clock by making a succession of unreasonable invasions to force the opponent to respond.

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October 21st, 2009

Western Cape stock list updated

We’ve got a few new books and more Korean sets in stock in the Western Cape now. You can see the new stock levels at:

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May 20th, 2009

Andrew Davies wins Cape Town Open

In what might be regarded as his warm-up event before jetting off to represent South Africa in the World Amateur Go Championship, Andrew Davies 2d
beat all comers to win the 2009 Cape Town open – congratulations, and may the good form last! Second place went to Konrad Scheffler, with Steve Kroon taking 3rd place ahead of Chris Welsh on tiebreak. We would particularly like to thank our hosts, “A Touch of Madness”, who not only provided a free venue but tossed free coffee and biscuits into the deal. Full results are available here and the gotha file is available here.

Edit: Congratulations to Rory Shea, promoted to 18k, and Paul Steyn, promoted to 10k, during the tournament.

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January 16th, 2008

Konrad Scheffler – 2 dan

Congratulations to Konrad Scheffler, who has finally and deservedly attained 2dan on the South African ranking system. In the decisive game, Konrad had the misfortune and pressure of knowing that a win would give him the necessary index points, but fortunately, his opponent (Mannfred Kimmel, 5k) was not aware of this fact. The game was extremely close and Konrad came within a whisker of losing on time more than once. Ultimately Konrad prevailed in the tense battle by 6.5 points and was duly promoted.

When asked about why his promotion to to 2dan had taken so long, and the relatively swift promotion after his extended break from go while in the USA in 2007, Konrad replied that the arrival of Aketa-sensei had helped everyone tremendously, but the kyu players in particular, and that it took a long time for the ranking system to reflect their actual development. This may have thus had a delaying effect in the promotion of the highest ranked players. Fortunately, it seems that with the recent promotion of Andrew Davies to 1dan, and now Konrad’s promotion, the situation is being resolved. Regarding his good form after his return from the USA, Konrad replied that he already had a reasonably high index before leaving for the USA (about 800, in fact), and that once he had gotten the rustiness out of his system, he had been confident that he would be able to attain the 2dan target reasonably quickly, and so it proved.

When Konrad was asked whether he could never go back to 1dan, Konrad replied that in the not so distant past he had been demoted to 1k. This was in the 2005 SA contenders, when he lost in the first round to Welile Gogotshe (1d). Ironically, Konrad actually had a very good tournament, which included victories over Ben Gale (3d) and two other 1d players. Shortly after the tournament Konrad again beat Ben Gale and was promoted back to 1dan, spending about a month as a 1kyu.

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August 14th, 2007

Stellenbosch Open 2007

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Preliminary programme:
08h30-09h15 : Registration
09h30-12h00 : Round 1
12h00-13h30 : Lunch
13h30-16h00 : Round 2
16h30-19h00 : Round 3
19h15 : Prizegiving

Venue :
Mathematics Department (van der Sterr Building), University of
Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch

Fees :
The registration fee is R10 for SAGA members or players who join SAGA
for 2008 at the tournament, and R20 for other players. Players are
requested to register in advance. Email your name, club and the rank at
which you wish to enter to Rory Beling (

The tournament is open to all players. You will be able pay your SAGA
membership fee for 2008 at the tournament, if you wish: SAGA fees for
2007 were R80/R35/R20 for adults/students/scholars.

Format :
The tournament will be a 3 round MacMahon tournament, with the bar set
at an appropriate level. Time limits will be 1 hour main time per player
plus overtime (byo yomi) of 20 moves in each 5 minute overtime period
(Canadian byo yomi).

Tournament director :
Rory Beling – email:
phone: 084 4091 882

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