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March 7th, 2006

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1st quarter 2006

Call for entries:

Entries for the South African internet championship, first quarter 2006,
are now open. The tournament will take place on Saturday the 18th of March
(just under 3 weeks from now) with format and schedule as below. There is
no entry fee, but players are responsible for their own internet
connections. The tournament is open to all members of SAGA. Development
players may apply to SAGA for sponsorship (contact Sakkie Buys). If you
have a computer with network card but no internet access, it is likely
that free access can be arranged via other players with ADSL. If you can
provide access for players who do not have their own computers, please let
us know.

To enter, please email Konrad Scheffler before Wednesday 15th March with your name and
current SAGA membership status. The draw will be done in advance, and will
only include paid-up SAGA members who have registered by the deadline.

Further details are below.


Tournament Date: Sat 18 March

Registration deadline: Wed 15 March

“Venue”: South African Room, KGS.

Time limit: 45 minutes thinking time plus Canadian byo yomi of 10 minutes per
25 stones. (Note: this has been changed from 60min plus 5 mins/20 stones announced previously. The relatively large amount of byo yomi time is intended as a safegaurd against potential network connectivity problems, which players are advised to bear in mind.)

Format: 3 round tournament in groups of 8; player numbers in each group
assigned randomly in advance; draw as below (note slight changes to draw
previously published for the SA Candidates).

Tournament committee:
Konrad Scheffler (tournament director)
Steve Kroon
Andre Connell

Further rules available at


Unfortunately a number of entrants had to be removed from the player list
as they were not, according to our records, paid-up SAGA members (with the
exception of Aketa Katsuyuki who was given special dispensation as a guest of
SAGA). After this the list of entrants, in order of current position on the rating
list, is as follows:

Victor Chow
Aketa Katsuyuki
Ben Gale
Welile Gogotshe
Julius Paulu
Konrad Scheffler
Paul Edwards
Tristen Taylor
Andrew Davies
Sipho Mampe
Andre Connell
Leander Gaum
John Leuner
Lloyd Rubidge
Steve Kroon
Reinhardt Messerschmidt
Jaco Swanepoel
Rory Beling
Guillaume Binet
Florian Breuer
Thabiso Lemeke
Chris Welsh
Pablo Casado
Carle Joubert
John-Paul Harper

The groups of eight, with randomised order in each group (randomisation
done using an Octave program available on request) are as follows:

Group I:

1. Julius Paulu
2. Tristen Taylor
3. Aketa Katsuyuki
4. Ben Gale
5. Paul Edwards
6. Welile Gogotshe
*7. Konrad Scheffler
8. Victor Chow

Group II:

1. Andrew Davies
2. Sipho Mampe
3. Reinhardt Messerschmidt
4. Lloyd Rubidge
5. Andre Connell
6. Leander Gaum
7. John Leuner
*8. Steve Kroon

Group III:

1. Pablo Casado
2. Carle Joubert
3. Guillaume Binet
*4. Chris Welsh
5. Jaco Swanepoel
6. Rory Beling
7. Thabiso Lemeke
8. Florian Breuer

Group IV:

1. John-Paul Harper


1. Congratulations to John-Paul Harper for winning group IV without
playing any games. He qualifies to play in group III next time round.
(Sorry, John-Paul, but that’s the way it works in this format.)

2. Players marked with * are the assigned group co-ordinators. Their job
is to make sure that everyone knows whom to play in each round, to keep
track of the results, and to let me have all the results afterwards.
(Chris and Steve, please let me know if this is a problem.) Everyone
else, please ensure that you tell your group co-ordinator what your
result was after every game.

3. The schedule is as follows:
Round 1: 9h30
Round 2: 13h00
Round 3: 16h00

4. The round-by-round draw in each group will be according to these rules:
Round 1.
Game 1 Player No. 1 vs. Player No. 5
Game 2 Player No. 2 vs. Player No. 6
Game 3 Player No. 3 vs. Player No. 7
Game 4 Player No. 4 vs. Player No. 8
Round 2.
Game 5. Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 3
Game 6. Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 4
Game 7. Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 3
Game 8. Loser Game 2 vs. Loser Game 4
Round 3.
Game 9. Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6
Game 10. Winner Game 7 vs. Loser Game 6
Game 11. Winner Game 8 vs. Loser Game 5
Game 12. Loser Game 7 vs. Loser Game 8



Thabiso Lemeke was unable to play and was replaced by John-Paul Harper in group III. The final results (before application of tiebreaks, sharded positions mentioned in no particular order) were as follows:

Group I:

1 Victor Chow
2-4 Aketa Katsuyuki, Ben Gale, Tristen Taylor
5-7 Welile Gogotshe, Julius Paulu, Konrad Scheffler
8 Paul Edwards

Group II:

9 Andrew Davies
10-12 Lloyd Rubidge, Sipho Mampe, John Leuner
13-15 Andre Connell, Reinhardt Messerschmidt, Steve Kroon
16 Leander Gaum

Group III:

17 Jaco Swanepoel
18-20 Florian Breuer, Rory Beling, Guillaume Binet
21-23 Chris Welsh, Carle Joubert, Pablo Casado
24 John-Paul Harper

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