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July 28th, 2005

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Western Cape Go Council

This constitution was accepted by the Stellenbosch go club and the Cape Town go club on 26 February. These clubs are thus the 2 founder member clubs of the council.

Constitution of the Western Cape Go Council

1.) Objectives

1.1. The objective of the Western Cape Go Council (WCGC) is to further the
development and organization of Go in the Western Cape by
1.1.1. supporting established Go clubs in the Western Cape, and
1.1.2. encouraging the establishment of new Go clubs in the Western Cape.

2.) Membership

2.1. Any Go club in the Western Cape shall be eligible to become a Member Club
of the Council, subject to approval of an admissions request by the Council
Executive. The Council Executive has the right to remove clubs from the
membership list.

3.) Management

3.1. The Executive
3.1.1. The management of the Council shall be carried out by the Executive,
which shall represent the Council in all external relations.
3.1.2. The Executive shall consist of at least five representatives. If a
full Executive can not be formed, all assets of the Western Cape Go Council
shall be transferred to the South African Go Association, and by so doing the
Western Cape Go Council shall be dissolved.
3.1.3. The representatives comprising the Executive shall be appointed by
member clubs. Each club shall have at least one representative in the
Executive. If there are fewer than five member clubs, the remaining positions
on the Executive required to reach five representatives will be allocated to
the existing member clubs in proportion to their membership figures, as closely
as possible.
3.1.4. All members of the Council Executive shall be members of the South
African Go Association, and any member of the Executive losing their membership
of the South African Go Association shall simultaneously lose their position on
the Council Executive. Furthermore, for the purpose of this constitution, club
membership is determined by the number of members of the South African Go
Association who are also members of the relevant club.
3.1.5. The Executive shall ensure that minutes which accurately record all
resolutions passed by the Executive, are kept. The minutes shall be available
to any member club, at the club’s cost, within four weeks of application.
3.1.6. Any decision of the Executive shall require unanimous agreement of all
representatives in order to change the status quo. The sole exceptions are
those detailed below with regard to the President of the Council.
3.1.7. In the event of an Executive representative not being able to fulfill
his/her duties temporarily or permanently for any reason, the relevant member
club shall appoint a representative as soon as possible to act in his/her stead
(until he/she can resume his/her duties, if the inability is temporary). Until
such appointments can be made, the representatives still functioning shall be
responsible for ensuring that the Executive duties of the non-functioning
representative are carried out. A member club has the right to replace any
Executive representative representing that club at any time and for any reason.

3.2. The President
3.2.1. One representative of the Executive shall be elected President. He
shall represent the Council in external affairs, and shall have the right to
vote on behalf of the Council in such cases. The President is appointed by a
majority vote amongst the representatives comprising the Executive. Any
representative may call for replacement of the President at any time, in which
case a new vote shall be held.

3.3. Liability of the Executive representatives
3.3.1. The representatives of the Executive will be held jointly and
severally liable for any actions or decisions taken by the Executive that are
in contravention of the provisions of or the spirit of this constitution,
provided that such action or decision was taken or made while the
representative was in office.

4.) Finances

4.1. All funds accruing to the Council shall be applied to the implementation
of its objectives.

4.2. The property and assets of the Council shall be vested in the Executive of
the Council in trust for the Council and no member club shall possess any right
in or to such property.

5.) Amendments
5.1. Any amendment of this constitution must be approved by all the member
clubs of the Council.

The undersigned, as representatives for their clubs, hereby accept this
constitution as founder members of the Council:

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