SAGA council agenda 13 January 2014

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Agenda for SAGA Council Meeting to be held on Google Talk on 13/1/2014 @ 20h00

Previous agenda

Verify quorum

[From constitution: 5.12 A quorum shall consist of four members, of whom one must be an Officer, and at least two of the other three must have been elected.]


[Please let the secretary know if you can't attend the meeting.]

Adoption of minutes of previous meetings

The draft minutes of the meeting of 7/10/2013 are available on the website and the council members have been informed.

Date of next meeting

Please check availability of the evening of 5 May 2014, and let Steve know in advance if it does not suit you.

Reports on completed items

See the SAGA Council agenda items archive for details on each item

4.13: SAGA Facebook page

6.13: Submit overdue tax returns to SARS

Status reports on portfolio responsibilities

Please see your portfolio at , and be ready to report on issues resolved and outstanding




Membership secretary



Unresolved items from previous meetings

See details at SAGA Council action items

1208: SAGA's strategy and financial planning

Pending since at least 15/10/2008

509: Maintenance of membership list

Pending since 1/4/2009

909: Soweto initiative

Pending since 15/7/2009

110: African Qualifiers for World Pair Go Championship

Pending since 13/1/2010

810: Inter-country tournaments

Pending since 25/10/2010

910: Liaison with cultural divisions

Pending since 25/10/2010

1.11: Letter to European Go Federation

Pending since 16/5/11

3.11: Access to bank accounts and investments

Pending since 18/7/11

5.11: Policy for SA Closed flights

Pending since 18/7/11

7.11: Southern Hemisphere representation at SportAccord World Mind Games

Pending since 3/10/2011

1.12: African Oza Floating trophy

Pending since 16/1/2012

1.13: Selection mechanism for SA Closed participants

Pending since 15/7/2013

3.13: Registering SAGA as an NPO

Pending since 24/9/2013

Other unresolved items (unnumbered)

Liaise with Welile re Soweto Open

Allocated to Ben Gale and David Richfield - Steve is to reassign

Complete Tournament rules and how-to documents

Allocated to: Francois van Niekerk

Update trophy engraving

Allocated to: Francois van Niekerk. Last known situation was that he would liaise with Paul Edwards to get Paul (Steyn/Edwards?) the names he needs to get trophy engraving up to date.

Follow up on the status of Joburg and Pretoria Opens

Allocated to: Francois van Niekerk

Set up a system for co-ordinating bulk orders of luxury equipment and advanced books, and revise the price list, possibly with a greater margin for non-SAGA members

Allocated to: John Leuner

Treasurer to resolve/settle outstanding debtors and creditors in SAGA financial statements

Allocated to: John Leuner

Resolve Ben's situation and impact on his action items (and re-allocate them)

Allocated to: Steve Kroon. Emailed Ben to find out situation 2 September. Ben has replied.

Make a plan for managing access to SAGA shared Google Drive folder; also, allocate responsibility for access maintenance

Allocated to: Steve Kroon. Gave current council members access; meanwhile security risk because owner is an individual, not a portfolio

New items

5.13: Funding for Soweto Go

Pending since 17/10/2013

No. 7.13: Proposed constitution change from Rory Shea

Pending since 20/12/2013

[Please let Steve know of anything more so he can update the agenda.]

Matters arising