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Organizing the Tournament

See Oza/SA Open 2006 and Oza/SA Open 2008 for more detailed information about specific tournaments

The main tasks that need to be handled are as follows, ideally assigned to different people, but of course portfolios can be combined


  • Finding a suitable B/B for the international and invited representatives, preferably near the tournament venue. If not, reliable transport will need to be arranged
  • Liaising with local club members as to who will be able to provide accommodation
  • Dealing with inquiries from non-local players about accommodation, and hopefully pairing them with people who can provide accommodation
  • Finding accommodation for any sponsored guests (if required)
  • Arranging transport to and from the airport for all invited or sponsored guests
  • Arranging transport for all invited and sponsored guests to the tournament venue, if applicable
  • Arranging site-seeing and entertainment for the guests


  • Find a suitable venue
    • Further questions to ask
      • Do they have parking?
      • Do they have internet access?
      • How early is access available in the morning?
      • Is access available the evening before the tournament?
      • How secure is it (can equipment be left overnight)?
      • What breakfast/coffee facilities are available?
      • What snack/drink facilities are available?
      • What lunch facilities are available?
      • Do they have sufficient tables and chairs?
      • Will they be able to prepare the tables and chairs?
      • Do they have suitable power points?
  • Organize catering
    • Can the venue cater?



  • Liaise with the sponsors and the other organizers to create a suitable budget
  • Maintain the budget as circumstances change
  • Disburse payments upon receipts of invoices

International Liaison

  • Invitations need to be sent to the relevant African bodies inviting them to send a representative

Pre-Tournament Preparation

  • Medals and Trophies
    • The trophies need to have the current holders engraved
    • The trophies need to be sent the tournament organizer or tournament director
    • The trophies need to be polished
    • Medals need to be ordered - see the Oza and SA Open Medal List for a list of what needs to be made
  • Setup a suitable web page about the website - this is the 2008 tournament page
    • You will need to determine the entry fees
    • You will need to establish the application SAGA membership costs
  • email all the go groups about the tournament
  • track the registration information

Tournament Preparation

  • Game recorder(s) need to found - include them in the budget
  • Laptop(s) need to be arranged - both for the admin and the game recording
  • Internet access needs to be arranged
  • Printer(s) and suitable cables need to be arranged
  • Ensure the printer and laptop are compatible
  • Extension leads and double adapters need to be arranged
  • If using a cellphone for internet access, ensure there is a charger available
  • Ensure the cellphone leads are available, or if bluetooth is used, that the laptop can support bluetooth
  • Projector needs to be arranged
  • Appropriate format must be decided upon
  • Suitable software must be found and tested in advance. Two possible applications for MacMahon tournaments are OpenGotha and GoDraw
  • Determine issues such
    • Handicaps - MMS-2 is common but not mandatory
    • Handicaps - is there a handicap limit (e.g. 9 stones)
    • Will there be handicaps if above bar players play below bar players
    • Be wary of the MMS base (some systems use the bar as the zero point for MMS, some use 30k - this can affect prizes that perform calculations based on MMS)
  • Obtain a list from the membership secretary as to who is a paid up member of SAGA
  • Visit the venue in advance to determine an optimal configuration of administration and player areas
  • Determine what rules to use - both the game rules (e.g. Japanese) and tournament rules (time considerations etc)
    • consider distributing the rules in advance to participants, if possible.
  • Obtain sufficient equipment for the participants (boards, sets, clocks), with some margin for late entries

On The Day

  • Critical - must appoint a dedicated person as the tournament treasurer. This person should NOT have any other duties, as distractions are risky. Typically quite a large amount of money is involved, as SAGA renewals are typically taken at this time (R2000+)
  • Appoint representative(s) to take registration and fees - this person will need to cross check the membership list
  • Appoint an arbitration committee (3 senior players) to help with rules disputes
  • Make the rules available