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Chess House's clocks

David Richfield has ordered clocks for the chess club. If you're listed below, but not in bold, please pay him!

Who wants a clock?

The clocks have arrived in the country! Further details to be advised.

private orders

All orders are paid up.

  • David Richfield 1 clock (green if possible) Received Clock
  • Steve Kroon 1 clock (no colour preference) Received Clock
  • Lloyd Rubidge 1 clock (black if possible) Received Clock
  • Andre Connell 1 clock (red, otherwise black)
  • Reinhardt Messerschmidt 1 clock (black if possible)
  • Johann de Swardt (Not a go player) 1 clock
  • Martin Cook 1 clock (black if possible)
  • Grant Webb 1 clock (black if possible)
  • Wim Conradie 1 clock (black if possible)
  • Hugo van der Merwe 1 clock (blue!) Received Clock
  • Peter Bow 1 clock (no colour preference)
  • Peter Micklem 2 clocks (no colour preference) Received Clocks
  • Jaco Swanepoel 1 clock (black if possible) Received Clock

club orders

  • Western Cape Go Council: 2 clocks (no colour preference, just keep them the same colour) Received Clocks
  • Stellenbosch Go Club: 7 clocks (no colour preference, preferably all the same colour) Received Clocks


The order for 23 clocks cost R 3 191.00, which comes out to R138.74 per clock including postage, a rate of R7.21456 per dollar. As they are sports equipment, I we just had to pay VAT on importation, a total of R465.07, or R20.22 per clock, giving a grand total of R158.96 per clock. Anyone who wants to claim his R1.04 from me will have to do it in person, as I won't be transferring that via internet banking!