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Thanks to everyone who helped make this tourney a great success.

This page should be weaned off the wiki as we integrate its relevant info onto the main site over time.

The 14th South African Open and 3rd African Oza are being held in Stellenbosch this year. This sort of event is quite a lot of work, usually undertaken by volunteers. If you can help, we'd appreciate it.

If you can help with any of these things, or something else you can think of, please let us know how you can and are willing to help. Do this by editing this page (click on the 'edit' tab above, and add what you're willing to do), or e-mailing Steve Kroon.

Stuff we still need help with

  • Someone who can provide a decent looking Go stone bowl (goke) for the Oza draw at the opening ceremony on Friday night. --TheKro 11:31, 14 February 2006 (SAST)
  • Fetching people at the airport and taking them to their accomodation, as well as returning them to the airport after the tournament. In some cases with the Oza, we can pay a small petrol subsidy. People that still need to be fetched and dropped for the Oza so far are:

Note that players should be dropped off an hour before departure time.

Bernard Broens will fetch Mr Fouad Tehhani (Morocco) (arrives 24/2, 12h45)
  • If we have wireless capability and people free, it would be cool to have someone relay the games from the top boards on KGS, as well as posting updates on the tournaments on the website. Guillaume Binet has indicated he is willing to help out on the Sunday, as he's unable to play in the tournament, Friday's and Saturday's games still need volunteers. Knowing your way around KGS would definitely be a plus. A further bonus of doing this is that we'll have some game records for our top players to comment and post on the site in time ;)
  • Konrad Scheffler will handle disputes. Steve Kroon will handle disputes in games involving Konrad Scheffler. We need someone to handle a potential dispute in a potential game between Konrad and Steve - if you know a little bit about the technicalities of Go rules, it would help, but you don't have to be an expert.

Stuff seemingly under control (still, please say if you can help)

  • We need 2 people between rounds to (a) enter game results, (b) generate the draw for the next round, (c) print the draw and post it, (d) update the African Oza tournament table, and (e) announce that the draw is up.
  • Volunteers to take photographs for publicity and for sending along with the tournament report to the Nihon Ki-in. Please specify when you can help as soon as you know.
    • Grant Webb may be able to help with some of this.
    • Florian Breuer is also willing to take pictures, but not during his own games.
    • Dalene de Beer will also bring her camera, and take some pictures.
  • David Richfield has contacted E-tv, SABC 1-3, Die Burger and Eikestadnuus with details.
    • Cool - please keep me informed of developments here. How about the Stellenbosch Gazette? And is anyone planning on making an announcement beforehand, or maybe just doing an after the fact report? --TheKro 14:03, 13 February 2006 (SAST)
  • Commitments to bring sets/clocks etc along to the tournament. If everyone bring their boards, and entries don't go too high, we should actually be OK, here.
  • Acting as a translator or explainer for foreigners, who may have a limited grasp of English, but are fluent in French, and potentially Japanese or Chinese, or other languages.
  • People to assist with collecting money and the rest of registration

Finished stuff

  • Putting up posters for the tournament where they will get maximum exposure
  • Someone who can provide a laptop/DVD player and a TV/access to a projector for a presentation Mr. Mory intends to give on the Saturday evening.
    • I can bring my laptop with me, it has a DVD-drive in it and a TV or monitor out. Rory Beling
    • Florian Breuer will organise access to room 3021 of the Maths department on the Saturday evening.
  • Loan of a laptop with wireless capability by someone with access to the Neelsie hotspot. This will allow us to replay games live on the internet, as well as keeping ranks up to date etc as the tournament progresses. we will hopefully also be able to do the draw and print the new pairings for each round from this laptop.
    • Rory Beling's laptop has wireless but no access to the University network , if we can get him on it, we can use it. It seems we will have to use GPRS from the phone calls budget.
  • Loan of a printer for printing pairings
    • Rory Beling will provide his printer, since it's already configured for his laptop.
    • Chris Welsh has a laserjet 4 printer he's willing to lend. ("Its pretty hefty but very reliable, and will work with pretty much any computer"). "I won't be able to be there on Friday, so I'd have to drop it off on the Thursday before the tournament, assuming someone could take it."
    • Florian Breuer is willing to do this if absolutely necessary, but would prefer another volunteer to step forward.
  • Someone to arrange with a local chess club for the loan of clocks or someone who can provide me with contact details for arranging this (preferably mechanical ones) - we currently have 22 stable clocks which may be enough, but having access to more provides a safety net (see points on boards and clocks in "seemingly under control").
  • Someone who can lend us an easel for a flip chart for the weekend to display the Oza draw. Also, if someone has access to an A1-capable printer (B&W is fine), that would be awesome (not to lend, but to print something on beforehand).
  • Someone who is willing to polish trophies (there are 3, one XL, one L, and one M).

General volunteers where they can help