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(19:16:22) Lloyd entered the room.
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(19:16:22) Andrew entered the room.
(19:16:31) Steve: ?
(19:16:31) David Richfield: Better!
(19:17:10) Andrew: Do you think we can start without John - I need to leave fairly promptly
(19:17:33) David Richfield: Sure!
(19:17:39) Steve: ok
(19:17:53) David Richfield: Let's start with your actions.
(19:17:58) Steve: we've got a quurom
(19:18:14) Steve: right, we can do that as well
(19:18:19) David Richfield: Rengo?
(19:18:22) Steve: so first would be andrew's treasurer report
(19:18:35) David Richfield: andre?
(19:18:38) David Richfield: Not Andrew?
(19:18:40) Steve: i'm working through the agenda, and picking the items andrew is responsible for
(19:18:44) Andrew: Not much interest - Ben was only response (he was keen
(19:19:11) Steve: erm tournament report, not treasurer's
(19:19:14) David Richfield: Ah!
(19:19:21) :)
(19:19:33) Andrew: So I've not perued it further
(19:19:48) David Richfield: OK, so off the list then?
(19:20:12) Andrew: Also, no response to SA Open hosts
(19:20:18) Steve: well, we do need to decide how we'll handle invitations to future pair-go events then
(19:20:26) David Richfield: More serious! What's the deadline?
(19:20:32) Andrew: So I'm pondering on making it every 2 years
(19:20:32) David Richfield: SA Open, that is.
(19:20:48) Lloyd: Im stii keen to have a pair go tournament when we need to
(19:21:08) Lloyd: that way we know what we are playing for, and who is available
(19:21:27) Andrew: "when needed" is ok
(19:21:30) Steve: lloyd: the downside of that is that we're often invited at short notice
(19:21:43) Steve: when there's not time to set things up properly, etc.
(19:22:00) Steve: ok, since no-one was interested in helping organize it, I guess we can ditch it
(19:22:31) David Richfield: I recommend that as soon as anyone is interested enough to hold a pair go tournament,
(19:22:35) Andrew: No-one beside Ben even indicated they were keen to play
(19:22:39) David Richfield: they can just announce a date and run with it.
(19:22:49) David Richfield: Until then, we can shelve it
(19:22:55) Steve: ok
(19:23:03) David Richfield: 2011 SA Open:
(19:23:04) Steve: i'll go with that
(19:23:05) Andrew: I agree
(19:23:12) David Richfield: By when do we need to announce?
(19:23:21) seems a pity, but also the most sensible thing to do
(19:23:25) Steve: like 8 weeks before, at least
(19:23:28) David Richfield: Sipho is keen to host in Dobsonville.
(19:24:02) Steve: well, if he's willing to co-ordinate it, why not - no one else has volunteered
(19:24:17) Steve: as i understand it
(19:24:22) David Richfield: I'll pressure him into a timeline then. As soon as they formalize their club, they can get the hall for free.
(19:24:24) Andrew: Yep - as only offer, its his
(19:24:43) David Richfield: He also wants to make a play for the Nedbank Local Hero thing:
(19:24:49) Steve: david, pls confirm with sipho and david, so we can set a date and make an announcment
(19:24:56) David Richfield: they sponsor causes for their employees.
(19:25:02) David Richfield: OK, will do.
(19:25:07) Steve: Andrew: perhaps send another email saying last call for hosts - let us know if you're interested by XXX.
(19:25:18) Steve: in case someone's considering, but hasn't said anything yet?
(19:25:19) Andrew: Will do
(19:25:27) David Richfield: Perfect! Make the deadline 1 month from now?
(19:25:33) David Richfield: Or rather 2 weeks?
(19:25:38) David Richfield: what do you guys think?
(19:25:46) Steve: deadline 1 week
(19:25:50) David Richfield: Even betterer.
(19:25:53) Steve: we've already announced a call for hosts
(19:25:56) David Richfield: OK.
(19:25:59) Andrew: 2 weeks better as tournament is normally Jan or Feb
(19:25:59) Steve: so just a prod to say something
(19:26:28) Steve: fine with me, but 8 weeks warning for jan can be early november (1 week from now)
(19:26:49) David Richfield: When's a good time for travellers to come up?
(19:26:54) Andrew: is it really 8, I had 6 in mind
(19:26:56) David Richfield: Is there a long weekend early in the year?
(19:27:09) Steve: andrew - i don't know about 6 vs 8
(19:27:16) Steve: david , no long weekend AFAIK
(19:27:18) Steve: i'
(19:27:20) Steve: i'
(19:27:25) David Richfield: i'
(19:27:31) Steve: i'm pretty sure no one from stb will be up
(19:27:44) Steve: dunno about cape town
(19:27:55) Steve: i' = finger trouble with strange enter key location
(19:28:02) David Richfield: Gotcha.
(19:28:14) Lloyd: Monday 21 March: Human rights day
(19:28:26) David Richfield: Is that too late for an SA Open?
(19:28:34) David Richfield: Any reason why it can't be in Mar?
(19:28:46) Steve: how's that mesh with SA Closed deadlines and CT open
(19:29:13) Steve: one more thing: if no one is travelling up, won't you have reduced entries on a long weekend with Joburg people going away, perhaps?
(19:29:14) Andrew: John is here, but I'm struggling to invite him
(19:29:24) David Richfield: Maybe.
(19:29:29) David Richfield: What's John's address?
(19:29:31) David Richfield: I'll invite.
(19:29:35) Steve: sinathor something
(19:29:45) Steve: andrew- if you have gim, can you invite him, pls?
(19:29:48) Lloyd:
(19:29:52) Steve: him, not gim
(19:30:17) David Richfield: I've sent him a buddy request.
(19:30:27) entered the room.
(19:30:35) David Richfield: Welcome!
(19:30:40) Lloyd: hi John
(19:30:46) hello
(19:31:20) David Richfield: So, if it's unlikely that anyone will be travelling North for the SA Open, should we make it a January tournament then?
(19:31:28) Steve: hi john - we've started with andrew's stuff, since he must leave early
(19:31:56) Andrew: Actual date is hosts prerogative
(19:32:03) Steve: and
(19:32:21) Steve: ok, so let's get the host started, and andrew handle date choice with sipho or whoever
(19:32:29) David Richfield: OK.
(19:32:29) Steve: remember to also cater for school hols
(19:32:50) Steve: Andrew: any other news (3rd/4th quarter inet? SA closed, etc)
(19:33:04) Andrew: nothing new
(19:33:12) Steve: ok
(19:33:18) Andrew: as you know 4Q being organised
(19:33:50) Steve: (the Korean prime minister cup should be finished yesterday, prize giving "tonight". but couldn't find results for welile yet)
(19:34:25) Steve: if there's nothing else, I figure we go back to the main agenda, and andrew can leave when he must
(19:34:27) Steve: alright?
(19:34:28) David Richfield: Oh. I hope all is well. Last I heard he was in good hands at the academy.
(19:34:32) David Richfield: All good.
(19:34:48) Andrew: yep, thanks
(19:34:51) Steve: i propose we adopt the minutes of the last meeting. seconds?
(19:35:01) ***David Richfield seconds.
(19:35:04) Andrew: second
(19:35:07) Steve: ok, next meeting
(19:35:15) Steve: no one complained, so it will be 17 january
(19:35:37) Steve: john: treasurer report - what's the situation as you have it
(19:35:43) same as before
(19:35:49) David Richfield: Ouch.
(19:35:54) I haven't had any handover from Andre
(19:35:54) Steve: did your meeting with andre pan out?
(19:36:05) I don't have bank account details or access yet
(19:36:24) David Richfield: Let me call him quickly, maybe both of you can come to JHB club tomorrow?
(19:36:25) I haven't had a meeting with him, just chatted on the flight back from the closed tournament
(19:36:36) I can come tomorrow
(19:36:49) but it doesn't help if he hasn't prepared things to handover
(19:36:58) David Richfield: Good point.
(19:37:41) Steve: ok - so the status is we've got to get andre to prep handover and complete it, like last time
(19:37:44) Steve: tourney report done
(19:37:54) Steve: mem sec report: paul
(19:37:55) David Richfield: OK, Andre says:
(19:38:00) David Richfield: he can handover next Tuesday.
(19:38:09) David Richfield: If John can come to club.
(19:38:16) next tuesday is unfortunately bad for me
(19:38:19) David Richfield: Crap.
(19:38:22) Steve: ok, that would be awesome
(19:38:31) David Richfield: OK, you mail each other and set something up.
(19:38:34) Ok
(19:38:37) Steve: but if he can do the prep by next tuesday, the handover can be anytime after that
(19:38:49) Well, I've emailed a membership list to David
(19:39:05) And it's up on google docs, I believe
(19:39:12) David Richfield: Have you been able to access it?
(19:39:19) David Richfield: I believe I shared it with you.
(19:39:32) I went to the link you sent me, and it asked for login details
(19:39:45) Steve: paul: do you have a google account?
(19:39:48) Not sure if that means I need to create an account, or do I get them from you ?
(19:39:57) David Richfield: I guess you need to create a google account.
(19:39:58) A normal gmail type account ? Yes
(19:40:14) David Richfield: OK, give me a mail from that one, and I'll add you.
(19:40:20) David Richfield: Then you should be able to access it.
(19:40:21) Steve: paul - you'd probably need to enter those details if david shared from there
(19:40:26) But for some reason the site said something about "welcome to"
(19:40:37) David Richfield: Nice.
(19:40:38) Not sure why... I know Afrihost is my ISP, but ?
(19:40:40) Steve: otherwise, you shold be able to add your camara address to that account, so you can log in with that
(19:41:02) Well, I will sort that out with David as needs be. I'm sure I'll get it working
(19:41:02) David Richfield: OK, two options:
(19:41:06) Steve: dunno about that
(19:41:20) David Richfield: 1) mail me from your gmail account and I'll give you access for that one.
(19:41:21) Steve: but ok, so the list is currently making it's way to google docs
(19:41:24) Steve: anything else to report?
(19:41:27) David Richfield: 2) We just host it on github.
(19:41:34) David Richfield: ;-]
(19:41:40) The membership list is complete as I think it will probably get regarding 2010
(19:41:44) Steve: github bad for non-tech-savvy
(19:42:04) Steve: yeah, unless we get late entries for the 4q inet tourney
(19:42:06) I haven't been informed about membership fees for 2011, so I'm not sure what's happening there
(19:42:14) I'm also not sure a public membership list should include phone numbers etc
(19:42:22) Steve: Andrew: please note that the chris guy who joined at the stb open did _not_ join for 2010, but for 2011
(19:42:30) David Richfield: Not supposed to be public as I understand.
(19:42:36) Well, the list doesn't include contact details yet, but I thought it wasn't going to be public ?
(19:43:02) David Richfield: Maybe was referring to my github comment: Only free if public.
(19:43:05) Steve: paul: membership fees for 2011 wiating for treasurer handover
(19:43:10) Andrew: Geauss Paul needs to know about Chris joining
(19:43:17) :) yeah, probably
(19:43:19) Steve: john: the membership list on google docs should not be public
(19:43:32) ok
(19:43:40) Ok, so I will ensure that a google docs version of the list is made *not* public
(19:43:41) Steve: the one on the website is just names, but the one on google docs shared to the council will have all the contact info etc
(19:44:07) David Richfield: Andre has confirmed meeting for 16th with John.
(19:44:09) I must get contact details for the people on the list somehow, and also start finding out about people that have joined for 2011
(19:44:26) Steve: Andrew: i can only add chris's join once I've finalized the fees for 2011
(19:44:33) I'll update the website with the names for 2010. If I have access problems I'll talk to Steve
(19:44:39) Andrew: Sure
(19:44:45) David Richfield: Sipho is the Soweto club chairman, so prod him for Soweto club contact details.
(19:44:54) David Richfield: It'll mostly be cellphone numbers.
(19:44:59) Steve: paul: many of the people are on the mailing lists, so you can get email addys from there
(19:45:04) Steve: otherwise, I have a lot of them ,etc
(19:45:07) ok, cool
(19:45:13) Steve:
(19:45:23) Steve: anything else for mem sec report?
(19:45:34) Steve: i think that addy is right, but it's from memory
(19:45:38) There was talk about preparing email for new members
(19:46:05) Not sure what all should go in there. One of the ideas was to mention all the links and mailing lists people can join. I need a list of those from somewhere
(19:46:06) Steve: yeah - you can use the wiki for drafting that, so we can make suggestions, etc.
(19:46:16) David Richfield: Good idea.
(19:46:22) Steve: info on most of the clubs etc is on the website
(19:46:42) Steve: you can trawl the saga and club basic pages for info on that
(19:46:42) Ok, cool, I'll get started on that. Does anybody have a list of all the mailing lists ?
(19:47:04) Steve: stbgo, ctgo, ptago,, joburggo, saga
(19:47:14) Steve: think that's it
(19:47:24) Steve: for public addresses
(19:47:39) Steve: and the soweto one's not for joining, but for sending
(19:47:42) And non public ones ? I'm not sure I'm on all the ones I need to be...
(19:47:54) David Richfield: Are you on sagacouncil?
(19:47:55) Steve: i.e. we can send annoucnements to the go club organizers
(19:48:08) uh, I think I am on that one
(19:48:09) Steve: only non-public is sagacouncil, AFAIK
(19:48:13) I will check
(19:48:38) Also, there is a membership secretary email address, Steve, do you know if that routes to my email address, or maybe better, if I can access it remotely
(19:48:40) ?
(19:48:55) Steve: it goes to your email address
(19:48:58) Steve: not sure which, though
(19:49:04) Steve: your afrihost one, i think
(19:49:16) Steve: i believe you were to tell me if i should change it from that
(19:49:19) :), ok, I must make a note to confirm with you, but we can do that offline
(19:49:24) Steve: righto
(19:49:29) I'll mail you
(19:49:36) Steve: nothing else for mem sec report, then?
(19:49:42) well, two things
(19:49:53) Steve: yeah?
(19:50:02) Firstly I was to check on sms bundles. I have the links Steve sent me (thanks), but I haven't finished looking into them
(19:50:22) I have a couple of other things to check out as well regarding sms bundles
(19:50:26) Steve: ok
(19:51:02) And lastly I was to talk to Chris about a membership database. At this stage he said he has started slapping something together, but yes, he seems to favour flash.
(19:51:12) David Richfield: Nooooo!!!!!
(19:51:22) :) Yeah, I strongly oppose it too
(19:51:42) But he seems to think it offers a richer interface. I haven't actually discussed that point with him
(19:51:55) Steve: can you and paul email with chris, and discuss the benefits/pitfalls of flash vs alternatives (cc me)?
(19:52:06) David Richfield: OK, will initiate.
(19:52:07) He said the best thing would be to give him an idea of what we want out of it, and he can concentrate on that first, and add all his other neato ideas later
(19:52:16) David Richfield: OK, what do we want?
(19:52:28) Steve: right, so dicsussion has been started, but not completed
(19:52:38) Basically
(19:52:43) Steve: paul: can you start a wiki page for planning what we'd like
(19:52:50) Just to get a way forward, were do I take the discussion of what we want ?
(19:52:54) Ah, righto
(19:52:58) David Richfield: Good idea.
(19:52:58) Steve: and send a link to the council to put their ideas/requests on it
(19:53:07) Ok, will do
(19:53:09) And that's me done
(19:53:23) Steve: pls link these documents on the front page, as well
(19:53:27) Steve: righto
(19:53:50) Steve: back to the agenda: reports on completed items - i propose we take as read
(19:53:52) Steve: seconds?
(19:53:56) ***David Richfield 2nds
(19:54:11) Steve: that brings us to unresolved items
(19:54:13) seconded
(19:54:28) Steve: 308: pending handover by andre, so still pending
(19:54:38) Steve: 408: david - status?
(19:54:38) David Richfield: 408: Still to be done.
(19:54:40) David Richfield: Sorry.
(19:55:17) Steve: 1008: I met Jaco at stb go club, but he was out of cash (just into the country and end of month). hoping to get the money early next month
(19:55:25) Steve: so also still pending
(19:55:37) Steve: 1208: David- status?
(19:55:39) David Richfield: 1208: Also still to be done.
(19:55:49) David Richfield: 1508:
(19:55:56) David Richfield: We have apparently found the cup.
(19:55:56) Steve: 1508: David
(19:56:10) Steve: yes?
(19:56:14) David Richfield: But we stalled on the inscription.
(19:56:16) Steve: the drum
(19:56:21) David Richfield: s/cup/drum/
(19:56:39) David Richfield: Chris Welsh has it as of Aug.
(19:56:43) Steve: so: hit a problem, or still to be done?
(19:56:50) David Richfield: I guess I
(19:56:54) David Richfield: will mail Chris.
(19:56:56) Steve: good if we can get it done and hand out at SA Open in soweto
(19:57:06) David Richfield: True.
(19:57:30) Steve: worth noting if anyone from jhb coming down to cpt over dec holidays who can take it back
(19:57:39) Steve: (flights not as good as car trips for big trophies)
(19:57:52) David Richfield: I might be coming down, but that depends on work load.
(19:58:08) Steve: (I also need more go eq and books sent down once the handover's completed)
(19:58:37) David Richfield: I'll definitely be flying though.
(19:58:41) David Richfield: If and when.
(19:59:01) Steve: 409 is completed - welile has participated in the KPMc presumably
(19:59:16) David Richfield: 509 in progress.
(19:59:24) David Richfield: 909 in progress - status is:
(19:59:38) David Richfield: They've had a meeting, agreed on council members.
(19:59:46) David Richfield: Sipho has
(19:59:52) David Richfield: asked for and received
(20:00:02) David Richfield: the SAGA constitution.
(20:00:14) David Richfield: I'll follow up on further progress.
(20:00:29) David Richfield: Oh, wait....
(20:00:40) David Richfield: Was I reporting on the right topic here?
(20:00:44) Steve: yes
(20:00:49) David Richfield: Good!
(20:00:51) Steve: how is the soweto club doing
(20:01:05) David Richfield: Also, Sipho is trying to get funding from his employer (Nedbank)
(20:01:17) David Richfield: and I'm giving him all requested support.
(20:01:25) Steve: worth knowing: if the soweto club is properly constituted, they should have access to some of the funds accruing to the gauteng region
(20:01:33) David Richfield: True.
(20:01:58) Steve: not sure how the division works - we had to establish a western cape go council which disburses money to the stb/ct club for certain things
(20:02:00) David Richfield: But if they can get a sponsor, we could employ one of them (e.g. Welile) to teach at schools.
(20:02:20) Steve: but basically saga could buy sets for the swoeto go club for it, and keep them the property of saga, for example
(20:02:30) Andrew: Welilie mentioned that if Sipho gets the sponsorship then he (W) will be employed to teach Go
(20:02:36) David Richfield: True, but they actually have sets to which they would have access.
(20:02:42) Steve: ok, cool
(20:02:59) Andrew: That funny shape was a w in brackets :)
(20:03:00) Steve: anyway, we can worry about that stuff once they're constituted and affiliated
(20:03:04) David Richfield: would have as soon as they tell the Dobsonville folks.
(20:03:08) Steve: i think it's important we help them as far as possible
(20:03:08) David Richfield: Quite.
(20:03:28) Steve: since this paperwork crap is what keeps people from constituting and affiliating in general
(20:03:55) Steve: note that the stellenbosch constitution is on the website as well, if they want it
(20:04:05) David Richfield: OK. Will send to him.
(20:04:29) David Richfield: He's got limited web access at the moment, and Nedbank blocks SAGA as a sports website.
(20:04:31) Steve: tell him he can probably slim even that down a bit
(20:04:35) David Richfield: Sure.
(20:04:46) Steve: seriously (re sagoclubs) lol
(20:05:00) David Richfield: He's had 3 laptops stolen lately, so he hasn
(20:05:07) David Richfield: 't bought another.
(20:05:12) Steve: that's hectic
(20:05:14) David Richfield: :-(
(20:05:22) David Richfield: That's Soweto for you.
(20:05:23) Steve: anyway, next: 110
(20:05:27) David Richfield: No action.
(20:05:30) David Richfield: Sorry!!
(20:05:42) Steve: 410: pending handover
(20:06:00) Steve: 510: there has been some action on the email
(20:06:02) David Richfield: 510: didn't we do something on that?
(20:06:08) ***David Richfield checks mail...
(20:06:19) Lloyd: yes
(20:06:26) Steve: so we've agreed with chris we can send the info, and i've added sending the list annually to the mem sec list of duties
(20:06:32) Steve: chris garlock
(20:06:39) David Richfield: Right, got it.
(20:06:48) Steve: i figured we can start with this 2011, so we don't send him 2 lists within 2 months
(20:06:49) Ok, so I need to send the 2011 mem list, when we have it
(20:06:53) Steve: yeah
(20:07:01) Lloyd: they do want info on SA go from time to time
(20:07:12) So when do I send the lists, annually, I take it, but when ?
(20:07:13) Steve: if we promote this as a benefit of joining on time, it will be good to send this list in early january
(20:07:22) ok, cool
(20:07:31) Lloyd: Can they use anything on onr website?
(20:07:33) So early Jan I send the list of everybody we have
(20:07:39) Steve: lloyd: we'd emailed them saying they can take things from our site
(20:08:24) the list I send, I take it, will be names and email addresses ?
(20:08:27) Steve: can we allocate a monthly check of newsworthy items to send to them to a portfolio?
(20:08:46) David Richfield: Will probably mostly be tournaments,
(20:08:51) Steve: i.e. check the website for the last month (usually the front page), and email some links
(20:09:05) David Richfield: so maybe tournament portfolio?
(20:09:19) Steve: don't know if tournaments except the sa closed or open will be worthwhile, unless we have big attendance
(20:09:21) Lloyd: not necessarily monthly,
(20:09:26) Steve: development efforts, etc.
(20:09:27) David Richfield: True.
(20:09:27) Lloyd: but when there is news
(20:09:38) Lloyd: development especially
(20:09:39) Steve: lloyd: the idea is to not send an email if there is news
(20:09:40) Andrew: Better up the standard of my reports :)
(20:09:49) Steve: but if we don't schedule a regualr check, we'll forget to send
(20:10:10) David Richfield: Maybe just tell him to add us to his twitter account, and he can ask for details on anything cool.
(20:10:12) Steve: not send an email if there is _not_ news, rather
(20:10:12) David Richfield: ;-]
(20:10:28) Steve: it's weird - he can follow on rss or twitter
(20:10:45) Steve: i'd recommend assuming he's getting updates, unless he emails asking for some?
(20:10:56) Steve: we did point him to the website/twitter, I believe
(20:11:00) David Richfield: OK
(20:11:03) Steve: any objections?
(20:11:09) Lloyd: no
(20:11:10) nope
(20:11:12) David Richfield: no
(20:11:12) Andrew: no
(20:11:16) Steve: gr8
(20:11:25) David Richfield: :s/no/nope/
(20:11:30) David Richfield: s/no/nope/
(20:11:43) Steve: 810
(20:11:55) Steve: new items from victor chow - suggestions
(20:12:18) Steve: 1. Considering current situation, where there is very limited
international exposure for SAGA member, perhaps there can be someone to
contact overseas clubs and Go associations to arrange some internet
tournament, format can be a team of 5-10 players each ( all having
similar rank on KGS etc). It could be interesting, and it can increase
South African player's interests.
(20:12:24) Steve: that's the first idea referred to
(20:12:32) Andrew: Again, I'd look for a volunteer to organise it
(20:12:43) David Richfield: I propose Victor.
(20:12:46) David Richfield: ;-]
(20:12:48) :)
(20:12:56) Steve: i think something like this would be pretty cool, but the challenge is to find a country with a decent distribution of playing strength
(20:12:58) David Richfield: I support it wholeheartedly.
(20:13:13) David Richfield: but Steve's comment is valid.
(20:13:16) Steve: i think this would work if we could select team captains and KGS rank ranges
(20:13:24) Steve: and let the team captains pick their teams
(20:13:30) David Richfield: Shall we recommend this to Victor?
(20:13:37) Andrew: and time zones not too far apart
(20:13:44) David Richfield: And let him know he's welcome to organise whenever.
(20:13:44) Steve: so if victor is team captain, he might pick him, aki, ben, welile, andrew
(20:13:48) Steve: or something like that
(20:14:03) do we have any links to clubs in other countries, members who have moved, guests who have visited for long periods or more than once ?
(20:14:11) David Richfield: re time zones: shouldn't be a problem, because we're close to UTC.
(20:14:21) Steve: well, victor presumably has contacts among strong players from various contries
(20:14:40) Steve: and since this could be organized by him...
(20:14:46) David Richfield: And we have the contact of the guy from Korea.
(20:15:09) Steve: yeah - we could perhaps play a selction of opponents from that school
(20:15:16) would we want this at a strong level, or at a lower level to promote interest among the up and coming players ?
(20:15:40) or both ?
(20:15:44) Steve: paul, i think the idea is to expose the strongest levels of players
(20:15:44) David Richfield: "strong" is a relative term.
(20:15:55) Steve: in SA at least
(20:16:11) Steve: but by letting victor be captain, he can drive this as he desires
(20:16:14) David Richfield: I think we want strong SA = school kids in Korea.
(20:16:23) well, to try and keep our ranking in line with the rest of the world I guess. No good if our top players have nothing to measure themselved against
(20:16:43) Andrew: I'll contact Victor and ask if he's willing to do this
(20:17:01) David Richfield: OK, and if he needs the chairman to send the letter, I'll do that as well.
(20:17:19) Steve: i'm not so sure of this idea, with KGS around etc. but if victor is interested enough to organize this tournament (one night on KGS needed for the SA-Morocco clash, for example), it might draw some crowds
(20:17:48) David Richfield: Good call.
(20:17:58) Lloyd: I may be able to add some contacts from the WAGC
(20:18:09) Lloyd: Ireland for example
(20:18:20) Steve: and this is the sort of thing the AGA newsletter could use
(20:18:26) David Richfield: Yes!
(20:18:32) David Richfield: OK, so who's driving this?
(20:18:41) well there's a possible source of competition
(20:18:58) get up a good fellowship with them, I'm sure they'd be interested in tournaments
(20:19:35) David Richfield: OK, so next action on this point is Andrew to talk to Victor.
(20:19:44) David Richfield: Lloyd to send contacts.
(20:19:45) Steve: andrew would normally be involved as tournaments, but i think the idea is to let this be an initiative driven by victor and supported by saga, so I reckon david as chairman can communicate this idea to him?
(20:19:49) Andrew: Yep
(20:19:55) David Richfield: OK, will do.
(20:20:06) Steve: everyone happy?
(20:20:11) Lloyd: yes
(20:20:12) yes
(20:20:14) David Richfield: yes
(20:20:18) Andrew: ok - I'll leave it to you David
(20:20:31) Steve: victor's other idea:
(20:20:37) Steve: item 910
(20:20:37) Andrew: shout if you want me to do anything
(20:20:41) Steve: 2. It will be of SAGA's benefit, to contact the cultural division of
Japan, Korea and China, and perhaps now also the major European
countries, not only to let them aware there is a Go organisation in SA,
but from time to time, we may get some unforeseen benefit, which may
help increase SAGA's membership, and/or financial basis.
(20:20:43) David Richfield: OK
(20:21:08) Steve: this is true - i suspect that these embassies etc may well have mailing lists etc
(20:21:16) Lloyd: I agree
(20:21:52) David Richfield: So, should I mail them all?
(20:22:00) David Richfield: I can draft a letter on the wiki.
(20:22:04) Steve: so perhaps we just need to send them an email "introducing" ourselves to them, saying we're interested in their activities, and to please keep us informed of anything that might be relevant to us
(20:22:11) David Richfield: OK.
(20:22:14) Steve: yeah - wiki letter should be cool
(20:22:25) David Richfield: I'll not have time to do this in the next few weeks.
(20:22:35) Steve: re: strong european countries: this is mostly east european, I think, particularly russia
(20:22:41) David Richfield: Maybe in December?
(20:22:44) Steve: this one's tricky
(20:22:53) David Richfield: What's tricky?
(20:23:00) Steve: sure - sometime better than no time
(20:23:08) Steve: tricky re european countries
(20:23:27) Steve: it's hard to think a CJK embassy won't know what go is
(20:23:36) Steve: but easy to imagine a russian embassy won't
(20:23:48) David Richfield: OK, but then we send them a link to their own go association.
(20:23:58) Steve: ok, we can try that
(20:24:24) Would there not be go associations in those countries that one could find on the web ? Mail them direct ?
(20:24:24) Steve: so: david to draft a letter for sending
(20:24:47) David Richfield: OK, but note that it won't be immediate.
(20:25:04) David Richfield: I'm going to reply to Victor's mail now and copy sagacouncil.
(20:25:16) Steve: in that case, david: when you contact victor about the tourney, mention our intent to send letters to the embassies as well, so he knows we're responding to his suggestiosn
(20:25:20) Steve: or reply to his email
(20:25:23) Steve: great
(20:25:26) David Richfield: Roger, wilco.
(20:25:48) Steve: that's it , then
(20:25:51) Steve: thanks all
(20:26:02) Lloyd: thanks