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April 4th, 2005

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Stellenbosch Leagues

Stellenbosch Go Club is pleased to announce the formation of the Stellenbosch Go Club Leagues. Each league will consist of 8 club players, and leagues will be filled by invitation in order of strength. That is, the strongest 8 players accepting invitation to participate in the league, will form the First League, the next 8 strongest will form the Second League, etc. We will form as many leagues as there are players who wish to participate. Each league will be competed annually by means of a round robin system, the matches being played out over the course of a year. All matches in each league will be even, with colours being determined by nigiri, and White being awarded 6.5 komi.

Entrance into the First League is free for SAGA members, and R5 for non-SAGA members. All other Leagues have no entry fee.

Rules for the League:

Each league is a round-robin, with players organising their matches with their opponents in any order they desire. Results of completed games must be sent to the tournament director before the league deadline. If a match result has not been received by the close of the tournament, both players are assigned a loss for the match. It is the responsibility of the match winner to ensure his results reach the tournament organiser in time.

Japanese rules are used, and all games are scratch. Colours are determined by nigiri and White is awarded 6.5 komi. The official time for the match is 45 minutes each main time, with 15 stones in 5 minutes Canadian byoyomi (that’s the regular byoyomi we play with). If both players agree to differing time limits, or not using a clock, they may.

The winner of the league is the player with the most wins. If there’s a tie, the results between the players involved will be used to break the tie, repeatedly if necessary. If this does not resolve the tie, the remaining tied players will be declared joint League winners.

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