SAGA council minutes 3 October 2006

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  • Chris Welsh
  • Konrad Scheffler
  • David Richfield
  • Andries Kruger


  • Sakkie Buys


André Connell


A quorum was present.

Acceptance of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted unanimously.

Mind Sports SA

Konrad reported that no progress had yet been made regarding the investigation into affiliating to Mind Sports SA.

Review of AGM via MSN

Chris asked whether it was successful to hold the AGM at the internet championships.

David replied that it had been advertised well in advance, and that no complaints had been received either before, during or after the AGM, and therefore assumed that it was acceptable to the members.

Chris asked whether internet access could be a problem, but Konrad mentioned that there is funding available to help with internet connection for the tournament.

It was therefore decided to hold the AGM at the internet championships again.

2007 AGM date

The decision on the date for the 2007 AGM was deferred until the tournament schedule could be set up.

Andre is in the process of setting dates for the SA Open; The rest of the tournament schedule can be finalised at a later date

Ad hoc rank changes

With respect to Chris's proposal on formalising ad hoc rank changes, Andries will study the discussion at before making his comments. Final discussion and voting will take place by e-mail.

Qualification system for Candidates tournament

Andre was not present to make his proposal for changes to the qualification system for the Candidates tournament, and will make his proposal by e-mail.

Allocation of delegates to World Oza

With regards to Victor's request that we discuss the allocation of places to delegates to the World Oza, Konrad will summarise the options open to SAGA, and circulate them to the council by e-mail for comment. When a final plan has been decided on, he will draft a letter to the Go Associations in other countries involved, and circulate it for comment.

Members database

Andries will set up a list of the contact details of all SAGA members to aid in sending out reminders of pending fees. David will send him the addresses on the SAGA mailing list to aid in the effort.

2007 fees

Sakkie must decide on fees for 2007.

When the fees for 2007 are communicated to the members, they should be asked to give contact details when renewing their membership.

Next meeting

The next council meeting will be held over MSN at 19:30 on 9 Jan 2007.


Meeting adjourned.