President report 2015

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President Report 2015

SAGA Council Matters

Our application to become a Non-Profit Organisation was successful. We have been informed by email and have been promised the official documents.

EGF observer membership

South Africa was accepted as an observer member by the European Go Federation.

As observer members, we are not able to vote on EGF matters, nor able to submit South African candidates as potential European representatives in international events, but this still represents a fantastic opportunity to us.

We are now able to participate in some European tournaments, such as the Pandanent Go European Team Championship event, and we can consider using the European Go database to capture our games.

This has also generated considerable interest in South African Go within the European community - for example, we have been asked to consider holding a Go congress. The EGF have offered assistance with planning, officials and predict a reasonable number of players would attend.

At some future point we may consider requesting full EGF membership.

Iwamoto Awards

South Africa were invited to provide a member of the jury for the Iwamoto Awards, and Chris Welsh has accepted the position. The aim is to reward people for promoting Go and there are 2000 Euros worth of prizes to be won.

We should consider submitting some of our outreach efforts, especially those of Paul and Arnold.

Outreach and cultural events

Our efforts to promote Go have dropped a bit from the efforts of last year, but there is still reasonable activity.

Activities repeated again for the 2014/2015 year are:

  • Promoting Go at the Korean festival at the Waterfront
  • Promoting Go at the Japan cultural day at the Cape Town Stadium
  • Paul Steyn teaching at Westerford High School and helping set up a go club there
  • Welile Gogotshe continued his Soweto primary school teaching program until the end of 2014. This is on hold at present primarily due to funding and dwindling numbers, but we are hopeful that we can resume the program.

John Leuner represented us at a Japanese cultural event held in Pretoria by the Belgian Ambassador's wife. Primarily Japanese martial arts or Ikebana (flower arranging) were represented. There was also Sumo wrestling, playing the Koto instrument and Kyudo (archery).

Local Tournaments

A new winter league is being introduce this year and will replace two of the quarterly internet tournaments. It is hoped that this will boost on-line games, and so far is encouraging with 18 players registered for the event.

The results of the 2014 South African Closed were

1. Victor Chow 7d – 7 wins
2. Andre Connell 2d – 6 wins
3. Welile Gogotshe 3d – 4 wins
4. John Leuner 3d – 3 wins
5. Sam Scott 3d – 3 wins
6. Andrew Davies 3d – 2 wins
7. Bob Gale 2d – 2 wins
8. Chris Welsh 2d – 1 win

The winners of the quarterly internet tournaments were

Q2 2014: Andrew Davies 
Q3 2014: Andrew Davies 
Q4 2014: Andrew Davies
Q1 2015: Ben Gale 

The 2014 Cape Town open was won by Sam Scott 3d making this was his third consecutive title. Second was Andrew Davies 3d, and third was Lloyd Rubidge 1k.

The 2014 Gauteng Go Open saw participation by players from Pretoria, Joburg and Soweto. The four players finishing with three wins were Welile Gogotshe, Ricardo Kaizer, Musa Diphafe and Thami Mazibuko.

International Tournaments


John Leuner represented South Africa at the 35th World Amateur Go Championship in Gyeongju, South Korea.

He finished in 45th place with three wins and five losses.


Andre Connell represented South Africa at the 9th Korean Prime Ministers Cup in Seoul city, South Korea.

He was placed 36th with two wins out of six, over Mongolia 1d and Luxembourg 3k, and defeats to South Korea 7d, Denmark 4d, Belarus 1d and Sweden 3d.

EGF Pandanet Champs 2014/2015

Our team for this season is Victor Chow, Ben Gale, Andrew Davies, John Leuner, Sam Scott, Andre Connell, Chris Welsh (cpt), Bob Gale, Paul Edwards, Lloyd Rubidge, Paul Steyn.

Our results to date are a little disappointing as we have had several games played below the normal standard of our players. However, we are currently in 2nd place, behind UK, with 2 games to play.

Team results are:

vs Spain :      2-2
vs Cyprus :     4-0
vs Ireland :    3-1 
vs Iceland:     3-1
vs Kazakhstan : 3-1
vs UK :         1-3
vs Croatia :    2-2
vs Greece :     4-0
vs Bulgaria :   4-0
vs Lithuania:   12 May
vs Portugal:    2 June

Andrew Davies, President