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Orders are now open for the 2010 SAGA T-shirt. I'll take orders until 15 April by e-mail or by edits to this page. I'll then need payment by 22 April.


The front of the shirt features the SAGA logo with Japanese, Korean and English text, above Chinese calligraphy saying "Wei Chi Tiger Year". The back shows the position of the match played on the outskirts of Hiroshima between Hashimoto Utaro and Iwamoto Kaoru when it was interrupted by Little Boy.

All the designs will be printed in black, but you can choose your T-shirt colour and fabric thickness, and whether you want front and back printing, or just front.

You can see the designs on the SAGA gallery.


I made a mistake in interpreting the initial quote for the shirts. Now that I have the final quote, I found that the cost is R50 for the heavy fabric and R43 for the light fabric. If you can afford the difference, please pay the full price, but if you wouldn't have bought the shirt at that price, I'll accept the previous price (R42 or R36).

The shirts come in sizes S-XXXL

NOTE: I don't have any information on the colours except for their names. The font colours here are just my guess, and do not guarantee what the shirt would look like!

  • 155gsm light cotton T-Shirts
    • Colours: Purple, Royal blue, Sky blue, Turquoise, Bottle green (might be a bit dark for black print), Emerald, Lime, Yellow, Orange, Red, Grey, Natural, White (also black and navy, but they won't show the print)
  • 180gsm heavy cotton T-Shirts
    • Colours: Royal blue, Bottle green (might be a bit dark for black print), Orange, Red, Grey, Beige, and white (also black and navy, but they won't show the print)

If you want me to mail you a shirt, I'll charge postage and packaging as required at cost price. If you're in Stellenbosch, please liaise with Steve Kroon on delivery and ordering - you can get delivery free if you're willing to wait until May.

Payment and delivery

Once we have gotten the finalized orders, I'll confirm the price and you'll have until 22 April to pay me (either in person at the Joburg club or by EFT). Then I'll place the order with the supplier and in 5 to 7 working days we'll have the shirts, which I'll deliver as required to the Joburg go club, to Stellenbosch via Steve Kroon, or by mail.


Name Size Colour Total Fabric Delivered
Antony Richfield XXL Grey 1 Heavy
Antony Richfield XXXL Bottle green 1 Heavy
Bess Richfield XL Grey 1 Heavy X
Bess Richfield XL Lime 1 Light
David Richfield L 1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Blue 3 Heavy X
David Richfield (prizes) L Red 1 Heavy X
David Richfield (prizes) XL Orange 1 Heavy X
David Richfield (prizes) XXL Beige 1 Heavy X
Clive Hunt L Blue 1 Heavy
Bess Richfield M 1 Sky blue, 1 Purple 2 Light
Bess Richfield M Red 1 Heavy X
Marc Loon M Green only print back 1 Heavy
Marc Loon L White only print back 1 Heavy
Gordon Wells L Sky-blue, Bottle-green 2 Heavy
Chris Welsh XL beige 1 Heavy X
Lloyd Rubidge M Grey 1 Heavy X
Steve Kroon XXXL 1 Grey, 1 Royal Blue 2 Heavy X
Konrad Scheffler L Red 1 Heavy X
Burt Rabie XXXL 1 Grey 1 Heavy X
Sipho Mampe M Red 1 Heavy
Kabelo M Red 1 Heavy
Francois van Niekerk L 1 Grey, 1 Red 2 Heavy X
Antoine Dymond L yellow 1 Light
Gustav Bertram XXL 1 White, 1 Royal blue 2 Heavy X
Gustav Bertram XXL Natural 1 Light
Anton van Niekerk M White 1 Heavy
Anton van Niekerk L Yellow 1 Light
John Leuner L White 1 Heavy
Chris Visser XL White; Royal blue 2 Heavy
Carle Joubert S Royal Blue 1 Heavy X
Quintin Connell XXXL Orange 1 Heavy