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March 15th, 2005

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The Stellenbosch Go Club will be hosting the 2004 Western Cape Open Go Tournament.

Date :
Saturday, 23 October

Preliminary programme :
09h00-09h30: Registration
09h45-11h45: Round 1
11h45-13h00: Lunch
13h00-15h00: Round 2
15h15-17h15: Round 3
17h30 : Prizegiving

Place :
Public Library, Plein Street, Stellenbosch

Fees :
The registration fee is R15. Players are requested to register in advance. Email your name, club and grade to A late entry fee of R10 will be charged for players wishing to register on the day of the tournament.

The tournament is only open to SAGA members, but you can pay your SAGA membership fee for 2005 at the tournament: R80 for adults, R40 for students, R20 for scholars.

The tournament will take place in two divisions. The upper division will be for players entering as 10k and higher, and the lower for all other entrants. Each division will be a 3 round MacMahon tournament, with the bar for the upper division at 3 kyu, and for the lower division at 14 kyu. Time limits will be 45 minutes per player plus overtime (byo yomi) of 15 stones in 5 minutes.

The winner of the upper division will be named the 2004 Western Cape Go Champion. Furthermore, the winner of each division will be presented with a voucher redeemable from SAGA towards the purchase of go books or equipment. There will also be three smaller vouchers, one in the upper division and two in the lower division, which will be distributed at a lucky draw after the tournament.

Any players travelling in for the tournament who need accommodation can contact David Richfield (; 082 921 1817) or Andries Kruger ( 072 472 0401) for information.


The 2004 Western Cape Open Go Tournament was held on the 23rd of October in the Stellenbosch Town library. For details of the tournament structure and rules, please see the tournament announcement.

Congratulations to Konrad, the 2004 Western Cape Open Go Champion, and to Rory, for winning their divisions and all their matches, and also to Daniel, Florian and Ben who were undefeated. The lucky draw prizes were awarded to Steve in the upper division, and Andries and James in the lower division. Click here to see the preliminary seeding for the 2005 Western Cape Closed Go Tournament. For comments, corrections and queries about this page, please e-mail Steve Kroon.

Entrants – Upper Division

  • Konrad Scheffler (above bar)
  • Andrew Davies (above bar)
  • Lloyd Rubidge (above bar)
  • Shuitao Fan (above bar)
  • Steve Kroon (7k)
  • David Richfield (7k)
  • Daniel Wium (10k)
  • Jaco Swanepoel (10k)

Entrants – Lower Division

  • Ludwig Schwardt (above bar)
  • Andries Kruger (above bar)
  • Rory Beling (15k)
  • James Gelant (20k)
  • Florian Breuer (21k)
  • Christina Auret (26k)
  • Ben Bredenkamp (28k)
  • Hanno Botha (30k)

Round 1 – Upper Division

Black White Handicap Result
Konrad Scheffler Lloyd Rubidge 0 Black wins
Shuitao Fan Andrew Davies 0 White wins
Steve Kroon David Richfield 0 White wins
Jaco Swanepoel Daniel Wium 0 Draw awarded – game
could not be counted

Round 1 – Lower Division

Black White Handicap Result
Andries Kruger Ludwig Schwardt 0 White wins
James Gelant Rory Beling 4 White wins
Christina Auret Florian Breuer 4 White wins
Hanno Botha Ben Bredenkamp 1 White wins

Round 2 – Upper Division

Black White Handicap Result
Andrew Davies Konrad Scheffler 0 White wins
Lloyd Rubidge Shuitao Fan 0 Black wins
Daniel Wium David Richfield 2 Black wins
Jaco Swanepoel Steve Kroon 1 White wins

Round 2 – Lower Division

Black White Handicap Result
Ludwig Schwardt Rory Beling 0 White wins
Florian Breuer Andries Kruger 5 Black wins
Ben Bredenkamp James Gelant 6 Black wins
Hanno Botha Christina Auret 3 White wins

Round 3 – Upper Division

Black White Handicap Result
Shuitao Fan Konrad Scheffler 1 White wins
Andrew Davies Lloyd Rubidge 0 White wins
Jaco Swanepoel David Richfield 2 Black wins
Daniel Wium Steve Kroon 1 Black wins

Round 3 – Lower Division

Black White Handicap Result
Rory Beling Andries Kruger 0 Black wins
Florian Breuer Ludwig Schwardt 5 Black wins
Hanno Botha James Gelant 9 White wins
Ben Bredenkamp Christina Auret 0 Black wins

Final Results – Upper Division

Pos Name MacMahon Score Number of wins
1 Konrad Scheffler 0 3
2 Lloyd Rubidge -1 2
3 Andrew Davies -2 1
4 Shuitao Fan -3 0
5 David Richfield -6 1
6 Steve Kroon -6 1
7 Daniel Wium -7.5 2.5
8 Jaco Swanepoel -8.5 1.5

Final Results – Lower Division

Pos Name MacMahon Score Number of wins
1 Rory Beling -12 3
2 Ludwig Schwardt -13 1
3 Andries Kruger -14 0
4 Florian Breuer -18 3
5 James Gelant -19 1
6 Christina Auret -25 1
7 Ben Bredenkamp -25 3
8 Hanno Botha -30 0

Draws were decided first by the “sum of opponent’s scores” and then by the “sum of defeated opponent’s scores” criterion.

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