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March 8th, 2005

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WC Closed

Current Western Cape Meijin: Konrad Scheffler (d. Lloyd Rubidge 2-0)

Previous tournament title matches

  1. Konrad Scheffler d. Andrew Davies 2-0 (2005)


From the second term of this tournament, in 2006, the structure changes as follows:

The procedure from the Challengers’ League forward remains the same, with the additional point that ties in the Challengers’ League are broken by position in the previous year’s league (league newcomers are considered bottom of the previous year’s league for this purpose).

The 2 newcomers to the League will in future be determined by a seeded double-elimination qualification phase: the 2 players who end this phase with less than 2 losses proceed to the challengers’ league. The players’ relegated from the previous year’s league are seeded into the semi-final of this phase , and all other players in the previous years’ qualifying phase are seeded 2 rounds back from the round they were eliminated in the losers’ section the previous year.

To initiate the process in 2006, players who reached Preliminary Round 3 in 2005 will be seeded into the last 16 of the qualification phase, and players relegated from the 2005 league will be seeded into the quarter-finals.


Below is the original design of the Western Cape Closed, which was used in the first event. The design has been modified for the second event, which will be held in 2006.

The Western Cape Closed commenced in 2005, and is styled along the lines of the big Japanese titles: the general structure is outlined below. The title holder will hold the title of Western Cape Meijin.

The tournament structure is as follows:

There are 7 reserved positions in the tournament, held by various players: usually these will be the title holder, and the 6 players from the league in the previous year.

Reserved Player 1: Current Title Holder
Reserved Player 2: Loser of Title Match previous year
Reserved Players 3-5: Positions 2-4 in Challenger’s League previous year
Reserved Players 6 and 7: Last 2 positions in Challenger’s League previous year

Preliminary Round 1: All other players will be divided into 4 pools, where they will play a round robin tournament. The winners of the pools go directly to Preliminary Round 3. Players placed second in the pools go to Preliminary Round 2.

Preliminary Round 2: All the players placed second in pools in Prelim. Round 1, play in a round robin. The top 2 players in this tournament proceed to Prelim. Round 3.

Preliminary Round 3: The 6 players from Prelim. Rounds 1 and 2 are divided into 2 pools of 3. Reserved Players 6 and 7 are added to these pools to create 2 pools of 4 players. Once again, a round robin is held in each pool. The winners of each pool are selected to play in the Challenger’s League.

The Challenger’s League: The 2 players selected from Prelim. Round 3 play a round robin with reserved players 2-5. The winner of this tournament gains the right to challenge the current title holder (reserved player 1).

The Final: The challenge for the title will be a best-of-3 match.

The tournament would be played out over a year, with the preliminary round games being played over the internet, or at the club and the like, while the challenger’s league would probably take the form of a weekend tournament.

The tournament will be open to any members of a Go club in the Western Cape. The reserved positions 1 to 7 above will be initially filled by the top 7 eligible players at the 2004 Western Cape Open who wish to participate in the tournament.

Details such as schedules, rules, and allowed time will be finalised later, and participants will be informed timeously.

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