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Rough timeline

(Excluding most tournaments)

  • Jan: finalize previous year's membership (clear KGS renewal request); calculate credit points; select WAGC and KPMC reps; mem sec sends members' email list to AGA
  • Jan-Mar: council meeting; prepare financial statements, president's report, treasurer's report
  • Feb: Announce AGM and call for nominations (8 weeks before)
  • Mar: Council nominations close (6 weeks before); circulate president's report, treasurer's report, financial statements, and nominee details for AGM; verify deadline for next tax return and ensure done at appropriate time
  • Apr: 2nd quarter inet tourney and AGM
  • Apr: President to brief WAGC representative on SAGA's stance on agenda items for IGF AGM
  • Apr-Jun: council meeting (shortly after AGM)
  • Jun: Obtain report-back and info on IGF AGM from WAGC representative
  • Jul-Sep: council meeting
  • Aug: determine membership levels for next year (i.e. cost of membership)
  • Sep: Set up proposed tournament schedule for the next year in time for 4th quarter council meeting.
  • Oct: release provisional credit points after SA Closed
  • Oct: membership secretary to call for membership renewals for next year (website, mailing lists, previous year's members, KGS SA Room), and arrange a subs week for club fee collection
  • Oct-Dec: council meeting
  • Dec: membership secretary to make another call for renewals


Preparation of President’s report for AGM

Things to touch on:

  • Major activities in the year
  • Major council activities and decisions
  • International representatives
  • Liaison with international bodies
  • Other developments in SA Go

Add more...


Managing SAGA’s financial affairs

This involves, at least, reconciling bank statements, monitoring membership receipts, other regular annual payments, and purchases and sales of books/stock. SAGA's finances are further divided into a number of funds which need to be individually reconciled.

Each year, the treasurer needs to set up SAGA's financial statements for circulation before the AGM (which should happen before the end of April).

Managing SAGA’s book and equipment stock

This involves keeping thorough records of purchase and sales of stock, for the treasurer as well as any representatives who hold stock on behalf of SAGA. This should also be reconciled when the financial statements are set up.

Preparation of Treasurer’s report for AGM

This consists primarily of highlights from the financial statements, with an interpretation of SAGA's financial health, growth/decline over the past year, and challenges for the next year. The report needs to be circulated before the AGM, which should happen before the end of April.


Issue reminder of membership fees due

This reminder should be sent out in October of the previous year. As such, the subs for the next year should be set by then. The secretary should consult with the Treasurer in August about the levels of membership fees for the next year. When membership fee levels for the next year are selected, update membership costs on the SAGA page.

AGM Meeting cycle

  • Followup with president and treasurer about reports and financial statements. Circulate these before the meeting, preferably with the notice (about a month before the notice)
  • Set up agenda for AGM (check notes on proposed agenda collected during year)
  • Put out notice of AGM with agenda and call for nominations at least 8 weeks before meeting - send email to all SAGA members as well. Deadline for nominations is 6 weeks before meeting.
  • Hold meeting
  • Sort out portfolios, and inform new members of next council meeting date. Update council page on website after portfolios and terms are finalized. (Also allocate responsibilities not tied to portfolios). Also update council mailing list and email forwarders.
  • Set up minutes of AGM and put on website (responsibility of outgoing secretary)
  • Post on website/email to mailing list that minutes are available, and new council members and portfolios are on the website

Council meeting cycle

  • Add meeting to SAGoClubs calendar (and invite council members)
  • Keep action items and action items archive up to date (including rescheduling waiting items as appropriate)
  • Set up agenda on wiki (item numbering is ##.yy, where yy are last two digits of the year, and ## increases for each new item - so items for 2011 are numbered 1.11, 2.11, 3.11... in order of addition to the agenda), and update council meeting page on wiki [2Q meeting should be shortly after AGM]
  • Put out notice of meeting on SAGACouncil mailing list 4-5 weeks before meeting
  • Keep agenda on website up to date with new items and additional information
  • Send out meeting reminder 1 week before
  • Send out meeting reminder 1 day before/earlier on the day of the meeting
  • Hold meeting, and save transcript (arrange for someone else to keep a transcript in case your connection is lost) - take as many items as read as possible, and request feedback on agenda items in advance
  • Spawn meeting cycle for next meeting
  • Set up minutes from transcript, protect agenda and minutes wiki pages, and update council meeting and agenda items archive pages on wiki
  • Email SAGACouncil mailing list that minutes are available
  • Update action items (and archive) from minutes
  • Send mail to SAGACouncil mailing list that action items are available

Membership secretary

Calculating credit points

This council member should regularly monitor the SAGA membership page to ensure it is being kept up to date by the treasurer and secretary, and to follow up on members where there are problems with the processing. He should also prepare a final membership list as soon as possible after the end of the year. This list is needed to calculate the credit points. He should also issue ensure all club's games for the previous year are recorded on the ranking system as soon as possible. Then he must obtain tournament results for the SA Open, the SA Closed and its qualifiers, as well as the internet tournaments, This data can then be used to calculate the credit points for the year. This should be published as soon as possible, with a deadline for objections. The balances are typically needed by mid-January to determine the representative for the WAGC.

Provisional results should be released:

  • middle of the year (after first 2 internet tournaments)
  • as soon as possible after completion of the SA Closed
  • as soon as possible after the end of the year (points are usually needed in January)

Contact details

The membership secretary should keep a register of past and present members, with contact details as far as possible. This register should preferably be accessible to council members on-line, but not to all members. Ideally, he should also ensure all new SAGA members are added to the SAGA mailing list, and have a system in-place for communicating announcements to members without email access.


See SA Closed Qualification system proposal 2007 - still not officially approved.

Please detail the activities involved in running:

  1. SA Closed qualifiers (CT Open, Stb open, etc)
  2. SA Open (and call for hosts)
  3. African Oza
  4. Candidates
  5. Contenders
  6. Internet tournaments
  • Setting up annual tournament schedule - the draft schedule should be available before the last council meeting of the year. When scheduling, consider avoiding: school (and university) holidays; major sporting events (finals of large competitions; matches involving national teams, etc.; long weekends (except for the SA Contenders)
  • Maintain tournament pages on website, and post results of tournaments to mailing list/website
  • Ensuring games from tournaments (including international tournaments) are entered into the ranking system

Processing new memberships

There are two possibilities for the first stage of the process:

(A) A member pays directly into the SAGA account (preferred)

  1. The member emails a proof of payment to both the membership secretary ( and the treasurer (
  2. The membership secretary and treasurer check that both of them received the email, and forward as necessary, if not.
  3. The membership secretary then immediately updates the membership spreadsheet and list on the website, indicating these details, and noting that confirmation is pending.

(B) Membership fees are paid to a local SAGA representative.

  1. In this case, the recipient emails the membership secretary ( with the name, date, and amount received as soon as possible. (In the case of new members, contact details for the new member should also be included).
  2. The membership secretary then immediately updates the membership spreadsheet and list on the website, indicating these details, and noting that confirmation is pending.
  3. The recipient then transfers the money to the SAGA account, and emails the same details and a proof of payment to the treasurer (

From here on, the process is the same for everyone:

  1. When the treasurer receives SAGA's bank statements, he verifies the payments, and emails confirmation to the membership secretary.
  2. The membership secretary updates the spreadsheet and website, noting that the membership is confirmed.

Reporting new constitutions to SARS

From Ben Gale: A while back, I asked SARS by email where we should send a constitution, and received the following reply:

Good day

It is required that a signed amended constitution can be forwarded to the following:

• By post to the TEU (Tax Exemption Unit) address provided PO Box 11955 Hatfield 0028


•Drop it off at a SARS branch or the TEU office which is located at: 1st Floor Land Bank Building 271 Veale Street Nieuw Muckleneuk 0181

Please note: If the return is not signed it will be returned and regarded as not having been received.

Thank you