Financial Statements 2009-2011 - Items to resolve

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Financial statements have been released and approved at the 2013 SAGA AGM - page only here for archive purposes.

  • Status of various loans owed to individuals - clarify what we still owe, and pay back as necessary. John (9 June 2012): I have also contacted people about some of the personal loans, but there isn't much info. Sakkie didn't have any much input on the personal loans.
  • Kopanong rent - School project fund, development fund, or SAGA expense?
  • Sort out tax


  • 2011 PO Box expense - clarify when it was paid for, and how much it was. John Leuner paid for this - added him as a creditor
  • Allocation to various funds, including regional funds
  • Membership fees - Accrued income for other years' memberships. For example, payments from Steve are sometimes for previous year's memberships; at the moment, the membership income is not stable at all.
  • 2011 Website expense - clarify when it was paid for, and how much it was
  • Resolve Remaining "Loan to WMSG attendees" items - clarify who owes how much, and make/request payments as necessary. John (9 June 2012): I have contacted Ben Gale about the WMSG loans, but no feedback.
  • Resolve Loan to SAGA from Sakkie amount - currently written off as bad debt; also, if this is how it should be, couldn't we write some of it off against money we owe him. John wrote R200 off against the amount SAGA owed him, so it was just a cancellation of creditors vs debtors. The other R1070 is still written off as a bad debt. Motivate.
  • Clarify situation with Loan to Treasurer - I'm guessing this is an account we balance at the end, and then we'll make/request a final payment as necessary?
  • Some transport costs should come off Development fund - verify which transport costs qualify for this, and modify the profit and loss account appropriately (generally, transport for Soweto players to tournaments)
  • Income from stock being cancelled entirely against stock value - currently no profit being reflected; we should do a stocktake, and then estimate the stock value at the end of each year based on that.
  • Accrued income on sale from stock - again, payments from Steve for stock sold likely involve amounts for the previous year.
  • Payments to Welile - decide if SAGA (or School Project/Development fund) or David is to cover this
  • Resolve Victor Chow loan account