SAGA council minutes 29 May 2008

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  • André Connell
  • Chris Welsh
  • Ben Gale
  • Andries Kruger

Allocation of Pair Go Tickets for WMSG

  • Carle Joubert was chosen as the female beneficiary of the ticket to WMSG. No criterion such as tournament performance was deemed necessary for her selection as she is by far the strongest and most active female player.
  • The criterion for selection of the male beneficiary was chosen by those present, excluding Ben. The results of SA closed 2007 were used, to be consistent with the criterion that qualified the beneficiary of the sponsored ticket to the Individual event.
  • It was agreed that for future events, these selection criteria should be decided in advance.

Request for funding to bring Soweto players to Jhb sometimes

  • Welile’s request for SAGA funding to come to the club was rejected.

Maintenance of SAGA mailing list

  • It was decided that non-SAGA members do not need to be removed from the mailing list as this enhances transparency, and that only people that requested removal would be removed.

Tie breakers in SA tournaments

  • Nobody was sure about exactly how these tie breakers work.
  • Therefore we agreed to discuss the matter again at a later stage.

Decision on an incentive such as fee reduction for council members

  • The idea of having any form of incentive for council members was rejected.