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May 30th, 2005

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SA Open

The South African Open is an annual tournament, open to all players, and organized by SAGA.

At the tournament, the following titles are up for grabs:
South African Open Champion
South African Open Youth Champion
South African Open Veteran Champion
South African Open African Players Champion

Prior to 1999, the South African Closed Champion was also decided at the South African Open Championship.

Record of previous tournaments (please mail me any information you may have):

Number Year Venue Winner Youth Veteran African
1 1993
2 1994
3 1995
4 1996 Development Bank of South Africa, Midrand Victor Chow, 5d Charles Levitt, 4k
5 1997 Mark’s Park, Johannesburg Victor Chow, 5d Charles Levitt, 4k
6 1998 Westdene Recreation Center, Johannesburg Victor Chow, 5d Michael Yang, 4d Charles Levitt, 4k Paul Edwards, 1d
7 1999 Mark’s Park, Johannesburg Victor Chow, 6d Michael Yang, 4d Charles Levitt, 7k Chris Visser, 1k
8 2000 Westdene Recreation Center, Johannesburg Martin Liu, 3d Sipho Mampe, 5k Paul Edwards, 1d Paul Edwards, 1d
9 2001 Mark’s Park, Johannesburg Victor Chow Sipho Mampe/Michael Yang* Toshio Kawamoto Ben Gale
10 2002 Mark’s Park, Johannesburg Victor Chow, 6d Welile Gogotshe, 1k T. Mark Hall, 4d Julius Paulu, 1k
11 2003 Westdene Recreation Center, Johannesburg Cheng Lai, 1d Welile Gogotshe Paul Edwards Ben Gale
12 2004 Melpark School, Melville Victor Chow Sipho Mampe Paul Edwards Ben Gale
13 2005 Westdene Recreation Center, Johannesburg Julius Paulu, 1d Sipho Mampe Paul Edwards Julius Paulu, 1d
14 2006 Neelsie Student Centre, Stellenbosch Victor Chow, 7d Welile Gogotshe, 1d Aketa Katsuyuki, 6d Welile Gogotshe, 1d
15 2007 Kopanong Community Centre, Dobsonville Ben Gale, 3d Sipho Mampe, 1k Paul Edwards, 1k Ben Gale, 3d
16 2008 Western Province Cricket Club Sports Centre, Claremont Victor Chow, 7d Carle Joubert, 3k Susuma Sawada, 5d Ben Gale, 3d
17 2009 Warfair Club, Kensington, Joburg Victor Chow, 7d Ben Gale, 3d Dave Gale Ben Gale, 3d
18 2010 222 Giovanetti Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria Andre Connell, 1d Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
19 2011 Kopanong Community Centre, Dobsonville John Leuner, 1d John Leuner, 1d

The 11th SA Open (2003) was held in November.

*: According to the 2002 SA Open announcement, Sipho was the previous year’s winner, but the trophy has Michael Yang’s name inscribed on it for 2001.

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