SAGA council minutes 4 April 2006

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Minutes of SAGA Council meeting, 4 April 2006


Co-option of André Connell

The motion to co-opt André to the council was accepted unanimously. domain name

Because we are still paying R100 per year for the domain name "", where an old version of the SAGA website is hosted but to which we do not currently have access, and because we currently have free web hosting at the University of Stellenbosch, courtesy of the Mathematics department, we decided by a vote of 4 to 1 to allow the registration of the domain name to lapse.

The votes were: David, Konrad, Reinhardt, Julius say to drop old website, Sakkie votes to wait and see.

Internet tournaments

We agreed unanimously that the WAGC points for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places should be shared equally, instead of using tie-breaking systems, which are unfair and arbitrary in this case.

Pair-go tournament

André will liaise with Victor about the pair-go tournament.

Participation points for teaching

Although there was a suggestion to award extra participation points for strong players playing teaching games against weaker players, no concrete proposal was submitted, and the idea did not find any support.

Western Cape affiliation

The WCGC constitution was unanimously accepted, under the memorandum of understanding already put forward.

WAGC points system

The slight change to the WAGC points system previously discussed by e-mail was unanimously accepted. The change is that players may earn points for up to two of the quarterly events per year, with the number of points awarded for first place in any of the events being 500, superseding the initially proposed version of the system, which stated that players would earn points for all four events, with the number of points awarded for first place in any of the events being 250.

Victor Chow's complaint

In the light of Victor Chow's complaints about his treatment in the SA contenders tournament of 2003, this council examined the issue carefully and came to the following decisions:

  1. Given that the date of the tournament was changed, the tournament director should have taken stronger measures to ensure that all players were contacted. Just announcing the change of date by a post to a mailing list was not sufficient. He should have required the players to confirm receipt of the e-mail, and failing such confirmation, should have attempted at least once to contact the players telephonically with reasonable notice (i.e. not at the start of the first round)
  2. Given that we found the communication regarding the change of date to be lacking, we decided that Victor should be compensated for the depreciation in his WAGC points for 2003.
  3. We unanimously rejected the idea of awarding placement points to a player who did not play in a tournament, regardless of insufficient communication.
  4. We unanimously concluded that Victor's boycott of the 2004 tournaments does not warrant compensation by SAGA.
  5. We consider this decision to be final, and strongly recommend to any future SAGA councils to regard it as such.

We recommend that at every annual renewal of a SAGA member's registration, the member should submit contact details to SAGA, namely an email address and a phone number, and should specify which method of communication (i.e. phone or SMS) is to be used as an additional means of communication of urgent messages such as changes of dates of tournaments.

We recommend to tournament directors to take the following steps in the unfortunate event that a tournament must be rescheduled due to unforseen events:

  • Post the changes on the SAGC website.
  • Send a notice of the change to the SAGA mailing list
  • Send personal e-mail to any registered or pre-qualified entrants, requesting them to confirm receipt of the notice.
  • Should any registered or pre-qualified entrants fail to confirm receipt of the notice, the tournament director should contact them at least once by their preferred secondary means of communication (whether phone or SMS), and leave a message if possible.

WAGC points for non-SA citizens

We decided unanimously that non-SA citizens who participate in South African go should receive WAGC points, as they are contributing to SA go. Such points can of course only be used if and when they attain SA citizenship.

Sa Open, African Oza

We decided unanimously that the SA Open and the Oza should be run as one McMahon tournament, and all players that are competing for the Oza title (which includes all international players) must enter above the bar.

next meeting on 28 June

The next council meeting will be held on 28 June at 19:30 via MSN.