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October 28th, 2005

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1st Quarter 2006

Stellenbosch Handicap Tournament

Entries closed on 14 February 2006.

The entry fee for the tournament is R15, with a R10 discount for SAGA members, or players who join SAGA before the tournament. (SAGA charges R80/R35/R20 for normal/student/scholar membership for 2006). The prize money for the winner will be R5 per entrant in the tournament. The entry fee must be paid by 12h00, Wednesday 15 February.

For info on the handicap tournaments in general, click here.

If we have processed your entry into the tournament, your name should appear on the list below. If your name is not on the list, and you want to take part in the tournament, e-mail Hugo at ENTRIES CLOSED!

Processed entrants:

  • Jaco Swanepoel, 4k
  • David Richfield, 6k
  • Rory Beling, 7k (+1)
  • Hugo van der Merwe, 9k (+1)
  • Christina Auret, 12k (+1)
  • Heinz Staschen, 13k
  • Ben Bredenkamp, 15k (-1)
  • Hanno Botha, 17k (+2)
  • Louis de Jager, 19k (+2)
  • Wim Conradie, 25k (+3)
  • Iain Lawrie, 27k (+1)
  • Andre Heydenrych, 29k (+5)
  • Willie Krige, 30k

This tournament will be a 3-round Swiss tournament, where we will attempt to ensure handicaps are small. The rounds take place at the usual club meetings at the following times and dates, unless agreed otherwise by the players of the match:

  • Round 1: 19h00, Thursday 16 February 2006
  • Round 2: 19h00, Thursday 2 March 2006
  • Round 3: 19h00, Thursday 16 March 2006

The match results must be in by:

  • Round 1: 12h00, Friday 24 February 2006
  • Round 2: 12h00, Friday 10 March 2006
  • Round 3: 12h00, Friday 24 March 2006

Note that there are no time limits (since we don’t have clocks). We thus have to rely on all players to be reasonable in their use of time. In general, it should be unreasonable to use more than 75 minutes per player, so if your match is approaching 2 1/2 hours, and you think you’re taking longer than your opponent, you should speed up dramatically. Players may agree to play subject to shorter or longer “reasonable time allowances”, or using clocks if feasible, if they wish. Under agreement, matches may be rescheduled, subject to match results being received on time. If a player is present at the scheduled (or agreed) time, he will win if his opponent has not arrived within 30 minutes of the agreed time. If no player is present at the scheduled time, both players will be awarded a loss, unless they reschedule, play and submit the result before the deadline. We request all players to co-operate as far as possible in re-scheduling matches. In case of problems with rescheduling matches and time limits or other issues, please contact Hugo van der Merwe.

Handicaps will be based on player ranks on our local ranking system when entries close. For rank differences larger than 9 stones, every additional rank difference will be compensated for by 10 points of komi awarded to black. Otherwise, white will receive 0.5 komi in all games to eliminate jigo, and 6.5 komi in the case of even games.

The draw for the rounds will be posted on this site as soon as they become available. Unpaired players will be awarded a win. The winner of the tournament is the player with the most wins, with ties broken by SOS and SOSOS. If the tie is still not broken, the players concerned will be declared joint winners, and they will share the prize money.

The draw for round 1 is as follows (game winners in bold):

Wim Conradie (W) Iain Lawrie (B) 2H
Andre Heydenrych (W) Willie Krige (B) 0.5komi
Rory Beling (W) Hugo van der Merwe (B) 2H
Louis de Jager BYE
Jaco Swanepoel (W) David Richfield (B) 2H
Christina Auret (W) Heinz Staschen (B) 0.5komi
Ben Bredenkamp (W) Hanno Botha (B) 2H

The draw for round 2 is as follows (game winners in bold):

Wim Conradie (W) Andre Heydenrych (B) 4H
Hanno Botha (W) Louis de Jager (B) 2H
David Richfield (W) Hugo van der Merwe (B) 3H
Heinz Staschen (W) Ben Bredenkamp (B) 2H
Iain Lawrie (W) Willie Krige (B) 3H
Jaco Swanepoel (W) Rory Beling (B) 3H
Christina Auret BYE

The draw for round 3 is as follows (game winners in bold):

David Richfield (W) Heinz Staschen (B) 7H
Louis de Jager (W) Andre Heydenrych (B) 9H + 10 reverse komi
Hugo van der Merwe (W) Wim Conradie (B) 9H + 70 reverse komi
Hanno Botha (W) Iain Lawrie (B) 9H + 10 reverse komi
Rory Beling (W) Christina Auret (B) 5H
Willie Krige BYE
Jaco Swanepoel (W) Ben Bredenkamp (B) 9H + 20 reverse komi

Final results:

Pos Name #Wins SOS SOSOS
1 David Richfield 3 4 15
2 Louis de Jager 3 3 17
3 Andre Heydenrych 2 6 12
4 Wim Conradie 2 5 16
5 Heinz Staschen 2 5 11
6 Iain Lawrie 2 4 14
7 Christina Auret 2 3 15
8 Hugo van der Merwe 1 6 13
9 Hanno Botha 1 5 11
10 Willie Krige 1 4 16
11 Rory Beling 1 4 13
12 Jaco Swanepoel 1 4 12
13 Ben Bredenkamp 0 4 14

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