History of South African Go

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Please add, and provide more accurate dates if you have them - Steve Kroon

  • 1970's (?): Formation of Joburg Go Club
  • Since 1978, Go meetings in Joburg were always on Tuesdays. There were seldom fewer than 5 players at these meetings and occasionally there were up to thirty players. -- Paul Edwards (3/7/2008)
  • early 1990's: Formation of South African Go Association
  • mid-1990's: Formation of Stellenbosch Go Club
  • around 2000: Stellenbosch Go Club goes into hiatus
  • around 2002: David Richfield and Steve Kroon restarted the Stellenbosch Go Club in the Neelsie
  • 2004: Stellenbosch Go club gets reconstituted; Stellenbosch Go Club website launched.
  • 2005: Stellenbosch Go Club website expands to become South African Go Clubs website
  • 2005: Peter Charter revived the Durban Go Club at Steers on North Beach
  • Feb 2006: The 3rd African Oza and 14th SA Open are held in Stellenbosch - this is the first African Oza held outside Joburg, and the first time in over 10 years the SA Open is outside Gauteng. Victor Chow comfortably wins both tournaments.
  • May 2006: Soweto's Julius Paulu scores 3/8 to end 50th of 68 in the 27th WAGC.
  • June 2006: Joburg Club's run of venue misfortune continues, as they have to move to the Dros in Melville, after Bettie's Tearoom decides they will no longer be staying open late to accomodate the club.