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TODO: Add historical information on previous agenda items and decisions

No 1.11: Letter to European Go Federation

Pre-April 2013: President to drive letter to EGF about including Africa

7 October 2013: Chris reported he had met some people from the EGF at the WAGC, and hoped to contact them soon.

17 October 2013: Steve has spoken to Martin Stiassny, President of the EGF, who seemed amenable to the idea of an EMEAGF, or something like it. He awaits our letter.

9 December 2013: Chris sent out an updated draft for comment. Steve indicated he was happy.

13 January 2014: Chris reported he has drafted the letter. There was a discussion about the appropriate format for it. It was agreed to send it as a pdf email attachment.

23 March 2014: Chris sent the letter.

No. 2.13

Context for this agenda item in this email by Chris Welsh

"I believe we need to discuss the low turnouts at the quarterly Internet tournaments. It may be useful for everyone to think about this item before the meeting."

15 July 2013: Various options were discussed, but no conclusion was reached. It was accepted to mark this as done. Alternatives can be considered by email, and a new agenda item created when a more complete proposal is available.

No. 4.13: SAGA Facebook page

7 October 2013: Chris raised the possibility of creating a SAGA Facebook page. Pros and cons were discussed, but no concrete decision was made. An important consideration was to find out if we could provide content to keep the page updated. Steve is to investigate feasibility of exporting Wordpress posts into a Facebook page - Francois suggested Chris is to drive rest of discussion and decision by email.

12 December 2013: A page has been created on Facebook.

13 January 2013: Steve has enabled a while ago, and the content is being successfully fed to Facebook.

No. 6.13 - Submit overdue tax returns to SARS

13 November 2013: Our status as a public benefit organization is dependent on regular submissions of tax returns to SARS. However, we have not submitted tax returns to SARS since 2009.

27 November 2013: John reported he'd submitted the returns for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Steve emailed to ask when 2013 is due, John replied he wasn't sure, Steve emailed asking for confirmation essentially that it wasn't already due. John confirmed it was not to the best of his knowledge. Steve emailed back asking for more clarification about dates.

12 December 2013: Steve spoke with SARS, and verified all outstanding returns have been submitted.

Resolve Ben's situation and impact on his action items (and re-allocate them)

7 October 2013: Ben has indicated he is happy to be replaced on the council, since he doesn't feel he can contribute meaningfully. Steve suggested we discuss with other SAGA members at the clubs whether they are willing to serve as co-opted members.

8 October 2013: Andre Connell has indicated he might be willing to serve on the council.

12 December 2013: Ben is involved with SAGA's NPO application and supporting the Soweto club. Steve has indicated to Andre his services are not currently needed.

13 January 2014: Steve reported he had emailed Ben to find out situation 2 September. Ben has replied, indicating he is willing to carry on on the council if everyone is happy. No objections were raised at the council meeting, so marking this item resolved.

13 January 2014: Steve sent email out to council asking if anyone felt Ben needs to be replaced. No-one indicated this, so Ben will stay on the council.

Make a plan for managing access to SAGA shared Google Drive folder; also, allocate responsibility for access maintenance

7 October 2013: Steve reported that access to the council members has been granted; he intends creating a Google account using the SAGA secretary's email address and sharing the shared Google Docs folder from there, to resolve the security risk that currently the shared folder is not owned by a council member.

13 January 2014: Steve created a Google account for, shared the folder with it, and made it owner of the files he owned. Also emailed David Richfield and Paul Steyn to transfer ownership of their files and the folder. Paul transferred ownership.

13 January 2014: Steve reported that we are waiting for Paul and David to transfer ownership of various documents - Paul transferred ownership during the meeting; maintaining access to the appropriate people has been assigned to the role of secretary.

15 January 2014: David transferred ownership of the folder, Steve made copies of files he couldn't transfer with the right permissions. Steve allocated maintaining access to the secretary portfolio.

Liaise with Welile re Soweto Open

Allocated to Ben Gale and David Richfield - Steve is to reassign.

7 October 2013: This was reassigned to Francois, who is to try to get the Soweto players to drive the arrangements.

13 January 2014: Francois reported there had been no progress on this item. Item is to be removed, since it related to the 2013 Soweto Open.

Follow up on the status of Joburg and Pretoria Opens

John reported he is trying to organize a Joburg Open in 2013; a Pretoria Open is unlikely to happen in 2013. Francois to liaise with John.

13 January 2014: Francois reported a Joburg Open happened in 2013. Marking this as completed.

No. 509: Maintenance of membership list

Pre-April 2013: Membership portfolio to set up an easily maintainable spreadsheet/database of member details, including email addresses and telephone numbers. Also set up a mailing list for announcements that must go to all SAGA members (the current SAGA mailing list includes non-members, and does not always include new members). [Set up a strategy for communicating important announcements to all SAGA members: one simple idea is to have contact people for various clubs who can take announcements to clubs for people without email access.] After further discussion, the action items currently are: a) add/update members' details on Google Docs as far as possible; b) follow up on bulk SMS solutions for sending announcements to players without access to email (update: David says this is possible, but not very cost-efficient); and c) talk to Chris Welsh about a longer-term solution with David Richfield (including the pros and cons of using Flash) - start a wiki page to discuss features of such a solution. (Paul did start a wiki page about this). Membership portfolio to get membership information spreadsheet on SAGoClubs website and Google Docs up to date. Update: SAGoClubs website up to date. Membership portfolio to liaise with Chris, David and Steve about a more automated long-term membership system.

29 April 2013: Paul indicated that the membership list was now up to date on the website and Google docs, with the latter also now containing some information on region/club information about members. Paul asked if anyone had information on the content/purpose of David Richfield's "SAGA Players List" on Google docs - no one did, so Paul is to contact David to find out. Paul also intends to make two spreadsheets with contact details (one for all players, other for current SAGA members). It was also suggested that simple spreadsheets were sufficient for our current membership size, rather than developing a more complex system - it was decided that Paul would initiate an email discussion about the way forward for this point.

15 July 2013: Paul has put a document with contact details on the shared SAGA folder on Google Drive, although some details need to be verified/confirmed. No other progress was reported. He still needs to send out an email to discuss the wanted features of a membership database. There is already a wiki page he put up about this a while back, so he'll put a link in the mail. Paul foresees problems keeping contact details up to date in the current format, details on this should also be in the email he sends out.

7 October 2013: Paul reported he is trying to get stuff on Google Docs sorted out; will follow up on other aspects once that is done.

13 January 2014: Paul reported he has moved all the data regarding membership and contact lists off his hard drive and onto Google Docs. There is some duplication, but he would like to keep it this way for a bit, to see how it works in practice. If it does not work well, there are APIs for connecting to Google Docs, so maybe a simple interface can be built using the Google Docs as a database, keeping things easily accessible, but cutting down on duplication of effort (and possible mistakes). It is not clear if the initial work will be justified to obtain a lower-effort long-term system.

23 October 2014: No intention to change anything.

22 January 2015: Close

No. 110: African Qualifiers for World Pair Go Championship

Pre-April 2013: Treasurer to draft a letter for future SA representatives requesting (anonymous) donations to help cover IGF membership fees. (David inherited from Chris, transferred to John 18/7/2011).

7 October 2013: There was confusion about the original intention and motivation for this letter. Steve is to dig up the old discussion so that we can decide whether we should move forward or abandon this idea.

13 January 2014: Steve sent information to council mailing list for John's attention.

13 January 2014: Steve reported he sent information on to John earlier in the day, so John has not had time to take further action.

14 July 2014: No progress.

23 October 2014: Chris felt we should close this item. We agreed to defer, and John would research this item.

22 January 2015: Paul suggested the following text: "SAGA requests that players consider donating a portion of any winnings or moneys to SAGA for facilitating your participation in this event". The action item can now be archived.

No. 810: Inter-country tournaments

Tournament portfolio to contact Victor Chow about taking the leadership of an inter-country tournament - see the email from Victor Chow to the SAGACouncil mailing list of 12 October 2010. (Transferred from David to Francois 18/7/2011.)

13 January 2014: Francois reported there had been no progress on this item. There was some discussion about which countries to approach.

14 July 2014: No progress.

23 October 2014: Chris suggested we close this item now that we have Pandanet. He resolved to liaise with Victor and Francois in this regard.

22 January 2015: Victor and Francois agreed that we could close this item

No. 7.13: Proposed constitution change from Rory Shea

Rory Shea writes: "[For clause] 4.1 Why not let SAGO or elected council members determine the SAGO membership fee rather than having to have a ballot about it. They are elected or choose to serve so let them make the decision about it. I think that would make it easier and more flexible.

Steve to circulate for council to make a decision.

21 Dec 2013: Steve sent out email for discussion.

13 January 2014: This proposal has been scheduled to be considered at the AGM.

14 July 2014: Still awaiting approval from SARS

23 October 2014: No progress

22 January 2015: Close

3.xx Set up a system for co-ordinating bulk orders of luxury equipment and advanced books, and revise the price list, possibly with a greater margin for non-SAGA members

John reported that he intends not to set up such a system, but do a bulk order with Kiseido, and update the price list.

13 January 2014: John reported that he intends to follow up on a bulk order once he has access to the investment accounts.

14 July 2014: No progress.

23 October 2014: John suggested we scrap this item, which was agreed.

22 January 2015: Close

4.xx Treasurer to resolve/settle outstanding debtors and creditors in SAGA financial statements

7 October 2013: John reported no progress on this item - he will follow up on it.

8 October 2013: John sent out an email, and Steve contacted some of the people.

18 October 2013: Steve replied to a query by Lloyd; Lloyd replied.

12 Dec 2013: Steve and John sent various emails the past while, and the status of all but 2 of these have been resolved - they are to be actioned on the financials, and the last 2 must still be resolved.

13 January 2014: Most of these amounts have now been settled. There are some small outstanding amounts which will be carried on the books for a while.

15 Jan 2014: Steve noted there are other outstanding debtors and creditors that also haven't been resolved. Reconsider once financial statements for 2013 are finalized.

14 July 2014: No progress.

23 October 2014: John indicated that all debtors and creditors had been resolved, and that this item could be archived

22 January 2015: Close

No. 3.13: Registering SAGA as an NPO

Ben Gale has submitted information to the council on the steps required to register SAGA as an NPO - see his email to the council mailing list in thread "[Sagacouncil] About the registration of SAGA [7 Attachments]" on 24 September 2013. We need to decide how to move forward from the proposal. [Additional background in the email thread "Re: [Sagacouncil] About the registration of SAGA"]

7 October 2013: Various pros and cons were considered. It was decided that in principle this is a good idea, but we need someone willing to drive getting this done and ensuring we meet initial reporting requirements (including arranging an accounting officer). Steve is to contact Ben to find out if he's willing to take the reins on this.

17 October 2013: Steve - "At the KPMC, I spoke to Ben, who has indicated he'd be willing to drive this. Andy Okun, President of the AGA, also suggested we look into fiscal agency - someone who is already registered as a NPO, and can accept donations on our behalf in a tax-deductible way. This is common practice in the USA, but I'm not sure if it's a possibility in SA."

17 October 2013: Arnold Wentzel emailed: "I spoke to someone who runs an NGO, and he said for donations to be tax-deductible, one has to register as a PBO (public benefit organisation) with SARS as well. He assured me it is not a complicated process." So it's not quite clear how NGO, NPO, and PBO interact, and which ones we need to be registered as? After Steve emailed a query, Arnold replied "This guy told me that donations to an NPO are not necessarily tax-deductible, while those to a PBO are. I’m not sure if this is true, but he does run an NGO which depends on donations, so it might be something to check out with a tax expert."

12 December 2013: Over the past while, proposed constitution changes have been emailed back and forth. The first phase is to get the changes approved.

13 January 2014: Steve reported this is waiting on the constitution changes Ben and he are working on.

31 March 2014: In the past 3 months, the constitution changes have been accepted, and the new constitution sent to the Tax Exempt Unit at SARS by Chris.

14 July 2014: A new change has been submitted to the TEU.

23 October 2014: No progress

22 January 2015: Approved! Chris needs to document the NPO procedures, and publish the constitution on the website.

1 June 2015: Move outstanding items to another action item and close this item

No. 5.13: Funding for Soweto Go

17 October 2013: Steve Kroon sent out an email suggesting sending a funding proposal for Soweto Go to major Go organizations, and requested Ben Gale to drive it. Ben agreed to drive this based on extending an earlier draft proposal written and edited by Arnold Wentzel, himself, and Tristan Taylor.

18 October 2013: Victor Chow sent an email with some suggestions for alternate avenues to investigate; Steve emailed Ben asking him to liaise with Victor on this front.

20 October 2013: Ben sent the (draft?) proposal to the council mailing list, including to Victor.

13 January 2014: Steve reported there has been no update from Ben.

14 July 2014: No progress.

23 October 2014: No progress

22 January 2015: No progress

1 June 2015: Suspend

No. 1.14: Increased bank fees

Investigate a way of reducing our bank fees, which have increased considerably since 2013.

14 July 2014: John to find out more about Nedbank fees.

23 October 2014: No progress

22 January 2015: John did some research, but was not able to find a viable alternative

1 June 2015: Suspend

No 1.15: Establish whether residents (non-citizens) can play in European events

We were invited to send a South African player to the European Women's championship, and we wanted to know whether Aki could play. Andrew to research

1 June 2015: Andrew says no. Close item.

No 2.15: Transition away from KGS for South African Tournament Events

A number of players are unable or unwilling to play on KGS. Chris suggested OGS as an alternative. Chris to drive this transition

1 June 2015: satisfactory transition.