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I am Jaco Swanepoel, a 4 kyu from the Stellenbosch go club. I want to be a 2 kyu before March 2006.

My go blog:

14 January 2006

Yet another futile attempt to beat Sensei on 6 handi took place today. I really thought I had him. The genie in him thought otherwise and managed to force me to resign. Why do I torture myself so? The games against him only gives me nightmares!

07 January 2006

I visited Sensei today. There was a visiting 5 dan from Japan there. I got to play against him with a 6 stone handicap. I managed to keep the upperhand in the game (or so I think) until the time came to wrap the game up. I screwed up and I lost; crap.

I feel very fortunate to have had a chance to play against him. It is not often that a South African Go Player can say that he has played a 6 dan and a 5 dan Japanese Go player.