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July 13th, 2009

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The 2009 SA Open Go Tournament was held at the Warfair club, Kensington, JHB on the 7th and 8th February.

The tournament was won by Victor, Ben was the African players winner, Dave Gale won the veterans tournament, Ben won the Youth trophy too, Shima Hessenauer won best lady, and Clint Smythe won best 7k+. Clint and Victor were the only two players to record 6 wins.

The final positions were:
1 Victor Chow
2 Ben Gale
3 Dave Gale
4 John Leuner
5 Paul Edwards
6 David Richfield
7 Andre Connell
8 James Nicolson
9 Clint Smythe
10 Marc Loon
11 Alan Thompson
12 Shima Hessenauer
13 Gordon Wells
14 Busang Monene
15 Riccardo Kaizer
16 Jacky Wang
17 Zaine Dean
18 Sello Leopeng
19 Ricky Pilane

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