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February 27th, 2022

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Winter League 2021

Winter league 2021 took place from June to November, with 12 players taking part. Players ranged from 3d to 7k in strength. Once again, the tournament used a McMahon style with pairing pre-drawn based on player ranks at the start of the tournament. The bar was set at 3k for this season.

Congratulations to Chris, who won the league for the second year in a row, with straight wins. Andrew and Andre placed second and third respectively. Michael was promoted back to 4k during the tournament.

1Chris Welsh3d
2Andrew Davies3d
3Andre Connell2d
4Rocco Vivier2k
5Lloyd Rubidge1d
6Ben Bredenkamp1k
7James Nicolson1k
8Christiaan Maasdrop3k
9Michael Rapson4k
10Paul Edwards1d
11Gordon Wells7k
12Fred Strauss7k

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September 26th, 2021

SA Closed tournament: Contenders 2021 results

Contenders was once again held primarily online, using the South Africa room of OGS as the main venue. Players were also given the option of meeting up and playing “over the board” with opponents in their area.

Victor took first place, again with straight wins. Not all the games were as comfortable, however. Andrew managed to keep his game against Victor within 10 points throughout, and Chris had a 15 point lead at move 80 that he didn’t manage to convert. The fight for second was fierce. Andre’s win vs Andrew left him with all to play for in the final game vs Chris. When Chris held on to his 1.5 point lead in end game, David’s early upset win against Andre left Andre on 4 points. This handed Andrew second place, with the tie breaker being Andrew’s head to head win vs Chris.

There was a three way tie between the lower four players, with Christiaan, Rocco, and David all on 2 wins. Christiaan took 5th place, with Rocco in 6th. Head to head games were again the tie breaker. David’s upset win against Andre unfortunately only earned him 7th place, with Ben taking a point off Christiaan.

Congratulations to Christiaan and Rocco who participated in Contenders for the first time. Christiaan also earned promotion to 2k after his win against David.

1Victor Chow, 7d7
2Andrew Davies, 3d5Tie breaker: Andrew beat Chris
3Chris Welsh, 3d5
4Andre Connell, 2d4
5Christiaan Maasdorp, 2k2Tie breaker: Christiaan beat Rocco and David
6Rocco Vivier, 2k2Tie breaker: Rocco beat David
7David Gale, 1k2
8Ben Bredenkamp, 1k1
Final Standings

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May 2nd, 2021

Candidates 2021 results

The “Candidates” stage of the SA Closed tournament was played this weekend, May 1 and 2. Each day is a three round Swiss tournament, with the top four players from day one progressing to day two. The top for players from day two move on to the “Contenders” stage of the tournament.

Day one saw an upset with Fred Strauss beating James Gelant in the first round. James managed to stabilise in the next two games, and then went on to win day two. Three players who played day one went on to qualify for Contenders. All three will be playing in Contenders for the first time in 2021. Congratulations to Rocco, Christiaan, and James Gelant. They also earned promotions based on their performance. They are now 2k, 3k, and 3k respectively.

David Gale also secured his place at Contenders. He previously qualified for the tournament in 2018.

Day One:
1: Rocco Vivier
2: Christiaan Maasdorp
3: Michael Rapson
4: James Gelant
5: Fred Strauss
6: James Nicolson
7: Gordon Wells

Day Two:
1: James Gelant
2: Rocco Vivier
3: Christiaan Maasdorp
4: David Gale
5: Michael Rapson
6: Ben Bredenkamp
7: Paul Edwards
8: Paul Steyn

Positions 2-4 and 5-7 are determined by “sum of opponent scores”.

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December 2nd, 2020

Winter League 2020

Winter league 2020 took place from May through September, with 18 players taking part. Player ranks ranged from 4d to 18k.

A McMahon style tournament, with pairings pre-drawn based on player ranks at the start of the tournament, was trialed in 2019. As the format seemed to be successful, it was used again. The “McMahon bar” was set at 3k to encourage games between players above and below the bar after the initial rounds.

Competition for the top spot was fierce, but ultimately an on form Chris Welsh secured wins against Andrew and Ben to secure first place with a MMS (McMahon score) of 22. Four players tied on an MMS of 21. These were Ben, Andrew, Andre, and Rocco. Ben and Andrew were only separated by their head to head game, won by Ben. Andrew managed to finally break Andre’s winning streak in their head to head tournament matches during 2020. The remaining ties were broken by SOSM or SOSOSM (“sum of opponent score McMahon” and “sum of sum of opponent score McMahon” respectively).

Congratulations to Rocco, Fred, Neville, Anton, and Pico who all received promotions during the course of the tournament.

Final standings:
1: Chris Welsh, 3d
2: Ben Gale, 4d
3: Andrew Davies, 3d
4: Andre Connell, 2d
5: Rocco Vivier, 3k
6: James Nicolson, 1k
7: James Gelant, 4k
8: David Gale, 1k
9: Michael Rapson, 5k
10: Paul Edwards, 1d
11: Lloyd Rubidge, 1d
12: Christiaan Maasdorp, 4k
13: Marc Loon, 5k
14: Fred Strauss, 7k
15: Gordon Wells, 7k
16: Neville Eisenberg, 11k (playing as 10k in the tournament)
17: Anton Stott, 13k
18: Pico Geyer, 16k

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May 23rd, 2020

Cape Town Open 2020

The 2020 Cape Town Open was held on May 23. This year it was played on OGS rather than “over the board”. This allowed a number of Gauteng based players to participate and made for a competitive tournament.

The top spot was taken by Chris Welsh, in a bit of a repeat of the 1Q internet tournament. Congratulations also to Pico on his promotion to 17k after his round one win.

Final standings:
1: Chris Welsh, 3d, MMS 33
2: Andrew Davies, 4d, MMS 32 SOS 94
3: Andre Connell, 2d, MMS 32 SOS 92
4: Lloyd Rubidge, 1d, MMS 31 SOS 92 SOSOS 276
5: Paul Edwards, 1d, MMS 31 SOS 92 SOSOS 267
6: Christiaan Maasdorp, 4k, MMS 27 SOS 88
7: Michael Rapson, 5k, MMS 27 SOS 79
8: Fred Strauss, 8k, MMS 23
9: Pico Geyer, 18k, MMS 14

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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April 19th, 2020

Candidates 2020 day two results

Candidates day two was played on OGS today, April 19. This tournament selects four players to progress to Contenders later in the year. Paul Edwards, Paul Steyn, Ben Bredenkamp, and Lloyd Rubidge are the four who qualified. Congratulations especially to Paul Steyn who made it through for the first time this year, having come close the last few years.

Final standings:
1: Paul Edwards, 3 wins
2: Paul Steyn, 2 wins, 2nd by SOS
3: Ben Bredenkamp, 2 wins, 3rd by SOSOS
4: Lloyd Rubidge, 2 wins
5: Michael Rapson, 1 win, 5th by SOS
6: Christiaan Maasdorp, 1 win, 6th by SOS
7: James Nicolson, 1 win
8: David Gale, 0 wins

Congratulations also to the players who earned rank changes during the Candidates tournament. They are:
David Gale, 1k
Christiaan Maasdorp, 4k
James Gelant, 4k

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October 21st, 2019

Gauteng Open 2018, Final Standings

The Gauteng Open was held on Saturday 1 December, in Randburg. The tournament had a large field and a wide range of player strengths. Thanks to Andre Connell for organising the tournament and Marc Loon for hosting.

Final standings:
1. Hoon Shim, 5d, MMS 31
2. Dave Gale, 2k, MMS 30, SOS 90
3. Andre Connell, 2d, MMS 30, SOS 88
4. Ben Bredenkamp, 1k, MMS 30, SOS 84
5. Paul Edwards, 1d, MMS 29
6. James Nicolson, 1k, MMS 28
7. Vincent Varkevisser, 5k, MMS 27, SOS 85
8. Michael Rapson, 5k, MMS 27, SOS 79
9. Peet Brits, 6k, MMS 27, SOS 77
10. Grace Lee, 5k, MMS 26, SOS 82
11. Marc Loon, 5k, MMS 26, SOS 77
12. Hany Lee, 8k, MMS 24
13. Anton Scott, 14k, MMS 16
14. Pico Geyer, 20k(?), MMS 11
15. Marika Wojcik, 22k(?), MMS 10

Congratulations to Peet Brits, on his promotion to 5k after his three wins in the tournament.

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November 5th, 2018

Stellenbosch Open 2018, Final Standings

The Stellenbosch Open was held on Saturday 3 November. We had 8 players on the day, and an enjoyable tournament all round. The dan players kept the SDK players in check, and Andrew won against Chris to secure another Stellenbosch Open title.

The DDK players had a good showing, with all the scoring important wins and promotions. Congratulations to HyeJin Kim, 13k, Cameron Davies, 15k, and Calvin Brizzi, 17k.

Final Standings:
1. Andrew Davies, 4d
2. Chris Welsh, 3d
3. Christiaan Maasdorp, 5k
4. Michael Rapson, 5k
5. Francois van Niekerk, 4k
6. HyeJin Kim, 13k (previously 14k)
7. Cameron Davies, 15k (previously 16k)
8. Calvin Brizzi, 17k (previously 18k)

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May 16th, 2016

Cape Town Open 2016, Final Standings

The 2016 Cape Town Open was held on Saturday 14 May, at A Touch of Madness restaurant. Eleven players completed. Congratulations to Andrew Davies who won the tournament and was promoted to 4d. There was a tie for second place between Chris Welsh and Sam Scott. Chris Goosen also secured a promotion, to 14k.

The final standings were as follows:
1 Andrew Davies
2 Sam Scott
Chris Welsh
4 Paul Steyn
5 Francois van Niekerk
6 Lloyd Rubidge
7 Gordon Wells
8 Michael Rapson
9 Rory Shea
10 Deon Moolman
11 Chris Goosen

Thanks to all for participating!

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February 25th, 2016

Andrew Davies wins 1st Quarter Tournament of 2016

The first quarter tournament of 2016 enjoyed a field of 12 players, a big increase from the six of 2015. Andrew Davies won group 1, and Tinus Cloete won group 2.

Full Results

Group 1:

1st place: Andrew Davies 3d (3 wins)
2nd place: Andre Connell 3d, Sam Scott 3d, Chris Welsh 2d (2 wins)
5th place: Ben Bredenkamp 2k, Marc Loon 5k, Peet Brits 6k (1 win)
8th place: Gordon Wells 6k

Group 2:

1st place: Tinus Cloete 13k (3 wins)
2nd place: Michael Rapson 9k, Elizabeth Meyer 15k, Chris Goosen 17k (1 win)

There were some rank changes after these results:

Tinus Cloete, promoted to 11k
Elizabeth Meyer, promoted to 14k
Chris Goosen, promoted to 16k

Unfortunately, Michael Rapson was demoted to 10k after having to play some up and coming players at difficult handicaps.

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