Stellenbosch Go Club Committee Agenda

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Agenda: Stellenbosch Go Club Committee Meeting 25 March 2006, 15h00 at 50 Amatoni, Herholdt Street, Stellenbosch

Invited: SAGA Council members: Konrad Scheffler, David Richfield, Reinhardt Messerschmidt

Committee members: Steve Kroon, Andries Kruger, Rory Beling, Florian Breuer, Jaco Swanepoel

1. Present and Absent, Apologies, Proxies

Konrad has apologised. Florian has apologised, as he will be in the USA - he has appointed Steve as proxy.

2. Ratification of previous meeting's minutes and minutes of AGM

3. Concluded issues from previous meeting's agenda and minutes

  • Distribution of copies of "Introduction to Go" - Steve: everyone has now received their book.
  • Buying magazines - Steve: SAGA says they will probably not buy them at all. I will take the issue to the regional council.
  • Creating regional council - Steve: Cape Town and Stellenbosch club have signed the consitution, the executive is being formed (Steve, Rory and David will initially be serving on the Executive).
  • Confirmation of SAGA affiliation - Steve: the club was accepted as an Institutional Member of SAGA on 16 February 2006.
  • Gauteng/WC Showdown suggestion to Regional council - Steve: I will take the issue to the regional council.
  • Search for tournament directors - Steve: this issue will be shifted to the tournament reports section in future.

4. Other issues concluded

No items.

5. Report on ongoing issues from previous meeting's agenda and minutes

  • Weekly announcement of Go meetings and events in media - Jaco: report?
  • Brackenfell school project - Jaco and Rory: report?
  • Neelsie demo game - Jaco: report?
  • Guide for new players - Flo: report?
  • Quotes and sources for clocks - Steve: report?
  • How-to documents for other tournaments - Steve: Hugo is busy with a document on handicap tournaments, but no volunteers for other documents. Still on low priority.
  • Arrangements for the new library system - Flo: report?

6. New issues since the last meeting

No items.

7. Tournament reports

  • 2006 African Oza and SA Open - Steve: The budget was vastly reduced, but we decided to go ahead anyway. The tournament was successfully concluded. The budget and some financial issues must still be finished, a report on the tournament must still be set up and sent to the sponsors and the Nihon Ki-in, and a few other small unresolved issues must be sorted out.
  • 2006 Western Cape Closed - Steve running tournament. Draw completed, tournament underway.
  • 2006 Stellenbosch Leagues - Steve doing invites, being run by Rory. First league underway, second league invites still in process. Steve wants to propose doing away with invitation in future years, and calling for entries as with other tournaments.
  • First Quarter Handicap Tournament - Hugo running tournament. Tournament underway.
  • Second Quarter Handicap Tournament - Hugo will run.
  • Stellenbosch 9x9 - Steve: looking for a tournament director.
  • Stellenbosch Open - Florian will run this if he is in South Africa.

8. Financial report on 10/3/06

Opening balance on 17/1/06:         R   5 (cash)
PLUS: Income:
First League fee (Charl du Plessis):R   5
Donation (Andries Kruger):          R  15
Donation (Chris Welsh):             R 165
Donation (Reinhardt Messerschmidt): R 189 (*)
Donation (David Richfield):         R  30 (**)
Donation (Jaco Swanepoel):          R1067 (**)
LESS: Expenses:                     R   -
Closing balance on 10/3/06:         R1476  (all cash)

(*) This donation is for clocks or equipment or books (**) These donations are for clocks

9. Schedule next committee meeting

  • Suggested date is 15 July 2006. (The 22nd and 29th of July are potential dates for the SA Candidates Tournament).

10. Matters Arising

  • Disbursing money for clocks: Steve has a proposal to spend the club funds allocated to clocks.