Pandanet European Team Championship

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South Africa is now participating in the Pandanet European Team Championship. More information about the event can be found here.


The selection of the team will be made based on the SAGA rankings as at 1 August of the year we are entering. Note that the order of the selected team is important, as that order is fixed for the entire duration of the tournament, and players have to take part according to their relative order within the team - i.e. board one will always be the highest ranked player in the team on the night (based on the initial submitted team). In other words, your rank (and index) on 1 August will impact the level of opponent you meet.

We enter a team of up to 12 players. All players must be South African citizens, and paid-up SAGA members. All players must be able to play on Tuesday evenings, should have a stable Internet connection, and able to connect reliably to IGS. All players must be available via e-mail and telephone. The expectation is that you will respond to emails from the captain promptly. The top 12 players, according to SAGA ranking on 1 August, will be invited to take part, subject to the rules outlined above. If players decline or are otherwise unable to take part, players further down the list will be approached until either 12 players are found, or, at the captain's discretion, a sufficiently large squad less than 12 is reached.