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October 28th, 2005

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Club policy

Stellenbosch Club

This page contains notes on the policy established by the club in its history. It is intended to guide new committees in their decisions. Also see the club constitution, as well as “How club meetings (should) work”

It was decided at the first AGM that the club’s committee should consist of 5 members. A quorum for committee meetings is 3 members. It was also decided that one member of the committee each year be exempted from all responsibilities if he is willing to stand for election to the SAGA Council the next year. It has also been agreed that local SAGA Council member(s) and Regional Council member(s) should be invited to committee meetings.

Stellenbosch Go Club is affiliated to SAGA and the Western Cape Go Council, which share similar objectives. It is also partnered with the South African Go Clubs website. However, it has been decided not to affiliate with Stellenbosch University, as a result of large numbers of members who are not university-affiliated. The idea of affiliating with the Maties Gaming League was also abandoned.

Activities of the committee:
The committee and assistant volunteers provide the following services to the club (or try to):
– organizing a venue
– arranging tournaments (usually by appointed tournament directors)
– providing stock of equipment and books from SAGA
– receiving money from members on behalf of SAGA
– publicizing club activities (in the media, on the website, and on the mailing lists)
– updating the ranking system for club members
– welcoming and teaching new players
– developing Go in schools
– arranging an annual general meeting and prizegiving
– maintaining a membership list
– maintaining a club library

These services are performed free for SAGA members, but some services will only be available to non-SAGA members with a surcharge (such as tournament participation).

Barring specific exceptions, a guideline for membership is that players shall be accepted as members if
(a) they were previously members of the club, or
(b) they are resident in the Western Cape, and have a game recorded on the ranking system used by the club.

Tournaments should be self-financing, and should be run according to standards which ensure that it is reasonable to charge the applicable entry fees and to award the applicable prizes. As such, tournament guidelines must be set up outlining how the various tournaments should be run.

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