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April 11th, 2020

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SA Internet Go

Online Go servers are a great option for playing games against South Africans in other cities or to get exposure to international players. IGS, OGS, and KGS are the most popular Go servers for South African players. Some players also use Tygem and Fox Go.

Internet games between South African players can be counted as club games in terms of both ratings and participation points. For this to happen they need to be recorded in the ranking system, either by a SAGA member with access or by emailing details of the game to Games that are recorded should be played with time settings allowing at least 30 seconds per move for Japanese byo-yomi or 10 minutes per 25 moves for Canadian byo-yomi.


Playing on OGS requires only a web browser, so it is often used for internet tournaments or online meetups. Events are coordinated via the South African group chat. To find this, first join the South African group (if necessary register an account first). Then go to the chat page and look for “South African Group” in the “Group Channels” list.

OGS has free accounts that are entirely adequate for tournament or meetup participation. They also offer “Site Supporter” options with various value add features.


South Africa has a team that participates in the Pandanet European Team Go Championships (PGETC). Spectators and supporters are welcome at the matches. Observers typically discuss the games as they play out. Games are typically played about once a month on a Tuesday evening around 8pm or 9pm. The games take place in the EuropeanTeamChamps room. IGS has free accounts.

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