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October 4th, 2008

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This page lists the division of responsibilities between each portfolio on the SAGA council. The list is currently incomplete, but we hope to add complete information in time.

For a rough annual timeline, and howto’s for various tasks please visit/edit the SAGA HOWTO’s page on the SAGoClubs wiki


  • Liaison with external bodies and organizations (with IGF, this includes briefing the WAGC representative based on the IGF AGM agenda, getting a report from the WAGC representative on the AGM, and processing the AGM minutes for matters that need the council’s attention).
  • Updating council contact details when term is over – update details on website, and with important bodies, notably IGF, Nihon Ki-in, and World Pair-Go Association
  • Co-ordination of other portfolios
  • Chairs council meetings and AGM
  • Preparation of President’s report for AGM
  • Assisting international representatives and overseas visitors with administrative issues (visas, flights, finances, etc.) – also send a good luck letter to reps which requests donations to cover IGF membership fees, and perhaps also a letter of congratulations afterwards
  • Briefing WAGC representative on SAGA’s position for AGM, as well as points to raise at IGF AGM


  • Liaison with SARS
  • Confirming receipt of membership fees to membership secretary
  • Managing SAGA’s financial affairs, including but not limited to:
    • Filing tax returns: We need to submit SAGA’s tax return each year by the deadline for individuals, for the financial year ending during the period that individuals are filing for.
    • Paying annual fees such as post box renewal, IGF membership fees, website hosting, etc.
  • Managing SAGA’s book and equipment stock, and other assets/inventory
  • Annual review of book and equipment prices
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation of Treasurer’s report for AGM


  • Prepare agenda for council meetings and AGM
  • Prepare minutes of council meetings and AGM
  • Issue announcement of meetings and AGM (meetings need 4 weeks notice, AGM 8 weeks)
  • Issue reminder of membership fees due
  • Maintenance of general SAGA pages on website
  • Update access to SAGACouncil mailing list for new council members
  • Update access to shared “SAGA” Google Drive folder for new council members
  • Ensure any constitution changes are sent on to those required, including SARS (see this relevant HOWTO section)

Membership secretary

  • Arranging timeous calls for membership renewals (website/mailing lists/other?) and collection of membership fees (SAGA subs week/tournaments).
  • Maintenance of spreadsheet/database of membership list and contact details of members. (Also maintaining access control to the list.)
  • Maintenance of membership list on website
  • Maintenance of a mailing list for SAGA announcements
  • Calculation and publication of interim (after completion of SA Closed) and final credit points
  • Responsible for maintenance of ratings (typically delegated to the ranking system administrator – currently Steve Kroon)
  • Sending a list of SAGA members to the AGA E-Journal editor at the start of each calendar year.


  • Co-ordinating selection of South African representatives to international tournaments (e.g. KPMC, WAGC, WMSG)
  • Setting up annual tournament schedule (try not to clash with regional tournaments, or international tournaments – WAGC, KPMC, WMSG)
  • Arranging quarterly internet tournaments (or arrange tournament directors)
  • Arrange stages of SA Closed (or arrange tournament directors)
  • Issuing call for hosts of SA Open
  • Arrange SA Open/arrange tournament director/liaise with tournament director
  • Arrange for SA Rengo to be held
  • Maintain tournament pages (including international tournaments) on website, and post results of tournaments to mailing list/website
  • Ensuring games from tournaments (including international tournaments) are entered into the ranking system
  • Trophy maintenance (ensuring trophy winners’ names are engraved, keeping track of trophy locations, liaising with tournament organizers about trophy transport) [Previously, we have regularly used First Prize for engraving trophies and medals]
  • South African Go news contact person. Reasoning is that most of our news is about tournaments.

Other duties to be assigned

  • Checking SAGA’s post box regularly – currently assigned to John Leuner

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