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How do I edit a page?

It's quite easy. Simply click the "Edit this page" tab located at the top of the page or the other edit link across from headings on the right hand side of the page, and type away. To learn about making links, using bold and italics, etc, just edit this page and look at how I did it.

Some other pointers on editing a page:

  • Please mark minor edits as minor: If you just change spelling, grammar or formatting, mark the checkbox at the bottom that says "This is a minor edit".
  • You can use interwiki links if you wish. You can link to a Wikipedia or Sensei's Library page in your text without having to type the full URL. Edit this section to see how. If you want this functionality for other sites, leave a message for Thekro.
  • When you add commentary to a talk page, please sign your post by typing four tildes, optionally with two dashes in front: --~~~~. This will be replaced with your username, a link to your user page, and a timestamp. You will see a hotkey with a signature icon at the top of the edit box that inserts that automagically.
  • You can edit your pages with vim if you wish! There is a MediaWiki syntax file for vim available on Wikipedia.

How do I create a new page?

To make a page on "Joe Soap", go to and start editing it. It's as easy as that. A quick way to get there is to delete everything in your browser's location box and delete everything after index.php/ and replace it with what you want your page to be called.

If there's a link to a "Joe Soap" page that doesn't exist (usually dispayed as a red, rather than a blue or purple link), just clicking on "Joe Soap" will take you to a form where you can create and save a page about "Joa Soap".

How do I make links?

A link is just the name of the page surrounded by double square brackets. It's also possible to make the link display text that is different from that of the link itself:

[[page name]]
[[page name]]s -- suffix text will display as part of the link
[[page name|display name]] -- the surprise link: hide the page name and display something else (but use this sparingly, and never just make it say "click here"!)

NB You don't need to put underscores ("_"), to act as space separators like you see in links. Spaces will work fine.

Where does the table of contents come from?

The table of contents is written by magic. Just mark your headings like this:

==Major heading==
text text text
===minor heading===
text text
===minor heading===
text text
==Another major heading==

and if you have more than four headings, Mediawiki will create the table of contents out of thin air.

Why does my text appear in a box in the middle of the page?

If you put white space (spaces or tabs) at the beginning of a line,

like this

the text goes into a box, and mediawiki ignores most wiki markup (for example, the headings example above). If you want to indent text,

put a colon at the beginning of the line.
for a deeper indent, use more colons.

How do I rename a page?

Registered users can move a page; this moves the page content and edit history to a new title, and creates a redirecting page at the old title. This method is better than just copying and pasting the content by hand, as it preserves the article's history, as required by our license. Use the "Move this page" link. Once you have moved a page, please click the "What links here" and fix the links to the old page (which will be labelled as a redirect in the "What links here" list).

Images and other media files cannot be renamed. You may save a copy of the file to your computer, rename it there, and then upload it with the new name.

How do I delete a page?

If a page really must be deleted, and you're an admin (which you should be if you're a SAGA member and you use this site), click on "delete" at the top of the page. Make sure you reaallly want to delete the page first, though!! Also, before deleting, check "what links here" (on the menu, bottom left), and fix any links that will be broken by your deletion.

How do I make a redirect page?


#REDIRECT [[The page to go to]]

in the page. This must be the only text on the page.

How do I edit a redirect page?

The easiest way to edit the redirected page is to click on the link you see at the top of the page after being redirected: "redirected from ...". For example, if you you were redirected to Sawada Susumu via Susumu Sawada, you will see a message at the top of the page saying: "(redirected from Susumu Sawada)". If you wanted to edit the redirecting Susumu Sawada page, you coud do that by clicking on the link in that message. You will then be taken to the redirect page itself, which you can then edit like a normal page.

How do I determine what other users have changed in an article?

The MediaWiki software can produce a list of all the changes between two versions of an article (either between two consecutive versions, or between an old and the current version), laid out in two-columns side by side with changes highlighted. From the Recent Changes page you can click the "diff" link; from an article page itself click "Page history", then "cur" or "last" to see changes.

To see the differences between two arbitrary versions of an article, in the history page, click the radio buttons next to the two different versions, then click on "compare selected versions".

How do I convert Unicode characters to HTML special characters?

  1. Edit the article just like you do UTF-8'd wiki sites.
  2. Then hit preview. You should get broken characters or mojibake, but don't delete them because they enable conversion of Unicode characters to HTML.
  3. While keeping broken characters, type articles. You probably want to copy the entire article before removing it then paste it after you get broken characters.

How can I put pictures on my pages?

Type a link saying [[Image:MyPicture.png]] with the part after the colon being whatever you want the picture to be called on the server. Then when you click on the link, you will be prompted to upload the picture.

How do I describe images?

Click on the image to get the description page. Also, when you upload the file everything you put in the upload summary is placed into the image description page.

What are templates?

If there is text that you have to use over and over again, you can create a template. Type {{the name of your template in double curly braces}} and save the page. You will see a red link. Click on the link, and in the edit box, you type the text that you want to appear wherever you put your template. You can do all sorts of clever things if you add parameters to templates, and if you want to learn about those, go to wikipedia.