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This is the brother of David Richfield.

He is a member of the AGA, and of the Seattle Go Center ( He is returning to go after a hiatus lasting some ten years, having previously been a member of the pre-reconstitution Stellenbosch Go Club, and having been distracted by a continental move.

His ranking is a matter of global derision and scorn. He is currently working on an AI which will play the game for him because he is too simple-minded to actually play go well, so he's taking the easy route.

He wishes to act as something of a goodwill ambassador between the players of SAGA and AGA, thus commentary and suggestions for trans-global games may be directed at his talk page. This appears to be taking the form of a Team play event with electronically exchanged moves over the course of days.

The Seattle Go Center has a number of dan level players as well as a goodly number of weaker players, and online games would probably be very easy to arrange.