2015 AGM Minutes

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  • Chris Welsh
  • Gordon Wells
  • Gerrit Goosen
  • Andrew Davies
  • Francois van Niekerk
  • Paul Steyn
  • John Leuner

Acceptance of 2014 Minutes

Reference: 2014 Minutes

Proposed: Paul Steyn Seconded: Andrew Davies


Acceptance of President's report

Reference: President_report_2015

Proposed: Paul Steyn Seconded: John Leuner


Acceptance of Financial Statements and Treasurer's Report

References: Financial Statements and Treasurer's Report

Proposed: Paul Steyn Seconded: Francois van Niekerk



Paul queried the zero amount of Stock sales in 2013 compared to the large figure in 2014. John explained that the entry represents a debtors account for money owed to SAGA at year end. This explanation was accepted.

Paul queried why Andrew Davies was reflected with a zero loan for the second year in a row. It was agreed to remove it in the next year statements.

Andrew queried the large Gauteng loan. John explained that it was a fund available to the Gauteng region, and that all the regions had funds available to them in accordance with the contributions from their membership base. This is why the Gauteng amount was the largest. It was agreed that the council would follow up the value of retaining this model.


Chris to add it to agenda for the next council meeting

Election of new council members

Francois' term of office expires this year. He was warmly thanked for his contribution.

Gordon Wells was the only nominee and was elected unopposed.

Matters Arising

Entry into South African Closed by non-Cape Town or non-Gauteng players

Andrew noted that players who were not near Cape Town or Johannesburg were unable to enter the SA Closed. In particular, Port Elizabeth based players were excluded. Chris pointed out that the current rules were very explicit and their didn't seem to be any viable way to accommodate them in the short term. There was enthusiasm to find a solution, and it was resolved that the new Tournament Portfolio holder should try and solve it asap, if possible for the 2015 Candidates.


Tournament Portfolio member to take this on urgently.

There were no other matters arising and the meeting was adjourned.


[10:05] chris welsh: OK, it's five past
[10:05] gordon.wells: It's the little gear icon towards the lower left, above the plot
[10:05] chris welsh: Present: Paul Sten, Chris Welsh, John Leuner, Andrew Davies, Gordon Wells
[10:05] chris welsh: First item on the agenda, accepting the minutes from 2014
[10:05] chris welsh: I need a proposer and a seconder
[10:05] chris welsh: Unless there are any concerns
[10:05] svartrev: Thanks. Wow, I didn't even notice that...
[10:06] svartrev: I propose
[10:06] adavies: Just read them - I propose we accept them
[10:06] adavies: I'll 2nd
[10:06] chris welsh: Any objections?
[10:06] chris welsh: Going once
[10:06] chris welsh: Going twice
[10:07] chris welsh: Accepted
[10:07] chris welsh: President report: http://wiki.sagoclubs.co.za/index.php?title=President_report_2015
[10:07] chris welsh: I trust you have all read
[10:07] chris welsh: Any concerns/comments/questions?
[10:09] chris welsh: It seems not.
[10:09] chris welsh: Can someone propose/second the approval of them?
[10:09] chris welsh: Hi Francois
[10:09] svartrev: I've just read them, and they seem fine, so I propose we accept them
[10:10] jewel: i second
[10:10] chris welsh: Thank you
[10:11] chris welsh: Any objections?
[10:11] francoisvn: morning. finally here :0
[10:11] chris welsh: Going once
[10:12] chris welsh: Going twice
[10:12] jewel: im not sure, but there may be a mistake in the presidents report
[10:12] chris welsh: OK?
[10:12] jewel: the japanese cultural event may have been the year before
[10:12] jewel: it's not important
[10:12] chris welsh: There was no record of it in teh 2013 report
[10:13] chris welsh: I did check that
[10:13] chris welsh: So I assumed it was 2014
[10:13] chris welsh: But let's take an action to double check that
[10:13] chris welsh: as you say, it's a minor point
[10:13] adavies: I think it was soon after the AGM last year....
[10:14] chris welsh: If there are no other objections, I'm going to consider them unanimously approved?
[10:14] adavies: I copied relevent emails into a presidents folder - and that was 1 of them
[10:14] jewel: sure
[10:14] chris welsh: Any other comments on presidents report before we move on?
[10:16] chris welsh: OK
[10:16] chris welsh: Let's do the treasurer report and financials in one go
[10:16] chris welsh: http://www.sagoclubs.co.za/saga/agm-notices/notice-2015/saga-financials-2014/
[10:16] chris welsh: http://www.sagoclubs.co.za/saga/agm-notices/notice-2015/treasurers_report_2014/
[10:16] chris welsh: Please take a read if you haven't already
[10:16] chris welsh: and raise any comments or concerns
[10:17] chris welsh: I'd also like a proposer and seconder for their acceptance
[10:17] svartrev: just a query on the financials, on page 6m it says "Stock sold in Western Cape" was R1870 in 2014, but 0 in 2013. Is that right?
[10:17] jewel: let me look
[10:18] adavies: I think that was the last bulk transfer - but there were sporadic sales before that too
[10:19] svartrev: well, what I mean is is it correct that there were 0 sales in 2013?
[10:19] jewel: im not sure ...
[10:19] adavies: There were sales in 2013 too
[10:19] svartrev: also,a very minor point here, but on the list of loans, Andrew Davies is listed as zero for both years, shouldn't he not be in the list then?
[10:20] chris welsh: ZXRP - are you attending the AGM?
[10:21] adavies: Hi Gerrit
[10:21] jewel: this entry represents a debtors account for money owed to SAGA at year end
[10:22] chris welsh: Thanks John
[10:22] jewel: it doesnt necessarily reflect what was sold
[10:22] adavies: That makes sense - and explains the bulk transfer
[10:22] svartrev: oh, ok... that doesn't mean anythign to me, I'm afraid, but so long as those who understand these matters say it is correct, I'm happy
[10:22] chris welsh: heh :)
[10:22] chris welsh: I think i understand what John menas
[10:22] chris welsh: Any other questions?
[10:23] chris welsh: Still need a proposer/seconder
[10:23] svartrev: cool, then I'm happy to propose them
[10:23] chris welsh: Thanks Paul
[10:23] francoisvn: i'll 2nd
[10:23] adavies: 1 query on loans...
[10:23] chris welsh: Cool
[10:23] jewel: right
[10:23] adavies: what is the large Gauteng loan?
[10:23] jewel: so i should remove Andrew from that list
[10:24] jewel: should we delay the approval of the statements
[10:24] chris welsh: I don't see why?
[10:24] adavies: no - I think they are fine
[10:24] chris welsh: Is it in any way significant?
[10:24] chris welsh: Minor corrections after the AGM are fine
[10:25] chris welsh: so long as no amounts change
[10:25] jewel: or can we accept them in anticipation of that change?
[10:25] chris welsh: I believe so
[10:26] adavies: I think the change (removing me from loans) is not necessary
[10:26] jewel: the large gauteng loan is a regional loan
[10:26] adavies: Next year it can be done if the sum is still 0
[10:26] jewel: ok
[10:26] chris welsh: The regional loans cause some confusion every year
[10:26] jewel: the idea is that regions can spend from these funds
[10:27] jewel: but we p
[10:27] chris welsh: I'm not sure how valuable the idea is
[10:27] jewel: we dont use them at the moment
[10:27] chris welsh: Maybe beyond the scope of the AGM. Perhaps an item for the council to consider at some stage?
[10:27] jewel: agreed
[10:28] chris welsh: OK, I'm going to assume unanimous approval of the financials and report
[10:28] chris welsh: going once..
[10:28] adavies: I approve
[10:28] chris welsh: going twice
[10:28] jewel: approve
[10:28] chris welsh: Approved
[10:29] chris welsh: Right, new members
[10:29] chris welsh: Francois is standing down from teh council this year
[10:29] svartrev: sorry, just a quick one.
[10:29] chris welsh: And the only nomination we have is Gordon
[10:29] chris welsh: Are there any other nominations?
[10:30] svartrev: Chris, can you make a note on the council agenda to discuss regional load, specifically an explanation of how they work and why the Gauteng one is so large?
[10:30] svartrev: *loans
[10:30] chris welsh: Yes, I am taking actions
[10:30] svartrev: cool, thanks
[10:30] jewel: thanks
[10:31] jewel: simple answer is that they are derived from membership fees and gauteng has traditionally had more members
[10:32] chris welsh: In the absence of other nominations, it seems is Gordon elected unopposed
[10:32] chris welsh: Welcome Gordon
[10:32] gordon.wells: Thanks
[10:32] chris welsh: Thanks for standing!
[10:33] gordon.wells: probably about time :)
[10:33] chris welsh: And can I take this opportunity to thank Francois for his years of service!
[10:33] adavies: And thanks Francois for all your hard work!
[10:33] francoisvn: :)
[10:33] jewel: thanks Francois!
[10:33] svartrev: Yes, a big thank you to Francois
[10:33] chris welsh: Much appreciated Francois
[10:33] ZXRP: Hi all
[10:33] adavies: Welcome Gordon!
[10:33] adavies: Hi Gerrit
[10:33] ZXRP: My apologies for my silence
[10:33] ZXRP: My wife is recovering from surgery, so I am multitasking at the moment
[10:34] chris welsh: Gordon, we can discuss portfolios at a later stage
[10:34] chris welsh: Moving onto matters arising
[10:34] chris welsh: Are there any?
[10:34] gordon.wells: Ok
[10:35] adavies: I have 1 reagrding SA closed qulifications
[10:35] chris welsh: ok
[10:35] adavies: If someone is outside a tournament reqion, what can they do to qulify for Candidates
[10:36] adavies: Only Gauteng and Cape Town hold tournaments
[10:36] chris welsh: They will have to organize a regional tournament
[10:36] chris welsh: Or fly to a region
[10:36] francoisvn: i don't think there is currently anything that can be done, other than organising a new tournament
[10:36] francoisvn: like chris said
[10:37] jewel: is it a hypothetical question?
[10:37] ZXRP: It is in regard to me I believe
[10:37] ZXRP: since I live in P.E. and I asked Andrew the same question
[10:37] adavies: No - Gerrit in PE, as the only player, is interested, but has not played in any tournament
[10:37] ZXRP: thanks for clearing it up
[10:37] jewel: because if someone is really in that position we should try to accommodate them
[10:37] svartrev: an internet tournament?
[10:38] adavies: And he is a paid-up 2015 member
[10:38] jewel: are you strong enough to have a chance of qualifying?
[10:39] adavies: 7k should make it
[10:39] ZXRP: I don't know exactly how strong the field is (I am 6kyu on KGS)
[10:39] francoisvn: assuming 7k - it varies, but it's very likely that he can qualify
[10:39] svartrev: Might make a reserve position, surely
[10:40] jewel: for Candidates, right
[10:40] francoisvn: yip
[10:40] chris welsh: The rules are pretty strict: http://www.sagoclubs.co.za/saga/sa-closed/
[10:40] ZXRP: where is the closed being held this year?
[10:41] francoisvn: yet to be determined
[10:41] chris welsh: It depends on who makes it to the final 8, Gerrit
[10:42] ZXRP: Ok I see
[10:42] francoisvn: so i propose an internet tournament, possibly an SA Open is setup to cover this (it has been in talks for some time now)
[10:43] francoisvn: however, it is unlikely that something can be done in time for the candidates this year
[10:43] jewel: i think thats the best option
[10:43] jewel: agreed
[10:43] adavies: How about a PE on-line tournament?
[10:43] adavies: That could be done quite quickly
[10:43] jewel: what is the format for the candidates?
[10:43] chris welsh: Again, doesn't conform to the rules, Andrew
[10:43] adavies: ok
[10:44] jewel: can he play without being eligible for the closed?
[10:44] chris welsh: I don't know if this is the right forum to alter the rules?
[10:44] jewel: i agree we cant change the rules now
[10:44] chris welsh: John, you mean play in the candidates?
[10:45] jewel: yes, is that a round robin?
[10:45] chris welsh: I certainly think it's a bit weird to insist on in-person tournaments for the qualifying stage, and then use the Internet for the candidates
[10:45] adavies: Its a 2 day - knockout
[10:45] chris welsh: But that's what it is
[10:45] adavies: same format as the quarterly inet
[10:46] chris welsh: It's a good event for our SDK players
[10:46] jewel: i would like it if we could have someone play, just for participation
[10:46] chris welsh: So I'd like to accomodate Gerrit
[10:47] svartrev: agreed
[10:47] chris welsh: Can I take an action to ask our new tournament portfolio member to look after this matter?
[10:47] chris welsh: With some urgency
[10:47] jewel: yes please
[10:47] adavies: seems best
[10:47] chris welsh: We'll do our best to accomodate Gerrit this year but it might not be possible
[10:48] ZXRP: I appreciate all the assistance
[10:48] ZXRP: thank you
[10:48] chris welsh: Sure
[10:48] chris welsh: Any other comments on this?
[10:48] chris welsh: Or any other matters arising?
[10:49] adavies: none from me
[10:49] svartrev: nothing here
[10:50] chris welsh: Well, that seems to be about that then
[10:50] francoisvn: one comment from me
[10:50] chris welsh: :)
[10:50] francoisvn: sorry, got disconnected and comment disappeared
[10:51] francoisvn: there is a potential gauteng qualifier taking place in the next few weeks. after that point the candidates invitations should go out, so everything on that last matter will need to be resolved in the next month
[10:52] francoisvn: that's all :)
[10:52] chris welsh: Yes, I agtree it is urgent
[10:52] jewel: we have struggled with the date for that tournament
[10:52] jewel: but it looks like 7 june is best for everybody
[10:53] francoisvn: that's a bit late to be a qualifier tho
[10:53] jewel: i know
[10:53] francoisvn: unless we move the candidates
[10:53] jewel: but earlier dates would have had very few attendees
[10:54] chris welsh: Andrew any news on the Winter league?
[10:54] chris welsh: Is anything happening today?
[10:55] chris welsh: I need to leave in a couple of minutes
[10:55] chris welsh: I understand the concerns about the date of the joburg event
[10:55] adavies: Seems not enough have arrived to hold it today
[10:55] chris welsh: but it sounds like a job for our new tournament portfolio member to resolve
[10:56] gordon.wells: Regarding Gerrit, could his Winter League results be used as qualifying games for the closed?
[10:56] chris welsh: No
[10:56] chris welsh: the closed is imminent
[10:56] gordon.wells: ok
[10:56] adavies: I comment on qualifying -  I just read the rules and there are several that we don't meet - 6 weeks notice, games 1hr + 25/5, before end of May.
[10:57] adavies: So we may need to have a waiver this year - if that is possible
[10:57] chris welsh: for what?
[10:57] jewel: that would be best for us
[10:57] jewel: to have the gauteng open in June
[10:57] adavies: Well, the Cape Town Open can't count as it did not meet 2 in the above list
[10:58] chris welsh: It's not a matter of strict adherence
[10:58] chris welsh: its just the logistics of the candidates
[10:58] chris welsh: I am happy that the CT Open broadly complied
[10:58] svartrev: 25 in 5? wow, I didn't even notice that...
[10:58] chris welsh: We are not obliged to stick to that
[10:59] chris welsh: They can be slower games
[10:59] chris welsh: OK, I need to leave
[10:59] adavies: ok - thanks Chris
[10:59] chris welsh: Can someone send me the transcript of any disscussion from this point on?
[10:59] jewel: thanks Chris
[10:59] svartrev: thanks Chris
[10:59] chris welsh: thanks all for attending
[10:59] ZXRP: thanks Chris
[11:00] francoisvn: in this case, the only real issue is around timing
of the gauteng event and the candidates
[11:00] francoisvn: I can send a transcript
[11:00] jewel: so what are the implications for timing of candidates?
[11:01] jewel: we dont neeed
[11:01] jewel: need to move the date, right?
[11:01] francoisvn: well, i need about a week to organise the
candidates list and at least 4 weeks for invitations, which means the
last qualifier needs to happen about 5 weeks before the candidates
[11:01] francoisvn: the current date is 27 and 28 June
[11:02] jewel: we already know roughly who will qualify for candidates
though, we can send provisional invites 8
[11:02] jewel: ?
[11:03] francoisvn: only for the pre-qualified places
[11:03] francoisvn: the entries for candidates day 1 are still very
much up in the air
[11:04] jewel: ok, but we can announce yhe
[11:04] jewel: the date in advance?
[11:04] francoisvn: well, in that sense the date was announced when
the calendar went out
[11:05] adavies: I would go with that - keep the date and annonce it now
[11:05] adavies: There are 4 unkown places to be filled
[11:05] adavies: But those likely to fill them will be aware of what
is happening, so no surprises
[11:06] francoisvn: well, 4 + reserves + possibly more to fill places
of pre-qualified people not returning
[11:06] francoisvn: but sure
[11:06] adavies: sure
[11:06] francoisvn: it doesn't feel optimal to me, but i'm happy to go
that route
[11:07] jewel: great
[11:07] adavies: I agree - think we have a some things to resolve
before next year
[11:08] francoisvn: note that notice for the Gauteng event should then
go out ASAP
[11:08] jewel: yes, Ill send it today
[11:08] francoisvn: :)
[11:08] adavies: ok - anything else from anyone?
[11:09] francoisvn: nothing from me
[11:09] jewel: anyone want to play a game?
[11:09] adavies: Thanks all for participating
[11:09] jewel: (after i send out gauteng invite )
[11:10] ZXRP: Hi jewel, I will play if you are keen :)
[11:10] svartrev: thanks all
[11:10] ZXRP: but I have loadshedding at 12
[11:10] jewel: cool, give me a minute
[11:10] francoisvn: cheers everyone, have a good day
[11:10] svartrev: cheers Francois
[11:10] jewel: np well see how far we get
[11:10] jewel: cheers guys
[11:10] ZXRP: bye