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March 17th, 2006

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Western Cape Go Council

This page is for keeping record of all decisions made by the Western Cape Go Council.

Proposal WC06_007: That the WCGC recognise the South African Go Clubs website as a partner. This advances the website by providing it with credibility, and allows the WCGC continued use of facilities on the website until termination of the partnership by one of the parties. In addition, the website will attempt to safeguard the WCGC’s content on the website and return it at termination of partnership.
Proposed by Steve Kroon on 6 July 2006, accepted 5 September 2006

Proposal WC06_006: That the WCGC shall assume responsibility for ensuring that the Western Cape Closed Go tournament be run annually.
Proposed by Steve Kroon on 24 May 2006, accepted 8 July 2006

18 May 2006: The President, Chris Welsh, reported that the proposed memorandum of understanding with SAGA (see Proposal WC06_003) has been accepted by SAGA, and the memorandum has been signed by both bodies, thus finalising the affiliation.

Decision WC06_005: That the WCGC shall attempt to purchase two clocks as part of the bulk order currently being organised by David Richfield from the council’s funds.
Proposed by Steve Kroon on 12 May 2006, accepted 17 May 2006

Decision WC06_004: That the WCGC shall liaise with the Gauteng region to establish
an annual equivalent of the 2005 Gauteng-Western Cape Internet Showdown,
and that the WCGC shall be responsible for representing the Western Cape
in any organization necessary for such an event.
Proposed by Steve Kroon on 17 March 2006, accepted 28 March 2006

Decision WC06_003: That we attempt to affiliate with SAGA by means of the following
proposed memorandum of understanding:

The Western Cape Go Council (WCGC) proposes to represent the Go clubs in
the Western Cape by filling the role of the “Western Cape Regional
Council” of the South African Go Association (SAGA). In order to acquire
the role, the Western Cape Go Council undertakes to be answerable to SAGA
in respect of actions taken and assets purchased using SAGA funds, as set
out below:

* Where SAGA sees fit to disburse funds to the WCGC to meet expenses
incurred in the promotion of Go in the Western Cape, the WCGC will report
back on the results of such expenses, giving documentary evidence.

* Where SAGA sees fit to directly purchase assets (for example go
equipment) to be used for the promotion of Go in the Western Cape, such
assets will be managed by the WCGC, who will be responsible for their
safe, equitable and effective use. Similarly, if SAGA disburses funds to
the WCGC for the purchase of assets, such assets will remain the property
of SAGA, held in trust and managed by the WCGC.

* So that SAGA can be satisfied that the WCGC is serving the interests
of Western Cape go players in general, and Western Cape SAGA members in
particular, the SAGA council will be informed of any changes to the WCGC

Furthermore, both parties retain the right to terminate this relationship
for whatever reasons they deem fit.
Proposed by Steve Kroon on 17 March 2006, accepted 28 March 2006

Decision WC06_002: There have been two nominations for President of the Executive, David Richfield and Chris Welsh. Please cast your vote. Proposed by Steve Kroon on 16 March 2006, decided 16 March 2006

Outcome of voting: Chris Welsh supported by Steve Kroon, Rory Beling, David Richfield, Lloyd Rubidge. No votes for David Richfield. Chris Welsh was appointed President of the Executive.

Decision WC06_001: Steve Kroon will be responsible for keeping record of minutes as detailed in the constitution, Section 3.1.5. Proposed by Steve Kroon on 11 March 2006, accepted 17 March 2006

10 March 2006: The Cape Town club appointed Chris Welsh and Lloyd Rubidge as their representatives.

27 February 2006: The Stellenbosch club appointed Steve Kroon, Rory Beling and David Richfield as their representatives.

27 February 2006: In terms of the constitution, the club membership figures were Cape Town: 9; Stellenbosch: 24. On this basis, 1 of the 3 unallocated council positions was allocated to the Cape Town club, while 2 were allocated to the Stellenbosch club.

26 February 2006: The council was founded when representatives of the founder clubs, the Cape Town and Stellenbosch Go Clubs, signed the constitution.

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