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May 5th, 2006

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2nd quarter 2006

South African Internet Championships

Registration for the 2nd Quarter 2006 South African Internet Championship
is now open. Registration will close on Sunday the 18th of June 2006. The
tournament is open to all paid-up SAGA members and has no tournament fee.
Each player is responsible for his/her own internet connection and
development players may apply to SAGA for sponsorship where necessary
(contact Sakkie Buys). Non paid up members of SAGA will only be entered
into the draw once SAGA membership fees are paid.

To enter, please email Andre Connell before Sunday 18th June.

Andre’s e-mail address is: aconnell (at) cinet (dot) co (dot) za


Tournament Date: Sat 24 June.

Registration deadline: Sun 18 June.

Meeting room: South African Room, KGS.

Time limit: 45 minutes thinking time plus Canadian byo yomi of 10 minutes
per 25 stones.

Format: 3 round tournament in groups of 8; player numbers in each group
assigned randomly in advance.

Group draws: Decided by player’s SAGA rating at 18 June and results of the
1st Quarter Tournament.

Tournament committee:
Andre Connell (tournament director)
Steve Kroon
Konrad Scheffler

Further rules available at


Players entered (and fully paid up) so far:

Konrad Scheffler
Andre Connell
Steve Kroon
Pablo Casado
Chris Welsh
Ben Gale
Chris Visser
Andrew Davies
Tristen Taylor
Paul Edwards
Aki Zhou
Julius Paulu
Gerrit Kapp
Mariana Kapp
John-Paul Harper
Rory Beling
Reinhardt Messerschmidt
Jaco Swanepoel
Victor Chow
Clive Hunt
Dave Gale


Final Results:
1. Aki Zhou
2-4. Ben Gale
2-4. Clive Hunt
2-4. Julius Paulu
5-7. Andrew Davies
5-7. Konrad Scheffler
5-7. Chris Visser
8. Tristen Taylor
9. Andre Connell
10-12. Reinhardt Messerschmidt
10-12. Jaco Swanepoel
10-12. Steve Kroon
13-15. Rory Beling
13-15. Pablo Casado
13-15. Chris Welsh
16. Guillaume Binet
17. Carle Joubert

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with all the game results and calculations can be downloaded here (30K)

Other links:
Preliminary announcement of draw and registered players
Announcement of the tournament results
Links to some of the tournament games on the KGS archives

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