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March 15th, 2005

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Minutes 2004

Stellenbosch Go Club AGM

Minutes of the Stellenbosch Go Club Annual General Meeting held at 19h00 in the Neelsie on Thursday, 2 September 2004

Present: Florian Breuer
Konrad Scheffler
Johannes van der Horst
Rory Beling
Angelique Kruger
Jonathan Jones
Ben Bredenkamp
David Richfield
Dale Wilcox
Richard Clark
Pieter-Willem Butler
Daniel Wium
Andries Kruger
Bernard Broens
Jaco Swanepoel
Jaco Briers
Ludwig Schwardt
Steve Kroon

Excused: Wesley Williams (Proxy: D.Richfield)
Tyrone Genade (Proxy: D.Richfield)
Bernard Broens (Proxy: J.Swanepoel) – left midway.

1. Steve Kroon opened the meeting.

2. The proposed constitution was approved and signed by all present. Ben
Bredenkamp suggested we look into clarifying the authority the club and
committee have over the club members.

3. Steve Kroon proposed that the committe consist of 5 members. A vote was
held on this, which passed unanimously.

4. Nominations for committee members were called for. A number of members could not stand,
and finally there were only 5 valid nominations. The nominees were thus accepted directly
onto the committee.

Nominees/New Committee: S. Kroon (nominated by D. Richfield)
D. Richfield (nominated by K.Scheffler)
R. Beling (nominated by S.Kroon)
A. Kruger (nominated by S.Kroon)
D. Wium (nominated by S.Kroon)

5. David Richfield was called on to explain the pro’s and con’s of
affiliation with SAGA and with Stellenbosch University.

SAGA: The main benefit of affiliation with SAGA is that a large portion of the
SAGA membership fees of our players would be made available to the club itself,
permitting us to more easily stage events and purchase equipment.

Steve Kroon proposed that we should affiliate with SAGA in principle, unless
new requirements or information came to light. A vote was held on this, which
passed unanimously.

Stellenbosch University: The main potential benefits of affiliation with
Stellenbosch University would be that

1) we may obtain a room for storage or office upstairs in the Neelsie, possibly sharing with
another club.

2) we would be able to use the halls upstairs in the Neelsie without paying a deposit.

Unfortunately, a requirement of being a university club is that a minimum of
85% of our members must be affiliated to the university. Since we
already fall short of this value, and in light of our plans for the Go in schools
project, it seemed unlikely we would meet this requirement.

Steve Kroon proposed that we take no action to affiliate with the university
now, but that we review the situation in 6 months. A vote was held, which
passed unanimously.

6. Steve Kroon led a discussion on the possibility of implementing a Go in
schools project in the Stellenbosch area, inspired by the flyer distributed by
the Johannesburg Go club. The following ideas were aired:

– Playing Go over break times at school to arouse the interest of the children.

– It may be better to implement the project without interaction with chess
clubs, as conflict may arise, and they have a more established support base.

– Daniel Wium has a contact with Bridgehouse, a private school en route to

– It may be best to start with primary schools, where children are not under as
much peer pressure.

7. Ben Bredenkamp suggested that placing an advert in a newspaper may raise
awareness of the club.

8. Steve Kroon gave a short description of participation points and their role as credit points for
the WAGC.

9. Jonathan Jones inquired how to join SAGA. Steve Kroon said that anyone with queries in this regard
could email him.

10. Members were informed about the upcoming Stellenbosch Open, and requested to consider dates for the
tournament. The idea for monthly Handicap club tournaments was also introduced, and the possibility of
a 9×9 blitz tournament early in 2005 was mentioned.

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