SAGA council agenda 3 October 2011

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Agenda for SAGA Council Meeting to be held on Google Talk on 3/10/2011 @ 19h15

Previous agenda

Verify quorum

[From constitution: 5.12 A quorum shall consist of four members, of whom one must be an Officer, and at least two of the other three must have been elected.]

Adoption of minutes of previous meetings

The draft minutes of the meeting of 18/7/2011 are available on the website and the council members have been informed.

Date of next meeting

Please check availability of the evenings of 16, 23, and 30 January 2012, and let Steve know in advance which of those evenings don't suit you.

Portfolio reports


Membership secretary


Reports on completed items from previous meetings

Reports on new completed items

408: WMSG

Pending since at least 15/10/2008

Action item for Steve: Draft a proposal for consideration by the council.

Agenda item 4.11 replaces this.

4.11: Selection system for WMSG

Pending since 18/7/11

Action item for Steve and Francois. (Note that this is essentially a duplicate of item 408).

An invitation to consultation was issued, and the only person who opted to participate was Chris Welsh. After discussions between Steve and Francois, Steve proposed the following approach, which was accepted without change by Francois and Chris: WMSG_Representation#Final_proposal_.28pending_SAGA_Council_approval.29

Unresolved items from previous meetings

1208: SAGA's strategy and financial planning

Pending since at least 15/10/2008

Action item for David: draft a strategy document for SAGA.

509: Maintenance of membership list

Pending since 1/4/2009

Action items for Paul, David

909: Soweto initiative

Pending since 15/7/2009

Action item for David

110: African Qualifiers for World Pair Go Championship

Pending since 13/1/2010

Action item for John: draft a suitable letter for future representatives

410: Communication from Victor Chow, 7 May 2010

Pending since 19/7/2010

Action item for John.

810: Inter-country tournaments

Pending since 25/10/2010

Action item for Francois.

910: Liaison with cultural divisions

Pending since 25/10/2010

Action item for David.

1.11: Letter to European Go Federation

Pending since 16/5/11

Action item for David.

2.11: Email from Yuki Shigeno

Pending since 16/5/11

Action item for Francois.

3.11: Access to bank accounts and investments

Pending since 18/7/11

Action item for John.

5.11: Policy for SA Closed flights

Pending since 18/7/11

Action item for Francois regarding 2011 Contenders'.

We need to discuss how to handle flights for future editions of the SA Closed: this involves evaluating the sustainability/desirability of the current system, and how to modify it to ensure sustainability. To make these decisions, we need clarity on our financial position.

New items

6.11: South African Rengo Tournament

Francois van Niekerk would like to discuss a South African Rengo Tournament.

7.11: Southern Hemisphere representation at SportAccord World Mind Games

See emails to the SAGACouncil mailing list around 16-19 September 2011 with subject "The SportAccord World Mind Games online tournament" for context.

[Please let Steve know of anything more so he can update the agenda.]