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The Cape Town Go club, under the auspices of the South African Go Association, will host the African leg of the 4th Toyota and Denso World Go Oza Tournament from 9 to 10 February 2008. This international event is held biannually and attracts participants from as far afield as Morrocco, Ivory Coast and Madagascar. The winner will move on to the next stage, in which qualifiers from various continents (including several professional players from countries like Japan, China and Korea) will travel to Japan to compete for the World Oza title and a prize fund of 30 million Yen (about two million Rand). For the tournament, the sponsors have arranged for one of the strongest players in Japan, 9-dan professional Hideki Enda, to come and provide commentaries on the top matches. Go is a 4000 year old traditional board game, comparable to chess, which is widely played in oriental countries and gaining popularity in the west. For more information, contact Rory Beling on 084 409 1882 or visit the South African Go Clubs website at http://www.sagoclubs.co.za