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Candidates 2023 Results

The “Candidates” stage of the SA Closed tournament was played this weekend, September 17 and 18. Each day is a three round Swiss tournament, with the top four players from day one progressing to day two. The top for players from day two move on to the “Contenders” stage of the tournament.

Congratulations to James and Adru on their promotions to 2k and 5k respectively. David Lubinsky played through from day one to qualify for Contenders, his first time qualifying. His last recorded game in the SAGA ranking system was in 2011. It seems that he’s come back from a break in good form.

Day One:
1: James Gelant
2: Christiaan Maasdorp
3: David Lubinsky
4: Adru van Niekerk
5: Pieter-Francois Theron
6: Michael Rapson
7: Fred Strauss
8: Pico Geyer

Day Two:
1: Rocco Vivier
2: David Lubinsky
3: Ben Bredenkamp
4: Paul Edwards
5: James Gelant
6: Adru van Niekerk
7: Christiaan Maasdorp
8: David Gale

Positions 2-4 and 5-7 are determined by “sum of opponent scores”.

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SA Closed Tournament: Contenders 2022 results

Contenders was once again held as a combination of “over the board” matches and online matches. Games between players in the same area were “over the board” and the remainder were online.

Victor took first place with straight wins, and Chris came second with only a loss to Victor. There was a three way tie for third place. Andre beat Andrew but not Rocco, and Andrew beat Rocco. The tie breaker in these cases is the previous year’s results, so the final positions were Andrew, Andre, Rocco.

Player NBW Notes
1 Victor Chow, 7d 7
2 Chris Welsh, 4d 6
3 Andrew Davies, 3d 4 Tie breaker: 2021 results
4 Andre Connell, 2d 4 Tie breaker: 2021 results
5 Rocco Vivier, 1k 4 Tie breaker: 2021 results
6 Ben Bredenkamp, 1k 2
7 Paul Edwards, 1d 1
8 David Gale, 1k 0
Final Standings
Joburg Pretoria Tournaments

Joburg / Pretoria Blitz Tournament 2023

Our Gauteng players held a blitz tournament in Joburg, and Pretoria based players also participated. The results were as follows:

Group A:

  1. Andre Connell 3/3
  2. Dave Gale 2/3
  3. Paul Edwards 1/3
  4. Pico Geyer 0/3

Group B (including bye):

  1. Adru van Niekerk 3/3
  2. Sakkie Buys 2/3
  3. Odirile Ntshudisane 1/3

The final was held between the group A and group B winners, Andre and Adru. Andre won the final and the tournament.

Rank Changes Tournaments Winter League

Winter League 2022

Winter League 2022 took place from June until October with 11 players completing games. Congratulations Rocco, who won the tournament with straight wins. This earned him his promotion to 1d.

Player Rank
1 Rocco Vivier 1d
2 James Nicolson 1k
3 Christiaan Maasdorp 2k
3 Michael Rapson 4k
5 Andrew Davies 3d
5 Paul Edwards 1d
5 Andre Connell 2d
8 Marc Loon 5k
9 Gordon Wells 7k
10 Pieter-Francois Theron 10k
11 Pico Geyer 10k

SAGA Tournaments

Candidates 2022 results

The “Candidates” stage of the SA Closed tournament was played on 28 September. The top four players from the Candidates proceed to the “Contenders” stage of the tournament. The results were as follows:

Player Points SOS*
1 Rocco Vivier 3 3
2 Ben Bredenkamp 2 6
3 Paul Edwards 2 5
4 David Gale 2 4
5 Michael Rapson 1 6
6 Paul Steyn 1 4
7 Christiaan Maasdorp 1 3

*SOS is “sum of opponent scores”