Nihon Kiin Questionnaire

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About your Association

  • Please advise us when the association founded.
  • Please advise us what is vision of your association.
To further the development and organization of the game of Go in South Africa
  • Please advise us how many members you have now.
  • Please advise us how many tournaments you run per year.
  • What is the name of a main tournament in your association?
South African Open Tournament
  • When do you usually hold above tournament?
First quarter of the year, often February.

How many attendees do you usually have in above tournament?

Average 25

About Current Status

  • About how many people do play Go in your country?
Probably about 100
  • Please tell us what age group does most play go in your country. (e.g. Twenties)
All ages.

About promotion of Go

  • Please advise us with activities for diffusion of Go. (e.g. Teaching go at school)
Teaching go at schools, word of mouth promotion, supporting university clubs.

Other questions

  • Did you know about ‘Go Books’ in Apple store?

Yes, it is an excellent tool, probably the most exciting innovation in go education since the ability to share electronic copies of kifus (sgf files)

  • If your answer is yes, please advise if you have ever tried to download it.

Yes, it works very well

  • Where do you usually get (latest) information on Go?

(e.g. Gobase, Sensei library, Euro Go TV)

  • Do you know Yugennoma which is the internet go server run by The Nihon Ki-in?


  • Do you know about the English version of website of The Nihon Ki-in?

Yes, extremely seldom, perhaps once a year (usually around the time of the WAGC).


If you have any request to The Nihon Ki-in, please let us hear from you about it. (e.g. Please send us professional players)

  • Maybe we could request some cheap go equipment (e.g. cardboard 9x9 sets) for use in upcoming schools promotions? Any other ideas?