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June 20th, 2006

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Stb 9×9 tournament

Tournament report and results:

The tournament was held on 29 June 2006, beginning at 19h15. There were 12 participants (ordered by rank used in tournament):

  • Konrad Scheffler – 1d
  • Andrew Davies – 1k
  • Bernard Broens – 2k
  • Steve Kroon – 4k
  • Jaco Swanepoel – 4k
  • Rory Beling – 5k
  • Charl du Plessis – 6k
  • Hugo van der Merwe – 7k
  • James Gelant – 11k
  • Adrian Thom – 14k
  • Wim Conradie – 18k
  • Willie Krige – 30k

It was decided to use a 5-round Swiss tournament. Komi was 6.5 and colours were determined by nigiri. No time control was used, except in the last uncompleted game of a round, where a clock could be employed at the tournament director’s discretion. This was done twice in the tournament.

The tournament got off to an exciting start with the 2 top seeds, defending champion Konrad Scheffler and 1-kyu Andrew Davies, losing to Charl du Plessis and Hugo van der Merwe in the first round. Jaco Swanepoel proceeded to be the only player to win his first 3 games, but in the fourth round he faltered, losing to Konrad Scheffler on time from a winning board position. This left 5 players with 3 wins after 4 rounds, and after the next round, 3 players remained on 4 wins out of 5 games. 2 players pulled out of the tournament in the last round, so it was decided not to use SOS or other tie-break mechanisms, but rather to leave the tied players as is.

As such, the tournament winners for 2006 were Konrad Scheffler, Jaco Swanepoel, and Steve Kroon.

Final positions

1st (4 wins): Konrad Scheffler, Steve Kroon, Jaco Swanepoel
4th (3 wins): Rory Beling, Charl du Plessis, Hugo van der Merwe
7th (2 wins): Andrew Davies, Bernard Broens, James Gelant
10th (1 win): Adrian Thom, Wim Conradie
12th (0 wins): Willie Krige

Full results:

Round 1:

Charl (W) bt Konrad (B) by resign
Hugo (B) bt Andrew (W) by 8.5
Bernard (B) bt James (W) by resign
Steve (B) bt Adrian (W) by 20.5
Jaco (B) bt Wim (W) by resign
Rory (B) bt Willie (W) by resign

Round 2:

Rory (B) bt Bernard (W) by resign
Charl (W) bt Steve (B) by resign
Jaco (W) bt Hugo (B) by 0.5
Konrad (W) bt Adrian (B) by 10.5
Andrew (W) bt Wim (B)
James (W) bt Willie (B) by resign

Round 3:

Jaco (B) bt Charl (W) by resign
Konrad (W) bt Rory (B) by 4.5
Andrew (W) bt James (B)
Hugo (W) bt Bernard (B) by 6.5
Steve (W) bt Wim (B) by 9.5
Adrian (B) bt Willie (W) by resign

Round 4:

Konrad (B) bt Jaco (W) on time
Charl (W) bt Andrew (B) by 10.5
Steve (B) bt Hugo (W) by 3.5
Rory (B) bt James (W) by 3.5
Bernard (B) bt Adrian (W) by resign
Wim (B) bt Willie (W) by resign

Round 5:

Konrad (B) bt Andrew (W)
Steve (W) bt Rory (B) by 2.5
Jaco (B) bt Bernard (W) by about 5
Hugo (W) bt Charl (B) by 4.5
James (W) bt Adrian (B) by resign
(Wim and Willie did not participate)

Stellenbosch is hosting their annual 9×9 tournament at their club meeting next Thursday. If you have a 9×9 board, please bring it along. No need to register in advance, just be at the club by 19h00. From there, we’ll set up the draw and get going – first game should be underway by 19h15.

Last year’s defending champion is Konrad Scheffler. There is no entry fee, and the winner will only get fame and a certificate. The tournament format will be determined by the tournament director (that’s me) on an ad hoc basis, depending on the number of entrants.

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