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President Report 2014


2014 was a year of outreach. Substantial efforts were made by a number of members to widen our community. Notable items here include:

  • Welile Gogotshe continued his Soweto primary school teaching program. Thanks here in particular to David Richfield, who has continued to subsidize the program (in conjunction with SAGA).
  • Arnold Wentzel has continued to organize Soweto School tournaments. The most recent tournament was on 25 May 2013. Arnold writes "This most recent tournament drew 57 participants from four Soweto primary schools: Ekuphumeleleni, Usindiso, Enkolweni and Thathezakho Primary Schools. The hosting school, Ekuphumeleleni Primary, also won the floating trophy for the second time in a row, taking eight of the ten gold medals."
  • Paul Steyn has done an amazing job in 2013/14:
    • Teaching at Westerford High School and helping set up a go club there
    • Teaching at the Dominican school for the deaf
    • Promoting Go at the Korean festival at the Waterfront
    • Promoting Go at the Japan cultural day at the Cape Town Stadium
  • Andrew Davies set up a teaching program at the Bergvliet adult education program
  • Chris Welsh, with the assistance of a number of other members, set up a Facebook page for SAGA, which has proved very beneficial. A number of members, such as former member Clive Hunt, have contributed pictures and stories.
  • Ben Gale, who is currently residing in South Korea, has procured the donation of some Go equipment from the Korean Baduk Academy.
  • SAGA have made both formal and informal submissions to the European Go Federation requesting closer affiliation of SAGA to the EGF.

Local Tournament Results

  • The results of the 2013 South African Closed were
    • 1. Victor Chow
    • 2 Welile Gogotshe
    • 3 Sam Scott
    • 4 Andre Connell
    • 5 John Leuner
    • 6 Andrew Davies
    • 7 Bob Gale
    • 8 Paul Edwards
  • The winners of the quarterly internet tournaments were
    • Q2 2013: Andrew Davies
    • Q3 2013: Andrew Davies
    • Q4 2013: John Leuner
    • Q1 2014: Andrew Davies
  • The 2013 Cape Town Open was won by Sam Scott
  • The 2013 Cape Town Blitz won by Andrew Davies
  • The 2013 Joburg Blitz won by Nevar Angelo 12k
  • The 2014 Rengo Tournament was won by Victor Chow and Aki Zhou

International Tournament Results

  • Chris Welsh represented South African at the World Amateur Go Championships in Sendai, Japan. He won 3/8 games and placed 44th
  • Steve Kroon represented South African at the Korea Prime Ministers Cup in Gumi, South Korea. He won 2/6 games and placed 47th
  • Victor “RoseDuke” Chow won the 18th Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament (also the 2013 SportAccord-Pandanet Cup Online Go Tournament). This victory earned him an expenses-paid opportunity to observe the World Mind Sports Games in Beijing in December 2013.

Club Instability

  • 2013/14 proved to be an unstable year for both the Cape Town club and the Joburg club. Joburg were affected by renovations, while the Cape Town club was severely affected by the closure of their long time venue, the Touch of Madness Cafe. They spent quite a few months roaming Cape Town to find another venue, but were very pleased when the original venue opened under new management, and are currently back there and very happy.


  • It was with great sadness that the Cape Town Go club heard of the death of long-time member Sally Gross. Sally had a substantial collection of Go books, which she donated to the Cape Town club. Lloyd Rubidge has taken responsibility for managing this library of books for members to borrow.

SAGA Council Matters

  • 2013/14 saw the proposal and acceptance of changes to our constitution, for the first time since 2005. These changes were spearheaded by Ben Gale, with assistance from Steve Kroon and Chris Welsh. The changes were for the purpose of applying to SARS to become a Public Benefits Organization. A successful application will provide significant taxation benefits over and beyond that which we already enjoy as a Non-profit organization. We also took the opportunity to update the constitution with 2014 communication realities, as well as streamlining and simplifying the administration requirements.
  • David Richfield's term as president ended in 2013, and Chris Welsh took over. Steve Kroon's term will be ending in Q1 2014.