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September 19th, 2006

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Agenda 2006

Stellenbosch Go Club AGM

Agenda: Stellenbosch Go Club Annual General Meeting
28 September 2006, Neelsie Student Centre, Stellenbosch

1. Opening the meeting, and proposed change to the Constitution

According to the constitution, the quorum for the AGM is 30% of the club’s members.

However, it is proposed that the Stellenbosch Go Club’s constitution be changed as

Clause be modified from:

“The quorum for General Meetings shall be equivalent to 30% of the members.”


“The quorum for General Meetings shall be 5 members.”

Proposed changes to the constitution are special resolutions and need a 75%
vote to pass the proposal.

Based on attendance of the meeting and votes delivered by proxy, this proposed change will
be voted on if possible. If, after the change, a quorum is present, the meeting shall continue.

2. Apologies

If you can’t attend and would like to appoint someone as your proxy, please let me know at

3. Presidents’ report

4. Queries to outgoing committee

You can also send queries in advance to

5. Elections

Elections will be held for the committee members. Please let me know in
advance if you are willing to serve on the committee. Portfolios will be
assigned to committee members at the first committee meeting which will be held
directly after the AGM.

6. Matters Arising

If there’s anything else you want discussed at the meeting, send an e-mail
about it to

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