South African Go Clubs Ratings

The list below shows the current rank of all players who have a recorded game in the last two years (rolling window). Games that are recorded are typically played at club meetings, or as part of an SA tournament. Games at SA rated international tournaments such as the WAGC, KPMC, and PGETC are recorded when reliable rank information can be found for the opponents. To see a player’s record sheet, click on the folder icon next to the relevant name.

If you think your name should be on this rating list but it isn’t, please mail me. To update the ranks, click here (authorised users only).

More information about how the ranks are computed is available here.

NameRankIndexLast Change
1Victor Chow7d-1217/06/2019
2Hoon Shim5d-3801/12/2018
3Ben Gale4d-23017/06/2019
4Welile Gogotshe4d-53627/08/2017
5Andrew Davies4d-69123/06/2019
6Chris Welsh3d-12902/07/2019
7John Leuner3d-54908/04/2018
8Samuel Scott3d-75417/06/2019
9Andre Connell2d-3823/06/2019
10Paul Edwards1d-14430/06/2019
11Lloyd Rubidge1d-36916/07/2019
12James Nicolson1k32507/04/2019
13Paul Steyn1k-22817/06/2019
14Ben Bredenkamp1k-23307/04/2019
15Dave Gale2k83530/06/2019
16Michael Rapson4k31616/07/2019
17Stephen Martindale4k016/06/2019
18Francois van Niekerk4k-98203/11/2018
19Vincent Varkevisser5k78030/06/2019
20Peet Brits5k43504/03/2019
21James Gelant5k225/05/2019
22Christiaan Maasdorp5k-19923/06/2019
23Marc Loon5k-32025/05/2019
24Grace Lee5k-40401/12/2018
25Pablo Casado5k-89030/06/2019
26Alastair Sloan7k28630/06/2019
27Gordon Wells7k-29223/06/2019
28Deon Moolman7k-55816/05/2018
29Hany Lee8k77901/12/2018
30Martin Berglund8k34519/05/2018
31Fred Strauss8k-26506/04/2019
32Tinus Cloete9k54230/06/2019
33Gustav Bertram10k-26922/10/2018
34Rory Shea10k-84422/10/2018
35Hendrik de Ridder12k-3725/08/2017
36Neville Eisenberg12k-32330/06/2019
37Elizabeth Meyer13k-35330/06/2019
38Calvin Brizzi14k023/02/2019
39Anton Stott14k-19604/03/2019
40Kim He-Jin14k-39411/12/2018
41Cameron Davies15k-39216/06/2019
42Margot Smythe15k-61716/11/2017