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October 21st, 2019

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Gauteng Open 2018, Final Standings

The Gauteng Open was held on Saturday 1 December, in Randburg. The tournament had a large field and a wide range of player strengths. Thanks to Andre Connell for organising the tournament and Marc Loon for hosting.

Final standings:
1. Hoon Shim, 5d, MMS 31
2. Dave Gale, 2k, MMS 30, SOS 90
3. Andre Connell, 2d, MMS 30, SOS 88
4. Ben Bredenkamp, 1k, MMS 30, SOS 84
5. Paul Edwards, 1d, MMS 29
6. James Nicolson, 1k, MMS 28
7. Vincent Varkevisser, 5k, MMS 27, SOS 85
8. Michael Rapson, 5k, MMS 27, SOS 79
9. Peet Brits, 6k, MMS 27, SOS 77
10. Grace Lee, 5k, MMS 26, SOS 82
11. Marc Loon, 5k, MMS 26, SOS 77
12. Hany Lee, 8k, MMS 24
13. Anton Scott, 14k, MMS 16
14. Pico Geyer, 20k(?), MMS 11
15. Marika Wojcik, 22k(?), MMS 10

Congratulations to Peet Brits, on his promotion to 5k after his three wins in the tournament.

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July 6th, 2016

Pretoria / Gauteng Blitz handicap tournament

The annual Pretoria & Gauteng Blitz handicap tournament will take place on the 23rd of July.

Brett has arranged a dedicated section for us at the Cool Runnings pub in Centurion – the tournament will start at 11am.

All players welcome, bring your quick wits!

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May 26th, 2016

Pretoria club – Simultaneous challenge

Members of the Pretoria go club accepted a challenge from the Joburg go club last night – an evening of simultaneous games where John (3d) and Andre (3d) would play simultaneous handicap games against all comers.

The event was held in the Cool Runnings pub, where there were some live singers on stage, and the pizza and drinks flowed freely. Great fun was had by all, and congratulations go out to Tinus who overcame the odds to win his match. Tinus walked away with a copy of “Go the worlds most fascinating game” and a portable 9×9 set as his reward.

The next event planned will be the Pretoria/Gauteng Handicap Blitz tournament, which will take place in July.

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March 14th, 2016

Gauteng open 2016

The 2016 Gauteng open was held on Sunday 13 March. The event was held at the Kairos school of inquiry, and well attended by players from Johannesburg, Pretoria and Soweto clubs.

Three tough rounds led to the following final standings:
1 Connell Andre
2 Gogotshe Welile
3 Leuner John
4 Nicholson James
5 Edwards Paul
6 Loon Marc
7 Brits Peet
8 Thompson Alan
9 Cloete Tinus
10 Meyer Elizabeth
11 Botha Theuns
Gita Sechaba
13 Mokwena Thabo

Thanks to all for participating!

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June 3rd, 2012

Johannesburg Open 2012

The Johannesburg Open was played today at Westgate. There were a few major upsets and rank changes.

Bob Gale won the tournament. James Nicolson was placed second and Andre Connell third.

Below is the list of placings:
1 – Bob Gale
2 – James Nicolson
3 – Andre Connell
4 – Welile Gogotshe
5 – Harvey Zhang
6 – John Leuner
7 – Dave Gale
8 – Thabiso Lemeke
9 – Zaine Deane
10 – Ramone Deane
11 – Sello Leopeng
12 – Musa Diphafa
13 – Max Rabkin
14 – Thorgal kaye
15 – Julian Calitz
16 – Musa Khumalo

Three players managed to win all their games – Bob Gale, Zaine Deane and Max Rabkin.

The following rank changes occured after the games were logged on the rating system.
Bob Gale has been promoted to 1k (and is more than half the way to 1d already!)
Ramone Deane has been promoted to 10k
Julian Calitz has been entered in the system at 18k
Musa Diphafa has been promoted to 12k
James Nicolson has been promoted to 3k
Sello Leopeng has been demoted to 10k

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May 11th, 2011

SAGA Stock in Gauteng

The latest Gauteng stock list is here (Excel format). This list includes prices for SAGA members.

Damaged stock


  • A – Very damaged

    All pages are crinkled / rumpled from water damage. Some pages stuck
    together but all still legible.

    50 % discount.

  • B – Light damage

    Some discoloration on the covers, book is slightly warped but all pages

    25 % discount.

  • C – Slightly damaged

    Book has slightly turned up corners or impression on all pages

    10 % discount

The books we have in each category are (with the pre-discount SAGA

A – very damaged

K29 reducing territorial frameworks R90

B – Light damage

k75 the basics of go strategy R150.00 (8 copies)

C – Slightly damaged

K14 attack and defense R100
k31 the second book of go R90 (2 copies)
k33 the chinese opening R90
k45 positional judgement R90
k58 get strong at life and death R100 (2 copies)

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November 24th, 2010

2010 Pretoria Blitz results

Jacky Wang won the 2010 Pretoria blitz tournament, congratulations to him and thanks to all the players who participated!

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November 14th, 2010

Pretoria blitz tourney next Tuesday

Andre Connell writes:

We would like to host the Pretoria Blitz tournament on the 23’rd of November at the Pretoria go club (at the Java Cafe in Hatfield, Pretoria).  Please confirm with Andre at if you wish to attend.

Rules will be as follows:  10 minutes absolute time per game, handicap stones as per SAGA ranking, with a maximum of 9 handicap stones and 10 points komi for each handicap stone over 9.

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September 29th, 2008

Pretoria Open 2008 blitz

Hi everyone,

The Pretoria Open this past weekend was a fun tournament – held in the usual club venue, the Java Cafe in Lynnwood drive. Before the tournament a couple of exhibition games were played between Victor Chow and Hoon Shim, two of the strongest players in the country, which drew quite a crowd and revved up the fighting spirit of the spectators.

The tournament itself started in earnest soon after, and was held in the format of a 9 round, round-robin handicap blitz tournament. Each player received 10 minutes absolute time a side, and many games went down to the wire with lots of frantic reading and clock slapping. Two players ended the day on 8 wins out of 9, Andre Connell and Hoon Shim, with Andre winning a tight game between them on time, and hence being declared the winner. John Leuner finished third on 7 out of 9, engineering a fighting win by killing a huge group of Andre’s while behind, but losing to Hoon and also Gerrit Kapp to spoil his chances of a 3-way draw for first.

The tournament was a lot of fun, and a big success. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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September 25th, 2008

Pretoria tournament on Saturday; Julius’ funeral also on Saturday

Hi all,
There was a memorial service for Julius Paulu yesterday in Dobsonville, Soweto.  It was very moving, and Julius will be fondly remembered by many people.  Julius Paulu’s funeral will be on Saturday.  If anyone wants to know more details, you can contact myself, Ben or any of the Soweto go players for more information.
Also this Saturday there will be the first Pretoria Open for a long time.  If anyone is interested in going, I will be travelling to Pretoria from Bedfordview on Saturday morning if you’re looking for a lift.  Give me a call on 082 393 4917.

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