SAGA council agenda 1 April 2009

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Agenda for SAGA Council Meeting to be held on MSN on 1/4/2009 @ 19h15

Previous agenda

Verify quorum

[From constitution: 5.12 A quorum shall consist of four members, of whom one must be an Officer, and at least two of the other three must have been elected.]

Adoption of minutes of previous meetings

The draft minutes of the meeting of 11/2/2009 were emailed to the SAGACouncil mailing list, and are available on the website.

Date of next meeting

Please check availability of the evenings of 13/5, 20/5 and 27/5, and let Steve know in advance if one of those evenings doesn't suit you.

[Generally, everyone can make Wednesdays, except Andrew, who occasionally is not available on Wednesdays.]

Reports on completed items from previous meetings

Unresolved items from previous meetings

308: Bank signatories

Andre is supposed to be confirmed as a signatory on the SAGA bank accounts. Ben has sent him a letter for the bank. Andre must get the paperwork sorted out at the bank. Action item for Andre

408: WMSG

Action item for Chris: Chris to call for comments on his proposals on the wiki again, with a deadline. After the deadline, Chris to draft a proposal for consideration by the council.

1008: Jaco Swanepoel's money owing

Action item for Steve: Followup with Sakkie re: outstanding amount owed by Jaco.

1208: SAGA's strategy and financial planning

Action item for Chris: draft a strategy document for SAGA.

1408: Letter regarding qualification for World Oza

Action item for Steve: Set up a letterhead, send out letters to other associations, gather responses, and followup with Nihon Ki-in.

1508: Commemoration of Julius Paulu

Action item for Andre: followup with Sakkie on permission of secret prize sponsor, and if there is one. Update: Andre has been referred to Paul Edwards.

1608: WMSG Admin fees

Action item for Steve: followup with Ben/Carle on whether Carle's dad has reimbursed full amount from JPGA. Ben says it seems Carle's dad has repaid everything minus his costs. Action item for Ben: followup with WMSG participants on reimbursing SAGA for admin fees.

New items

409: Resolution of credit point errors

The following proposal was circulated to the mailing list for voting:

(a) consider SAGA as having paid the memberships of Soweto players for 2007 SA Open (where names are available) and SA Closed (notably Welile and Julius). Update the membership lists, and recalculate the points for the end of 2007. Also ensure the appropriate membership fees have been paid from the development fund.

(b) As a result, Welile should have been invited to the KPMC, but wasn't. To address this, Welile should be given an opportunity to represent South Africa as soon as possible.

(c) Consider SAGA as having paid the memberships of Soweto players for 2008 SA Closed out of the development fund (i.e. Welile and Sipho).

(d) Request non-members who participated in SAGA Internet tournaments to pay their 2008 membership. If they do not pay, remove them from the results of the internet tournament (and shift everyone below them up). If they pay, treat them as members for the 2008 credit point calculation.

(e) Since we are accepting some retroactive payments, do a call for 2008 membership fees for those players who would still like to get their credit points for 2008. Give players 2 weeks to make such payments. This change should not affect the top 5 positions, probably more, by my calculations.

(f) Make it clear that in future, SAGA is not subsidising SAGA membership for Soweto players at the SA Open (membership is not required), but we are for the SA Closed.

(g) Due to the tight deadline for this year's WAGC, Victor and Ben have already had to make decisions about whether to attend the WAGC or not. Victor's decision is based on the understanding he will be able to attend the KPMC later this year, and Ben's, to an extent, that if Victor attends KPMC, he will get first choice next year. As such, giving Welile the choice to attend the KPMC this year will disrupt the planning and decisions made by other potential representatives this year. As such, we suggest treating Welile as if he has the second highest score at the end of 2009, if his actual number of points is lower than the second-highest placed player: i.e. he will probably be given the opportunity to accept or decline a single tournament in 2010, and if he declines this opportunity, he will revert to having to contend on the credit point list as before.

Current votes: accept: Steve, Chris, Andrew; decline: (none); abstain: Ben

509: Contact details of SAGA members

Steve proposes that the new membership secretary set up a spreadsheet or database of details of our members, including email addresses, and telephone numbers. The membership secretary should also maintain a mailing list for announcements that must go to all SAGA members (the current SAGA mailing list includes non-members, and does not always include new members), as well as investigate options such as bulkSMS for sending announcements to players without access to email.


[None as yet.]

Matters arising

SAGA Address

Correction of notice in minutes of 15 October 2008. SAGA's address is still PO Box 561, Parklands, 2121. The confusion is that Konrad sometimes receives mail for attention of the president, from people who used his home address during his term as president. Sakkie Buys has the key to the PO Box, and has indicated he will give it to Andre when he has completed the financial statements for 2008.

[Please let Steve know of anything more so he can update the agenda.]