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January 11th, 2008

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16th South African Open and 4th African Oza


Prize winners:

African Oza winner (trophy+medal): Victor Chow
African Oza 2nd (medal): Ben Gale
African Oza 3rd (medal): Hatim Araki

SA Open winner (trophy+medal + R500): Victor Chow
SA Open 2nd (medal + R300): Aki Zhou
SA Open 3rd (medal + R200): Ben Gale

African Players winner (trophy+medal): Ben Gale
African Players 2nd (medal): Hatim Araki
African Players 3rd (medal): Konrad Scheffler

SA Open Veterans winner (trophy + medal): Susuma Sawada
SA Open Veterans 2nd (medal): Manitra Razafindrabe
SA Open Veterans 3rd (medal): More Traore

SA Open Youth winner (trophy + medal): Carle Joubert
SA Open Youth 2nd (medal): Aki Zhou
SA Open Youth 3rd (medal): Riaan Swart

Best Lady (R50): Aki Zhou
Best Student (R50): Riaan Swart

Best 6k-10k (R50): Riaan Swart
Best 11k-30k (R50): Trevor Hill

Nihon Ki-in Fans:
Chris Welsh – Tournament Director
Florian Breuer – KGS game transcriber

Full leaderboard


Date: 9-10 February 2008

Venue: Western Province Cricket Club Sports Centre, Claremont

To find the venue, refer to the High Level Map or the Detailed Map.

  • From the N2 (settlers Way) Turn South onto Liesbeek Parkway, Liesbeek Parkway becomes Campground Road
  • Turn Left (east) into Keurboom Road at the traffic lights (about 6 traffic lights since the N2), (turning right would take you to Newlands Cricket Grounds and Claremont CBD)
  • Turn Left (North) into Laidlaw Lane, this will take you to the Western Province Sports Centre
  • There are traffic booms and you will have to sign in
  • Just to the left side of the building is a glass door (a back entrance). Ring the Buzzer and they will let you in.
  • Go upstairs.

UPDATE: Dinner: There will be a dinner held on Saturday night at A Touch of Madness restaurant, where the Cape Town Go Club meet every week to play go. The venue is pretty relaxed about dress code, and meals range from about R30 to R100. The venue is booked for us from about 19h30. Directions are available here.


Saturday 9th February
09h30 Opening Ceremony
09h45 1st Round
12h30 Lunch
13h15 2nd Round
16h00 3rd Round

Sunday 10th February
09h30 4th Round
12h00 Lunch
12h45 5th Round
15h45 6th Round
19h15 Prizegiving

Format: The tournament will be a 6 round MacMahon, open to all players. A bar will be drawn at an appropriate level*. Games above the bar will be even games with 6½ points komi. Games below the bar will be played at a handicap, where the handicap will be the difference in MacMahon score between the paired players, minus two(*). Japanese rules will apply.

*: This will be at the Tournament Director’s discretion, but will be guided by the need to accommodate all international entrants into the Oza.

Time Limits: 1 hour thinking time per player plus Canadian byo-yomi of 25 moves for each 10 minute overtime period.

Special Events: Mr. Hideki Enda, the professional 9-dan of the Nihon Ki-in, will be attending the tournament.

SAGA members and non resident foreign players: R50 (students R25; scholars R15)
Non–members(*): R70
Late registration fee: R20

*: Note that non-members can join SAGA for 2008 at the tournament to qualify for the cheaper rates. The membership fee for 2008 is R80,00 (R35,00 for full time tertiary students; R10.00 for primary or secondary school pupils).

Registration: Please register by contacting Rory Beling by email or phoning him (084 409 1882) as early as possible. The deadline for entries is 15h00, Wednesday 6 February. After this date, a late registration fee will be payable in addition to the basic tournament fee.

Accommodation: Enquiries about accommodation should please be addressed to Andrew Davies by email or by phoning him at 021 700 7086 (w) or 021 712 3204(h).

Trophies: The following floating trophies and titles will be awarded as well as medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category: (Current title holder in brackets):

1)SA Open Champion (Ben Gale).
2)SA Open Youth Champion (MacMahon score / age) (Sipho Mampe).
3)SA Open Veteran Champion (MacMahon score x age) (Paul Edwards).
4)SA Open African Players Champion (Players with the highest MacMahon scores who are of African descent or born in Africa and consider themselves to be African are eligible) (Ben Gale).

Other prizes: Prizes will be awarded in three or four different strength categories depending on the number of participants. There will also be prizes for Best Lady and Best Student.

Currently registered

This is an informal part of the page, so that you can see what your registration status is.

The following players have been registered so far:

  1. Victor Chow (7d)
  2. Aki Zhou (5d)
  3. Susumu Sawada (5d)
  4. Ben Gale (3d)
  5. Konrad Scheffler (2d)
  6. Manitra Razafindrabe (1d) – Madagascar
  7. Hatime Araki (1d) – Morocco
  8. Andrew Davies (1d)
  9. Andre Connell (1k)
  10. John Leuner (2k)
  11. Steve Kroon (2k)
  12. Rory Beling (3k)
  13. Lloyd Rubidge (3k)
  14. Chris Welsh (4k)
  15. Traore Mory (5k) – Ivory Coast
  16. David Richfield (6k)
  17. Carle Joubert (6k)
  18. James Gelant (6k)
  19. Ben Bredenkamp (7k)
  20. Jonathan Jones (9k)
  21. Riaan Swart (9k)
  22. Trevor Hill (14k)
  23. Steven Rae (15k)
  24. Rory Shea (26k)

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