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July 28th, 2005

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WC Council

The Western Cape Go Council is an organization for encouraging the development of Go in the Western Cape. The council consists of Go clubs in the Western Cape, and the council operates by means of an Executive consisting of representatives of its member clubs. This council was formed on 26 February 2006.

The Council and SAGA have an understanding whereby the Council acts as SAGA’s Regional Council for the Western Cape. (See minutes – WC06_003). The council is also partnered with the South African Go Clubs website. (See minutes – WC06_007).

Current executive (and their duties):

  • Chris Welsh (President)
  • Steve Kroon (Keeping minutes)
  • Rory Beling
  • David Richfield
  • Lloyd Rubidge

Commitments of the council

  • WC06_006: Responsible for organization and management of annual Western Cape Closed
  • WC06_004: Responsible for Western Cape organization of annual Gauteng-Western Cape Internet showdown – Steve has sent out a call for volunteers for 2006

Other responsibilities of the council

General (implied by constitution):

  • Maintain membership list
  • Keep minutes of all resolutions
  • Maintain records of finances and assets

Responsibilities to SAGA (as per memorandum of understanding):

  • Where SAGA sees fit to disburse funds to the WCGC to meet expenses
    incurred in the promotion of Go in the Western Cape, the WCGC will report
    back on the results of such expenses, giving documentary evidence.
  • Where SAGA sees fit to directly purchase assets (for example go
    equipment) to be used for the promotion of Go in the Western Cape, such
    assets will be managed by the WCGC, who will be responsible for their
    safe, equitable and effective use. Similarly, if SAGA disburses funds to
    the WCGC for the purchase of assets, such assets will remain the property
    of SAGA, held in trust and managed by the WCGC.
  • So that SAGA can be satisfied that the WCGC is serving the interests
    of Western Cape go players in general, and Western Cape SAGA members in
    particular, the SAGA council will be informed of any changes to the WCGC

Membership list

  • Cape Town Go Club (founder member)
  • Stellenbosch Go Club (founder member)


  • Steve Kroon has advanced the council money for 2 clocks. When the costs are finalised, the money will be reimbursed by the council.

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