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August 16th, 2005

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Soweto Closed

The 4th Soweto Closed Tournament was held in Dobsonville on 28 March 1999. 20 players participated, with 4 stronger than 10-kyu. Julius Paulu (3k) and Kagiso Mampe (5k) were favourites, but Kagiso lost to Thabo Motswiri (14k) in the second round, with Thabo engineering a nasty snapback to take the game. Kagiso managed to upset Julius, so that after all 6 rounds were completed, the 3-way tie had to be resolved using SOS: Welile Gogotshe (8k) had a SOS 1 higher than both Julius and Kagiso, giving him the victory and title of 1999 Soweto Champion. SOSOS resolved second place, which went to Kagiso.

Final top 8:
1st: Welile Gogotshe (8k)
2nd: Kagiso Mampe (5k)
3rd: Julius Paulu (3k)
4th: Refilwe Maputle (14k)
5th: Sipho Mampe (7k)
6th: Thabo Mokoto (18k)
7th: Boitumelo Lekabe (14k)
8th: Thabo Motswiri (14k)

Boitumelo also won the prize for best female player.

Info sourced from SAGA Newsletter 22, April 1999.

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