SAGA council minutes 17 January 2006

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  • Konrad Scheffler
  • Victor Chow
  • Sakkie Buys
  • Reinhardt Messerschmidt
  • David Richfield


  • Julius Paulu

Acceptance of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted with the following correction:

Sakkie will not follow up on the old SAGA website. Instead, David will find out how to access the old website in order to add a link to the new website.

Confirmation of portfolios

  • President: Konrad
  • Treasurer: Sakkie
  • Membership Secretary: Reinhardt
  • Secretary: David
  • Members without portfolio: Victor, Julius

Council terms

  • 3 year term: Konrad, Sakkie
  • 2 year term: Julius, David
  • 1 year term: Victor, Reinhardt

Mailing list

SAGA council mailing list ( to be made available for ordinary members to read, but not to post. Victor maintains that ordinary members should be allowed to post as well, as a means of raising grievances. Konrad and David feel that members who want to raise grievances can mail the council members individually.

Tournament schedule

SAGA will organise a pair go championship in 2006, with date and details to be determined (contact Victor Chow for enquiries and/or suggestions). The dates for all other SAGA events for 2006 have been finalised. The full go calendar for 2006 (including the main non-SAGA events) is as follows:

Johannesburg Open 11-12 Feb (to be confirmed)
SA Open/African Oza 24-26 Feb
First Quarter SA Internet Championship 18 March
Cape Town Open 1 or 2 April
Pretoria Open ? (previously held in mid-May)
Second Quarter SA Internet Championship 24 Jun
Candidates 22-23 July; back-up dates: 29-30 July
WCape/Gauteng team match to be confirmed; 1 Aug has been proposed
Stellenbosch Open 12 Aug
Third Quarter SA Internet Championship 2 Sep
Contenders 23-25 Sep
WC Closed league 14-15 October
Fourth Quarter SA Internet Championship 25 Nov

The forthcoming Johannesburg and Cape Town Opens will, along with the 2005 Stellenbosch Open, be qualifiers for the South African Championships (Candidates and Contenders tournaments). We would like to remind all all other clubs that they are invited to host open championships before the end of May, which would also be qualifiers (see for requirements).

Sakkie has asked the gauteng clubs to select recipients of sponsored tickets for SA Open

WAGC points

The SAGA council has unanimously approved the following changes to the WAGC points system:

  1. Maximum number of participation points reduced from 2000 to 1000; no change to number of points awarded per game or classification of different game types.
  2. Placement points up to a maximum of 250 awarded to each of the 4 SAGA internet tournaments, with the number of points for specific places as below. (These values were calculated using the same scale as for the SA Championship, with each value rounded to the nearest multiple of 5.)
    1st 250
    2nd 210
    3rd 170
    4th 145
    5th 120
    6th 90
    7th 80
    8th 65
    9th 55
    10th-12th 30
    13-16th 15
    rest 5

    Ties to be broken using SOS and SOSOS.

    Note that the maximum number of points available if changes 1 and 2 are implemented remains 4000 - this means that existing points retain their current value and the points subtraction system does not have to be adjusted.

  3. Placement points for the SA Championship awarded as at present, except share points awarded in case of ties instead of applying tiebreaks.
  4. Points subtracted on representing South Africa to be no more than twice the maximum number of points available. I.e. if the number of points to be subtracted according to the current formula is more than 8000, only 8000 points are subtracted.
  5. If the South African representative at an international tournament wins that tournament, s/he is automatically offered the chance to defend the title the next time that tournament is held, irrespective of his/her credit points at that moment. Credit points for such representation will be subtracted as usual.

Pair go tournament

To determine the South African representative to the world Pair-go Championships, a knock-out championship will be held, with regional seeding to minimize the number of internet matches needed. A points system has not yet been put into place, and will be reconsidered next year.

Participation points for teaching

There is support for this idea, but it was deferred to the next meeting. To be discussed via e-mail in the meantime.


Victor proposes to scrap the constitution completely. The proposal received no support from the other council members.

Magazine purchase

The regions must decide for themselves whether to spend regional funds on the purchase of magazines.

Western Cape Go Council

The issue is not completely resolved, and will be addressed via e-mail.

Next meeting

4 April at 19:30 over MSN